Elegant Timepieces Three Girard Perregaux 1966 Series Watches Beijing Henglili Quotes

Watch production is the crystallization of the mind and the pursuit of perfect coordination of aesthetics and skills; in addition to satisfying the tastes and trends of different ages, traditional quality and advantages must not be damaged in order to be pleasing and consistent. Girard Perregaux watches are fully in line with the trend of the times. Each watch follows the pursuit of beauty. Today’s watch home brings you three Beijing Girard Perregaux watches.

Girard Perregaux 1966 Series 49525-53-131-BK6A


In-store public price: 134,000 (collection time February 2014)
Can try on: try on in store
Watch series: 1966 series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K white gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 38 mm
Watch details:

In-store public price: 255,000 (collection time February 2014)
Can try on: try on in store
Watch series: 1966 series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 950 platinum with diamonds
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Watch details:

In-store public price: 235,000 (collection time February 2014)
Can try on: try on in store
Case material: 18K rose gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Watch details:

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[Note]: The pictures in the article are real pictures taken by the editor at the ‘front line of the market’, so if necessary, please contact the dealer directly.

One Inch Of Light · One Inch Of Platinum

Time is so precious, pure and eternal. As a carrier of time, the timepiece works are made of platinum, which further witnesses the true meaning of one inch of time and one inch of gold. Especially in the year worthy of celebration, it is even more valuable. Platinum, the king of precious metals; Patek Philippe, the king of timepieces. When the watch king wanted to create a classic watch, he naturally chose platinum as the material and paid tribute to time with the highest technology. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Golden Ellipse watch. The oval case conforms to the golden ratio of 1: 1.618181 discovered by ancient Greek mathematicians. When it came out in 1968, it was a bold breakthrough in traditional watch shapes. Simple, elegant, unadorned, harmonious and beautiful, pleasing to the eye. This year at Baselworld, Omega introduced two 1948 limited edition watches from the hippocampus series, paying tribute to the 70th anniversary of the birth of the hippocampus series. A few days ago, Omega added two platinum models to the 1948 limited edition of the hippocampus series. They are also available in small seconds and central seconds, each limited to 70 pieces. Both watches are ‘Zhenzhen Observatory Watches’, which represent that in addition to the Swiss Observatory certification, they have passed 8 rigorous tests established by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) and can withstand 15,000 Gauss magnetism. Recently, the brand also announced that all Zhizheng Observatory watches can get up to 5 years after-sales warranty service. This year marks the 150th anniversary of the founding of IWC, and many commemorative limited edition watches are launched, which deserves attention. The most important of these is the special edition of the Gubilee series ‘Pallweber’. As early as 1884, the brand put the revolutionary hour and minute digital display on the pocket watch. This is the first time Mounted on a watch. It is a year with special significance to commemorate the 150th anniversary. In addition, the watch is equipped with a unique time-hopping function. The limited edition of 25 pieces is naturally made of platinum. In 1868, Lange officially used the name A. Lange & Söhne, exactly 150 years ago. This year Lange launched the 1815 Tourbillon Grand Flaming Enamel Special Edition watch, which is made of platinum. This is a collision between traditional aesthetics and modern technology. When the Big Flaming Enamel and Tourbillon are on the dial, the most original classic, retro style Come on. This tourbillon watch also incorporates two brand patented technologies, a stop-second device and a zero reset function, allowing the time to be set to the second. Note that the Arabic numeral 12 of the watch is in red and limited to 100 pieces, making it more sought-after in the auction market. At the 185th anniversary, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched the Reverso platinum watch with double-sided double time zone tourbillon. It combines two complicated crafts-flying tourbillon and double-sided dual time zone function, limited to 100 pieces. The flying tourbillon is very attractive, plus the flip watch, the first time zone on the front and the second time zone on the back are not only a good companion when traveling, but also two completely different for the price of a watch A watch in a style that is really cost-effective. Finally, although it is not a year of celebration, it is worth paying attention to friends of the zodiac pig is Vacheron Constantin’s master of art series of Chinese Zodiac Legend of the Year of the Pig. This is the 8th year that the brand has launched the Zodiac watch. . Compared to sheep, monkeys, and dogs, the pigs have the same cognition. They are stubborn, quilted with smiles, chubby, fat, and full of festive meaning. The watch is made of platinum and is limited to 12 pieces. It is a rare fate and blessing to grab one. Platinum Dictionary (Platinum) Pt for short, is a naturally occurring white precious metal with extremely scarce output, and 1 ton of platinum ore can only extract about 3 grams of platinum, which is equivalent to a smaller platinum ring weight, and The extraction time takes 8 weeks. According to national regulations, only jewellery with a platinum content of 850 ‰ or more can be called platinum jewellery. The purity of common platinum jewelry is Pt900 and Pt950. Platinum is very stable and resistant to sweat corrosion, no matter how long it is worn, the gloss is always new, no need to worry about deterioration or discoloration. This article contains a large number of original pictures, some of which are from the brand. Anyone may not use them without permission. Please contact us for authorization.

