Summer 5 Outdoor Entry-level Sports Watches

There are more outdoor activities in the summer. If most people are driving to the countryside for mountain climbing or picnics, they do n’t need to be equipped with complicated functions. A watch with a sports shape and a light sweating bracelet, only about 20,000 yuan, Entry-level prices make it easy to enjoy the outdoors.

TAG Heuer Carrera stainless steel watch
Watch series Calera series
Movement type: CALIBRE 1887 movement
Sex: Male
Table diameter: 41 mm
Case material: stainless steel
Band material: stainless steel
Bottom: dense bottom
Reference price: 28,000 yuan
Comment: This elegant watch is based on the original CARRERA 41mm design, with 18 carat sparkling rose gold and silver or gray dial, which is restrained and elegant. Equipped with a precision tachymeter, a chronograph dial with hour, minute and small seconds hands, and a black or grey-black alligator leather strap, the classic heritage of racing style makes up this true sports chronograph.

Radar D-STAR
Watch series: D-STAR
Movement Type: Automatic
Sex: Male
壳 Case material: titanium carbide cermet
Band material: titanium carbide cermet
Bottom: Back to back
Reference price: 15,400 yuan
  Comment: The world’s first new high-tech material created by combining titanium carbide and high-tech ceramics-Ceramos titanium carbide cermet has a special style that has the same quality and advantages as high-tech ceramics, and has a light texture and can be based on body surface temperature Fast temperature adjustment, perfect for summer wear. At the same time, in the process of manufacturing this unique platinum steel texture product, an innovative injection molding process was used, which perfectly interpreted the technology of the multi-angled shape watch. The sharp and streamlined shape, through the back of the sapphire crystal case, the movement of the automatic movement can be seen at a glance, and at the same time it is specifically expressed by the moving anchor on the black dial. The time is precisely displayed with the date box at three o’clock on the dial.

Longines Concas dive series
Watch series: Concas
Movement Type: Automatic
Sex: Male
Table diameter: 41 mm
Case material: stainless steel
Band material: stainless steel
Bottom: dense bottom
Reference price: 15,500
Comment: This diving watch meets all the rigorous requirements in the diving field: guaranteed water resistance to 300 meters of water pressure, equipped with unidirectional rotating bezel, screw-in case and crown, crown side cover , Double insurance folding buckle, integrated diving extension device. Absolute safety and strict protection are your perfect companions in the deep underwater world.

Montblanc Timewalker Watch
Watch Series: Timewalker Series
Movement Type: Automatic
Sex: Male
Table diameter: 42 mm
Case material: stainless steel
Band Material: Crocodile Leather
Reference price: 32,000 yuan
A brief comment: Montblanc Timewalker Shuangfei Chronograph is a column wheel chronograph, which is the most sought after type of advanced chronograph. Its appearance design naturally needs technical style, and closely follows the Montblanc TimeWalker watch series’ simplicity, elegance and practical functions. The TimeWalker watch series combines outstanding traditional values ​​and 21st-century aesthetics. The case, which is made of advanced materials and excellent technology, is simple and neat, presenting the beauty of contemporary architectural lines, and also contains the spirit of Bauhaus art genre and design.

The Emperor Helm Watch Ocean Prince Series
Watch Series: Ocean Prince Series
Movement Type: Automatic
Sex: Male
Table diameter: available in three sizes
Case material: stainless steel
Band material: stainless steel
Bottom: dense bottom
Reference price: 22,600 yuan
Comment: Like all Tudor watches, the Tudor Ocean Prince series (Hydronaut) is manufactured by the original factory in Geneva, Switzerland. Its material selection and design are very professional, and it is loved by professional divers and those who strive for excellence: the iconic quality of absolute water resistance at 200 meters is impeccable; the entire watch is made of stainless steel or 18ct gold and stainless steel, and every square inch is classic. Technology; one-way rotating outer ring strengthens the reading function of the low-light underwater environment, providing clear and accurate diving time at any time; all joints of the chain are smooth and smooth, and the wrist feels directly inside the heart; the wear-resistant blue crystal glass surface is tough Clear, perfect feeling is coming out.

10,000 Yuan Boutique Three Classic Mechanical Watches Recommended

There is another branch in the current watch, that is, smart watches. Smart watches should also be a type of quartz movement, which is still very different from traditional mechanical watches, no matter what. As a formal watch or a sports watch, I think that traditional mechanical watches are the first choice. Today, Watch House recommends three classic mechanical watches for everyone, I hope everyone likes them.