Grü Ezi All! Celebrating Swiss National Day Swatch 2015 Fall Winter Collection New Listing

When it comes to enjoying life, what could be easier than breathing fresh air from the Swiss Alps, enjoying pure Swiss chocolate and cheese fondue, and immersing in the Swiss countryside. ? In the autumn and winter of this season, Swatch embarked on an overseas study tour, drawing inspiration from global fashions and interpreting the latest masterpieces! First stop, Switzerland!

   In midsummer, Switzerland, known as the ‘Kingdom of Watches and Clocks’, is about to celebrate 8.1 National Day! That afternoon on the trail leading to the residence of the Consul General of Switzerland in Shanghai, the red Swiss car was full of countless curiosities. Near the official residence, the melodious Swiss folk music Yodel singing has been heard in his ears. The strong Swiss style is full of the whole official residence. The red flag flutters in the wind, and the cute cows are amused on the lawn. Welcome guests. The arrival is like a moving scene in the Swiss countryside, and the busy figure wearing a Swiss flag T-shirt in front of the door makes people full of curiosity and expectations for this lively celebration scene. Swatch, a world-renowned watch brand that originated in Switzerland, invited the media guests to celebrate Swiss National Day in the official residence of the Consul General in Shanghai. With a unique celebration and a series of watches full of Swiss characteristics, it officially opened the 2015 autumn and winter series. Release curtain! At the site of the celebration, Mr. Hoffet, Consul General of Switzerland in Shanghai, Mr. Huo Lixuan and Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of the Swatch Group China, said to the guests that they were going to ‘GRÜ EZI ALL!’ Cordial greetings and start this lively celebration party together!

   In the official residence, a variety of Swiss cuisine and culture are presented one by one, which is exciting. Ms. Chen Suzhen, the President of Swatch Group China, first shared the design concept of the Swatch 2015 autumn and winter series to the media: ‘Whether it is culture, art, fashion or fun life, Swatch has its own unique insights and personality. This season, Swatch Taking inspiration from global fashion, the first stop is to pay tribute to Switzerland, the birthplace of the brand, and the GRÜ EZI ALL! (Swiss German, meaning: HI ALL!) Series is the finishing touch of the entire autumn series, leading people Understand and enjoy 100% Swiss style! At the same time, in the street horn and strong exotic style, explore the fusion of technology, fashion, sports and culture, to create more wrist fun and fresh experience enjoy life!

   In the mid-summer afternoon, the scent of cheese is full of breath, which is an indispensable cheese fondue in Swiss life! Try another mellow and authentic Swiss chocolate. The sweetness and happiness of the tongue are full of words! While enjoying Swiss specialties, come to a round of table curling, experience the Swiss national movement, and experience the vitality of the ice and snow country! With the unique folk songs of Yoder, a Swiss folk dance known as the “Alpine Wind” danced on the outdoor lawn. Even in the hot summer, the enthusiasm of this traditional folk dance was unbearable, and guests joined in. Form a circle together, and sing and dance together. On that side, there is a section of Swiss iconic red cable car on the lawn. Under the shutter of the camera ‘click’, the guests are immersed in the scene and feel the infinite charm of this cable car kingdom. There was a lecture on GRÜ EZI ALL! Swiss German at the scene, full of laughter and laughter. Everyone was immersed in the purest and authentic Swiss style. Various fun interactions made the atmosphere of the scene climax.

   The new product display area at the event, in addition to fully displaying the main series GRÜ EZI ALL !, the other two series in the fall are also stop to watch, put it down. The “Technology Fashion” series has a new meaning to the “factory style” with its distinctive outline and creative design, and attracts attention with its distinctive style.

   The distinctive sports fusion series can’t be ignored. The abstract lines and bold color blocks design are right and left. The unique misalignment printing shows the distinctive style of Swatch with some unusualness. The neon camouflage combination pattern creates a pop impression. , And the polka dot pattern full of fun and impact gives the diving watch in the series a new look.

   The beating pointer echoes the joyful celebration of the beat. In the autumn of 2015, Swatch, always creative, presents Swiss style to the world with wrist fun, and brings you the integration of global multiculturalism! GRÜEZI ALL!

Women Understand The Table To Be Early

Classic does not mean to be conservative. This is why the retro trend is still popular in 2011. The evolved classic watch is becoming more and more beloved. If you do n’t understand, how to incorporate it into your wrist!

Tag Heuer F1 stainless steel ceramic chronograph
Stainless steel ceramic design implies simplicity, calmness, calmness, and has become a symbol of avant-garde women-they are independent and understand the meaning of time. The watch is 41 mm in diameter and is set with 12 diamonds on the dial and 60 on the polished ceramic steel bezel. Contrasting the ceramic and pure stainless steel bracelet, the stainless steel ‘butterfly’ folding clasp secures the contrast. Women, they should race against time.

Athens manager double time zone women’s watch
Sapphire crystal glass protects the mother-of-pearl or purple dial with flash diamonds. The stainless steel case with a diameter of 40 mm ensures that the precious and precise parts of the watch can run safely. The patented dual time zone quick adjustment device facilitates the use of this watch. It does not require tedious disassembly of the watch. Just press the high-tech ceramic button on the bezel to quickly adjust the hour hand to another time zone. It has a power reserve of 42 hours and a water resistance of 50 meters.

Ebola Braque Series Swiss Official COSC Certified Observatory
The watch takes the essence of Braque’s ‘cubism’ to the extreme, and its design is more distinctive. The dial contains a variety of graphics such as a trapezoidal window-type weekly calendar, a round window-type calendar, an arrow shape, and a curved shading. Artistic atmosphere. Each watch is tested by the Swiss Official Precision Timing Test Organization (C.O.S.C), and the accuracy is self-evident. Accurate time, exquisite life.

Tissot Racing Women’s Watch
The functions of this series include tachymeter and chronograph, Swiss-made movement silently guarantees the normal operation of all functions. This watch is still inspired by the movement of motorcycles, so the shape of the 316L stainless steel case is exactly like the disc brakes of a motorcycle. The enlarged calendar window reads clearly, which is suitable for raising hands to view during sports, showing the style based on speed. . Water-resistant to 100 meters.

Citizen Global Multi-band Radio Series 2014 Valentine’s Day Special

Love is always about meeting each other and about eachother. In ancient times, lovers tied red ropes to each other’s wrists, hoping that Yueyue would fall in love, and this love was not old. Today, lovers who love each other are fond of giving gifts to their watches, which not only continues the beautiful expectations contained in the red ropes of ancient times, but also implies that the hearts that care for each other always enjoy the same rhythm of rhythm, and they are inseparable.

情人 节 Valentine’s Day 2014, Citizen specially selected the Eco-Drive Global Multi-Wave Radio Series watch BY0054-57A and EC1042-51A to accompany chanting the everlasting beautiful love with the conscience in minutes. The silver BY0054-57A highlights the men’s fortitude and wisdom with a tough metal hue, and the golden EC1042-51A embellishes the female’s intellectual beauty with a gentle light. When the hands are beating on each other’s wrists at the same time, when the gold and silver light shine on each other, there is no need for sweet talk, no need for eachother, and the quiet flowing time is the best testimony of love.

初 The beginning of love is the ‘mark of the heart’ at the position of half past four in EC1042-51A. Remembering our first encounter, the moment of interlacing in the spring in the garden is destined for life. In the sweet time, you always appear on time when I need it most. Just like BY0054-57A, which has a light kinetic energy wave movement, there is energy when there is light. As long as it can receive the wave, there will be no error. , Intimate company every second. For those travelling moments in the years, whether you are in China, the United States, Europe, or Japan, as long as you choose the name of the city in your time zone, Citizen’s multi-station radio watches around the wrist can automatically receive the local standard time radio signal and proofread Time and jet lag are easily converted, so that the hearts that care about each other are closely connected.