Mido GENT M021.431.11.031.00 watch

Watch Series: Commander Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 9600
Watch details: mido / 36721 /
Watch Reviews: Mido Commander series watches, the watch is made of stainless steel case and bracelet, 40 mm diameter design, the bracelet is brushed, beautiful and stylish. The overall design is simple and capable. At 3 o’clock, the watch has a date display window and a day display window. Inside the watch is the ETA2836-2 automatic winding movement, which is precise and durable.

Longines HYDROCONQUEST L3.642.4.56.6 watch

Watch Series: Sports Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 41 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 9600
Watch details: longines / 7110 /
Watch Reviews: This is a Concas diving series watch from Longines. The watch is made of stainless steel case and bracelet. The rod-shaped luminous hands and luminous hour markers ensure that the time can be accurately read even in the dark water. The watch is equipped with a cal.L633 self-winding movement with a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. It can provide a 38-hour power reserve when fully wound, and the watch is water-resistant to 300 meters.

Hamilton Navy Pioneer H78465553

Watch Series: Khaki Navy
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Calfskin
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: 7950
Watch details: hamilton / 29415 /
Watch review: This Hamilton watch has a simple and smart design, a 40 mm diameter design, a stainless steel case, and a brown calfskin strap. The watch has a pure white dial with Arabic numerals, blue steel hands, and a date display at 3 o’clock.

Summary: Mechanical watches up to 10,000 yuan are still recommended for watches equipped with ETA movements. If you want to buy a watch equipped with a self-produced movement within 10,000 yuan, it’s difficult for you. The performance and durability are definitely inferior to the ETA movement.

The More Night The More Fashion! Nightclubs Must Shine 3 Recommended Luminous Watches

Nightclub! Speaking of this word, everyone’s first reaction may be one of the must-see places for young and beautiful beauties, so this place is also indispensable for chance. Hey, do you want to show yourself in this environment for the first time and fight for yourself Chances are, in this dark environment, if there is a bright luminous watch, it will definitely add a lot of color to you.

Ball NM2188C-S2-BK
 Ball is an American brand founded in 1891 and is one of the most respected watch brands in the United States. In the 21st century, Ball Watch continues to lead in his field, keeping pace with consumers, ensuring that it is accurate in harsh environments. However, as the popularity of Bol is not very high in China, the price / performance ratio is good at the same price.
Recommended reason:
Ball NM2188C-S2-BK is simple and stylish, with a low-key style but high cost-effectiveness in the same price. The luminous effect is very beautiful, the time is accurate, and it is suitable for simple business men.
Reference price: 7500 yuan

Omega Planet Ocean 8500

Omega Planet Ocean 8500
As a member of Omega’s Seahorse series, the source of power for this watch comes from Omega’s unique 9300/9301 coaxial movement, which is the first timekeeping function in the Omega family of movements. The movement combines the coaxial escapement device with the cardless balance spring, so that the movement can still have accurate and reliable perfect movements over a long period of time. Not only that, the use of silicon springs means that this The reliability of the movement reaches a new level.

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Recommended reason:
Omega Planet Ocean 8500 orange young fashion, of course, there are also black models available. The Omega brand has won the hearts of the people in China. The quality and workmanship are quite outstanding, and there are now 42CM and 46CM to choose from.
Reference price: 30,000 yuan

Tissot Sports Series PRS516 Men’s T91.1.483.51
Tissot Sports Series PRS516 Men’s T91.1.483.51
This Tissot sports series PRS516 men’s T91.1.483.51 automatic mechanical chronograph has a clean and elegant appearance. The T-shaped special crown engraved marks Tissot’s exquisite watchmaking technology; it not only has anti-shock function and calendar display. Show full respect.
Recommended reason:
The price is positioned as an entry model, suitable for the general working class to buy, and the luminous effect is dazzling.
Reference price: 3000 yuan