Time is long, the true love is eternal. In this festival full of love, looking back at those good times that are known and accompanied, as if still in sight, just like the titanium alloy strap of this pair of watches is warm and firm, after years of precipitation has always been new. Citizen’s multi-round radio-controlled watches around the world make two loving hearts tightly linked in the same rhythm. Love in the wrist is eternal.

Iwc Presents New Marine Timepieces And Experience Extraordinary Deep Sea Diving

At the time of the icy winter in the Northland, the warm sunny island is what the holidaymakers want. The turquoise waters and rolling beaches are perfect for diving. This off-season romance, in addition to the blue sky, sun, sea, and beach, divers also need to be equipped with a professional diving watch perfect for winter island holidays. Just at this time, Swiss watchmaker IWC launched three new timepieces in the marine timepiece diver’s watch family. A special edition of 500 pieces of marine chronograph ‘La Cumbre’ is a tribute to La Cumbre, Galapagos Islands. At the same time, the Ocean Time 2000 automatic watch also uses a new color combination of black and yellow. The special edition of the Ocean Time Automatic “Jacques-Yves Cousteau Adventure” is a commemoration of the latest special edition of this French diving pioneer.

IWC IWC Marine Chronograph Chronograph ‘Lachumbra’ Special Edition IW379505

IWC Marine Timepiece 2000 Automatic IW358001

IWC Special Edition Automatic Timepiece ‘Jacques-Yves. Cousteau Adventure’ IW329005

   ‘Since the launch of the first marine timepiece in 1967, divers’ watches have become an integral part of our timepiece collection. These models exude dynamics, vitality and strength, and are the perfect partner for underwater and land adventures.’ IWC CEO Georges Kern concludes. In 2014, IWC launched a newly designed marine timepiece series. Today, three new watches have been added to this collection:

   Marine Chronograph ‘La Cumbre Volcano’ Special Edition (Model: IW379505), limited edition of 500 pieces, and driven by IWC 89365 homemade movement. This self-winding chronograph has a flyback function, is water-resistant to 30 bar, and has a full power reserve of 68 hours. Dive time can be set by mechanically rotating the bezel inside and outside. This development of IWC combines the readability of the rotating inner ring with the convenient operation of rotating the outer ring. The IWC SafeDive system ensures that the rotating inner ring can only rotate counterclockwise. Luminous coatings on hands, numbers, and scales ensure the best readability underwater.
   With this special edition watch, IWC Schaffhausen has deepened its theme connection with the Pacific Galapagos Islands. Since 2009, the brand has partnered with the Darwin Foundation to contribute to protecting this fragile ecosystem and its fascinating biodiversity. This limited edition watch is a tribute to La Cumbre on Fernandina Island. The dark red hue of the rotating inner ring, the central second hand and the chronograph minute hand symbolizes boiling magma. The engraving on the bottom of the table shows the volcano in the eruption. The stainless steel case is covered with black matte rubber, giving the timepiece a unique touch. Each case is individually tightly bonded to rubber in a special mold under high pressure and high temperature conditions. Part of the sales proceeds from this watch will be donated to the Darwin Foundation to support its research career.

   For the Ocean Time 2000 automatic watch (model: IW358001), IWC Schaffhausen has newly equipped it with yellow hands and scales, as well as a black dial. The origin of this timepiece can be traced back to the diving watch made for minesweepers in 1982. It was designed by the designer Ferdinand A. Porsche. With a water resistance of up to 2,000 meters, the Ocean Time 2000 Automatic Watch is a professional diving instrument for ambitious professional divers and diving enthusiasts. The watch is driven by IWC’s self-made 80110 self-winding movement with a power reserve of 44 hours. This timepiece has a mechanical inner and outer rotating bezel, IWC safety diving system and luminous coating. The movement is housed in a titanium case with a diameter of 46 mm. The deep sea diver’s decorative engraving on the bottom of the case and the black rubber strap complete the watch’s overall sporty appearance.

   With the special edition of the Jacques-Yves Cousteau Adventure Timepiece (model: IW329005), the Chronograph IWC continues to pay tribute to the French diving pioneer With the tradition of oceanographers. As a partner of the Cousteau Association, IWC also contributes to the restoration of the Calypso research vessel in Cousteau. The watch stands out with its dark blue dial and pure design. The engraved pattern on the stainless steel case back reproduces the face of ‘Captain’ Jacques Yves Cousteau, and the iconic wool hat is indispensable. This self-winding watch is water-resistant to 30 bar and offers a 42-hour power reserve. Watch configuration includes mechanical rotating bezel, IWC safety diving system and luminous coating.

Introduction To Panerai Diving Watches

Introduction: Panerai, known as the official supplier of precision equipment for the Italian Navy in the 1930s, this time launching the Luminor 1950 Submersible diving depth measurement watch marks the company’s history Continuation and re-establishment of Panerai’s great tradition in the field of professional precision measuring instruments.
South African Mike Horn is recognized as one of the world’s greatest modern adventurers and explorers. I once wore Vietnam and the United States without using any power vehicles The trek around the entire Arctic Circle lasted two years and three months; it also refreshed human history in 2006, and for the first time reached the North Pole during the Arctic winter polar night without using sled dogs or powered vehicles; and In 2007, he climbed two Nepalese peaks over 8,000 meters without the aid of additional oxygen.

Panerai diving watch
Mike Horn has begun a new expedition ‘Pangaea’ for four years since last year. His journey will be on all continents around the world, including Antarctica, in order to spread awareness of the current state of the earth and awaken the public to the Awareness of the important issue of protecting the environment. Panerai, which has sponsored Mike Horn since 2001, continued to sponsor this event, and he embarked on the journey wearing a specially developed watch to measure its durability and functionality under extreme conditions, and will also be on the adventure carry out testing.
Panerai, known as the official supplier of precision equipment for the Italian Navy in the 1930s, this time launching the Luminor 1950 Submersible diving depth measurement watch marks the continuation of the company’s history and re-establishes Panerai’s Great tradition in the field of professional precision measuring instruments. This new watch is a self-winding watch suitable for underwater use. It has an astronomical certificate issued by the Swiss Official Observatory (C.O.S.C.). The watch is equipped with a depth gauge, whose measurement accuracy has been individually tested and certified by the official accreditation body METAS (National Survey Office in Bern, Switzerland).

This depth measurement watch comes in a unique case from the Luminor collection
深度 This depth measuring watch uses the unique case of the Luminor series. It is made of a single piece of material, with a unique winding crown bridge and lever device, and is waterproof to a depth of 120 meters. Its diameter is 47mm, which is the same as that of the classic model. It is made of titanium, which is highly resistant and lightweight. It is made of frosted steel.
Unlike the Italian Navy classic wrist-worn depth gauge (available depth of 30 meters), the innovative Luminor 1950 Submersible diving depth measurement watch can measure a depth of 120 meters, and can also record the maximum depth during the dive. This is because of a precision stand-alone electronic measuring instrument installed in the watch case. Panerai did not choose a full mechanical depth gauge because the existing technology could not meet the safety and accuracy standards set by Panerai for professional instruments.

A watch for adventure
Panerai therefore chose ‘the third way’, using a mechanical movement to measure time and electronic components to measure depth. Depth measurement can be started by pressing the button at 10 o’clock, and the specific depth is displayed by the yellow arrow pointer swiping across the center of the dial. The depth gauge is powered by a lithium battery, which ensures that the electronic measurement module can provide up to 500 hours of energy. For better security, the Luminor 1950 Submersible watch has an integrated alarm device that alerts you when the battery is almost depleted. At this point, the activated indicator will slowly move from the ‘off’ position to the zero, and then slowly move back to the ‘off’ position, and all the functions of the depth gauge will be turned off. In order to ensure maritime safety, the watch must be sent to a Panerai service center for inspection at least every two years. If the depth gauge is used frequently, it needs to be checked more frequently.
This year, the Luminor 1950 Submersible watch will be produced as planned (including two straps, one of which is a rubber strap with a traditional large buckle, matte steel, and is specially engraved with ‘Officine Panerai’ Manufacture & rdquo; logo; another spare strap is suitable for wearing after wearing a diving suit, and comes with a screwdriver for changing the strap .

Fabric Strap Offers Unlimited Possibilities

About ten years ago, the popularity of antique watches made the forgotten accessory, the NATO strap, the focus of attention. The prototype of this strap is a woven nylon strap worn by NATO air force fighter pilots. Thin, simple, affordable, and has all the benefits of any fabric. The similarities between these straps and clothing are obvious: stylish, colorful, washable, skin-friendly, and unlikely to cause a rash.

Montblanc 1858 Automatic Chronograph with NATO Strap
 Although popular, it has been downgraded to a ‘spare’ strap for a long time. Newer watches often come with leather straps or metal bracelets instead of NATO straps, and brands are used to treating them as cheap accessories. So far, NATO straps have not completely shaken off the stereotype of the low-end market, so consumers often buy them individually through professional watch accessories retailers. The same is true for umbrella straps, which are woven from thin nylon ropes and are another product with military background.

OMEGA Speedmaster ‘Ultraman’ Watch with NATO Strap
 Some brands have understood the benefits of providing customers with a high quality NATO strap in addition to the standard calfskin or crocodile strap. Omega even adopted the NATO strap as a feature and launched a limited series of high-end products. Montblanc recently joined the 1858 series with high-quality French-made straps. Some models in the TAGHeuer range also come with fabric straps. Anonimo makes the NATO strap a signature feature of the Nautilo series.

The RICHARD MILLE RM 50-03 McLaren F1 watch and RM 67-02 sprint watch are paired with elastic straps.
 RICHARDMILLE is interested in the technical properties of materials. The brand is some special models, such as the carbon fiber flyback tourbillon watch, equipped with a colored elastic strap without buckle, in pursuit of extreme lightness. The price of watches and accessories is quite different, but the task of reducing weight by a few grams has been successfully completed.

TAG Heuer Calibre 5 watch with fabric strap
 The NATO strap was very successful and now faces competition from other fabrics. The recent trend continues to accelerate for obvious reasons. Materials, colors, thicknesses, knots, textures, patterns, and textiles offer almost unlimited possibilities. In 2017, Chopard launched the L.U.CXP watch with a blue cashmere strap. Other color schemes are now available.

Bronze Anonimo Epurato watch with Roderne strap; Hublot classic fusion ‘independent Italy’ chronograph with Rubinacci wool strap; Chopard L.U.C XP watch with cashmere strap
 Hublot collaborates with independent Italian and Naples bespoke master Rubinacci to launch the collection of the same name and equip it with a strap made of suit fabric, including Houndstooth, Prince of Wales and other classic models. Sometimes these materials are even used to make dials. Anonimo paired the Epurato bronze watch with a roden strap made of green wool. However, there is a disadvantage. These fine wools are very delicate, so they are usually sewn on a stronger lining made of calfskin, crocodile or rubber. This may result in less comfortable wearing, but style is guaranteed. (Photo / text watch home compiled by Xu Chaoyang)

Patek Philippe 7130 World Time Watch

Patek Philippe’s famous world time watch can display the time in all 24 time zones at the same time, and now it has added a full-featured ladies watch. The new white gold style with diamond-set bezel and hand-engraved ivory white dial is a perfect companion for women who want to travel around the world. 240 HU self-winding movement, white gold case, watch diameter 36 mm, with 24-hour timekeeping and day / night display in 24 time zones, hand-carved ivory dial, 62 diamonds (0.82 carats) bezel, Hand-stitched bright dark maroon square scale crocodile leather strap, folding clasp set with 27 diamonds (0.21 carat), water-resistant to 30 meters

Reference price: 453200 yuan
World Time and other complication watches

    Affected by the fast-paced work and life of modern society, flying around the world in a short period of time is already commonplace for many people. Those who calculate the time on the plane and pull out the crown to adjust the time every time a time zone is passed are obviously NOT FASHION, and they often ‘lost’ the real time during the adjustment process. For this seemingly complicated situation, a world time watch can be easily handled, and the wearer can even set the exact time of the destination before departure, making his cross-border journey more calm and calm. Speaking of other complex functions, including new time methods that have become popular in the field of independent watchmaking in recent years, such as the MCT assembly module display, and innovative masterpieces that integrate traditional watchmaking technology into modern watchmaking, such as Zenith ‘ ‘Zero Gravity’ upgraded Columbus watch and Cartier celestial constant center of gravity device watch. Love who you are and see and choose.
    Watches appear in the ‘Ten Beauty’ recommendation are basically collection-level watches. Note that the collection level refers to a table with complex functions, luxurious materials, scarce production, and memorable meaning, but it may not necessarily be a watch with potential for appreciation. Now many people mention watches, not to mention what functional styles they like, but to ask what kind of watch can appreciate and maintain value, it seems that buying a watch is not for consumption, but for investment. Some foreign media commented that our Chinese are: Can’t even be happy, but still want to pursue happiness? For those who have the money to afford a ‘ten beauty’ watch, happiness is actually very simple, provided that the idea is not too complicated.

Summer 5 Outdoor Entry-level Sports Watches

There are more outdoor activities in the summer. If most people are driving to the countryside for mountain climbing or picnics, they do n’t need to be equipped with complicated functions. A watch with a sports shape and a light sweating bracelet, only about 20,000 yuan, Entry-level prices make it easy to enjoy the outdoors.

TAG Heuer Carrera stainless steel watch
Watch series Calera series
Movement type: CALIBRE 1887 movement
Sex: Male
Table diameter: 41 mm
Case material: stainless steel
Band material: stainless steel
Bottom: dense bottom
Reference price: 28,000 yuan
Comment: This elegant watch is based on the original CARRERA 41mm design, with 18 carat sparkling rose gold and silver or gray dial, which is restrained and elegant. Equipped with a precision tachymeter, a chronograph dial with hour, minute and small seconds hands, and a black or grey-black alligator leather strap, the classic heritage of racing style makes up this true sports chronograph.

Radar D-STAR
Watch series: D-STAR
Movement Type: Automatic
Sex: Male
壳 Case material: titanium carbide cermet
Band material: titanium carbide cermet
Bottom: Back to back
Reference price: 15,400 yuan
  Comment: The world’s first new high-tech material created by combining titanium carbide and high-tech ceramics-Ceramos titanium carbide cermet has a special style that has the same quality and advantages as high-tech ceramics, and has a light texture and can be based on body surface temperature Fast temperature adjustment, perfect for summer wear. At the same time, in the process of manufacturing this unique platinum steel texture product, an innovative injection molding process was used, which perfectly interpreted the technology of the multi-angled shape watch. The sharp and streamlined shape, through the back of the sapphire crystal case, the movement of the automatic movement can be seen at a glance, and at the same time it is specifically expressed by the moving anchor on the black dial. The time is precisely displayed with the date box at three o’clock on the dial.

Longines Concas dive series
Watch series: Concas
Movement Type: Automatic
Sex: Male
Table diameter: 41 mm
Case material: stainless steel
Band material: stainless steel
Bottom: dense bottom
Reference price: 15,500
Comment: This diving watch meets all the rigorous requirements in the diving field: guaranteed water resistance to 300 meters of water pressure, equipped with unidirectional rotating bezel, screw-in case and crown, crown side cover , Double insurance folding buckle, integrated diving extension device. Absolute safety and strict protection are your perfect companions in the deep underwater world.

Montblanc Timewalker Watch
Watch Series: Timewalker Series
Movement Type: Automatic
Sex: Male
Table diameter: 42 mm
Case material: stainless steel
Band Material: Crocodile Leather
Reference price: 32,000 yuan
A brief comment: Montblanc Timewalker Shuangfei Chronograph is a column wheel chronograph, which is the most sought after type of advanced chronograph. Its appearance design naturally needs technical style, and closely follows the Montblanc TimeWalker watch series’ simplicity, elegance and practical functions. The TimeWalker watch series combines outstanding traditional values ​​and 21st-century aesthetics. The case, which is made of advanced materials and excellent technology, is simple and neat, presenting the beauty of contemporary architectural lines, and also contains the spirit of Bauhaus art genre and design.

The Emperor Helm Watch Ocean Prince Series
Watch Series: Ocean Prince Series
Movement Type: Automatic
Sex: Male
Table diameter: available in three sizes
Case material: stainless steel
Band material: stainless steel
Bottom: dense bottom
Reference price: 22,600 yuan
Comment: Like all Tudor watches, the Tudor Ocean Prince series (Hydronaut) is manufactured by the original factory in Geneva, Switzerland. Its material selection and design are very professional, and it is loved by professional divers and those who strive for excellence: the iconic quality of absolute water resistance at 200 meters is impeccable; the entire watch is made of stainless steel or 18ct gold and stainless steel, and every square inch is classic. Technology; one-way rotating outer ring strengthens the reading function of the low-light underwater environment, providing clear and accurate diving time at any time; all joints of the chain are smooth and smooth, and the wrist feels directly inside the heart; the wear-resistant blue crystal glass surface is tough Clear, perfect feeling is coming out.