Frank Muller Tourbillon Watch Introduction

Franck Muller, a high-end watch brand in Geneva, Switzerland, is always pursuing self-breakthrough in the field of complex watchmaking, in order to create timepieces that surpass himself. Following the launch of the Aeternitas Mega 4, the ultra-complex watch with the most functions in the watch altar in 2009, it again challenged the limits of watchmaking technology in 2011 and launched the new GIGA Tourbillon ten-day tourbillon watch. This latest watch piece once again demonstrates the exquisite craftsmanship of Franck Muller’s master watchmakers. With its advanced research and development capabilities and top-notch professional technology, the GIGA Tourbillon watch has once again set a new milestone, and at the same time it has brought watchmaking technology to a new field.
Just as the name of the watch, GIGA, this tourbillon watch is equipped with the largest tourbillon mechanism currently installed in the watch, with a diameter of up to 2 cm, which occupies half of the entire watch area. The atmospheric design is matched with the FM letter tourbillon. The flywheel frame, when the watch is in operation, you can clearly see the huge flying tourbillon hovering inside the watch, bringing an amazing visual impact.
Another special feature of the movement is that Franck Muller breaks the usual law and reverses the entire movement: the bottom side of the original movement plywood is turned upside down and used as a faceplate, and the wheel train is re-used. Adjust the arrangement, so if you look closely, you can see that the position of the hour and minute hands of the general watch is that the hour hand is above the minute hand, but the position of the hour and minute hands of GIGA Tourbillon is that the minute hand is up and the hour hand is down.
At the same time, in order to ensure the power of the watch for ten days, unlike the traditional watch with only one or two barrels to provide power, the GIGA Tourbillon ten-day tourbillon watch is equipped with four barrels, and The above and below two and two series are connected to each other to form two pairs of barrels that work together. This design allows the kinetic energy to be stored more quickly and efficiently during the winding process, and at the same time, it can provide stable kinetic energy when releasing energy Drive the watch. A new breakthrough was also achieved in the development of the escapement system. Franck Muller watchmaker has newly developed an escapement with high performance, which makes the inertia force of the balance wheel four times higher than that of a traditional tourbillon watch. At the same time, the vibration frequency of the balance wheel is 2.5 Hz. To ensure the stability of the balance wheel, Franck Muller has specially developed a new hairspring device for it. At this point, an epoch-making tourbillon with stability, accuracy and atmospheric design has been born.
The classic Franck Muller barrel-shaped case is also available in 18 K yellow, white, rose or titanium materials and colors.
Model: Giga Tourbillon 8889 T G SQT / 8889 T G
Movement Model: FM 2100
Movement: barrel-type manual winding mechanical movement, fully hand-worn, eccentric design, 4 barrels
Movement size: length 41.4 mm x width 34.40 mm thickness: 5.30 mm
Indication: Hour, minute, tourbillon device
Function: Two-stage crown, first winding, second adjusting time
Kinetic energy storage: 10 days
Vibration frequency: 18’000 times / hour tourbillon 20mm
Number of movement parts: 240
Number of movement gems: 25
Waterproof: 30 meters
Movement decoration: Geneva ripples, pearl pattern sanding, hand chamfering
Faceplate: Black or white radiation sun panel
Case: 18K gold wine barrel case
尺寸 Case size: 59.20 mm long x 43.70 mm wide x 14.00 mm thick
Bracelet: Hand-stitched crocodile leather strap

New Design Concept Hublot Harold Boutique Reopens

Hublot, a Swiss fine watchmaker, celebrates the re-launch of its brand boutique in Harrods. Harold is London’s most iconic luxury shopping mall, and the brand has also launched New design concept, Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe and Harold Chief Commercial Officer Helen David attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the boutique.

   Hublot entered Harold for the first time in 2011, and now the original boutique has been redesigned to reflect the brand’s unique and modern positioning in the field of fine watchmaking. At the heart of Hublot, the Harrods boutique, which opened in 2017, showcases groundbreaking luxury innovations and the ‘art of fusion’ brand philosophy, which is clearly demonstrated in boutique interior choices, such as fusion in a dynamic way Unexpected material.

   The boutique adopts modern design and innovative methods, and uses the new lighting technology to show the visibility and speciality of Hublot watches, reflecting the exploration of various watchmaking brands in various materials. The store covers an area of ​​20 square meters and is decorated with black wood, gray alcantara fabrics, serigraph mirrors and gray carpets.

   Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe said, ‘I’m very pleased to unveil the new landmark Hublot boutique at Knightsbridge Harrods, one of London’s most famous luxury shopping destinations. Hublot We are proud to have a solid and loyal customer base in London, which we believe reflects a common pursuit of unique style and the desire to constantly break the boundaries of fine watchmaking. This year will be a milestone in the partnership between Hublot and Harold , And refurbishing the Harold Hublot boutique is only the first step. ‘

Seiko Watches Stage A ‘quiet Revolution’

Recently, SEIKO (SEIKO) latest high-end product SEIKO SPRING DRIVE watch officially debuted in Tianjin. SEIKO has been committed to making ‘durable, highly accurate and reliable watches.’ The SEIKO SPRING DRIVE series has been developed and researched for 28 years, and has produced more than 600 movement prototypes. This is a watch with a revolutionary and innovative power transmission system movement, a masterpiece of luxury watch manufacturing.
SEIKO SPRING DRIVE movement is a new movement that can only be produced by SEIKO Group at present. It is neither a complete traditional mechanical type nor an incomplete traditional quartz electronic type. The main difference from the traditional mechanical movement is that the SPRING DRIVE movement eliminates the ‘source of error’ escapement, and uses a ‘three-stage synchronous modulation speed controller’ that makes the sliding wheel rotate in the same direction to control the speed. Makes the watch timing more stable and accurate in nature, reaching an accuracy of ± 15 seconds / month, far surpassing the eligibility criteria of the Swiss Observatory, and solving an old problem that has troubled mechanical watches for 250 years The accurate operation of the watch provides a reliable guarantee. At the same time, due to the use of three-level synchronous control of the speed controller, the sliding wheel performs a one-way orbiting movement. The second hand of the SPRING DRIVE watch can continuously scan smoothly without any ‘tick’ pause. The SEIKO SPRING DRIVE watch borrows This became the only watch in the world that could truly reflect the peaceful flow of time, and it was a peaceful revolution in the manufacture of luxury watches.
Also on display at the same time is a 2007 new limited edition SPRING DRIVE chronograph, limited to 300 pieces worldwide, with 30 pieces in China, and 21 pieces have been sold since listing.

Happy Sport At Chopard Is 25 Years Old, But Today I Want To Talk About Its Material!

As a family-owned company, Chopard has not been in China in the past few years, as in some big groups, and has continued to have big marketing. Although it has invited several Chinese stars to open its popularity, it has also tried e-commerce in JD. In a word, this is a brand that feels cold to me, just like the family business’s style-boring to be yourself. But this year in Basel really surprised me. On the first day of the opening, I drove from Schaffhausen to the exhibition hall early in the morning to participate in the press conference entitled Chopard ‘The Road to Sustainable Luxury’. When the guests were seated and started to discuss the meaning of ‘sustainable development’, I was attracted by the appearance of the guests on the stage-why is it so much like Uncle Colin (see ‘Ace Agents’)? As a result, the response from Chopard’s sister made me stingy: it was him, Colin Firth! I was stupid for a few seconds and found another familiar face: Julian Moore. In fact, the stars themselves did not surprise me much, but they rarely encountered a brand and asked them to remain calm, and they did not reveal anything at all. Although the emergence of Wang Yuan (one of the TF Boys group) is also an attempt by Chopard to approach the traffic center in China, when I came to Basel, I was more willing to understand that the responsibility of family businesses is far from relying on stars to attract attention. When Wang Yuan held the speech in English and said, ‘I have always been concerned about education equity,’ what I thought was that following the luxury brand’s social responsibility, for young stars, it is pressure and growth. But before we elaborate on this topic, let’s talk about the watches that rabbits care about. The first time I wanted to write Chopard so carefully, the reason was that I suddenly remembered my own story before joining the industry. I just graduated at that time. I only knew the first thing about the watch. The first watch that was covered with grass was Chopard’s Happy Diamonds. The flowing diamonds are really full of girlish hearts. Unfortunately, I can only look at them. But the concept of a watch has been around since then, and like most girls who have just come into contact with a clock, they have been impressed by the sparkle. This liking is very pure. Speaking of Happy Diamonds, in fact, the design draft was long ago. Karin Schaefer, who co-managed the family brand with her husband at the time, also lamented that ‘free and uninhibited diamonds are the happiest and happiest.’ It became a real thing and became a very famous series of Chopard. In 1993, Karin Schaefer’s daughter, Caroline Schaefer, designed a sports watch, Happy Sport, which combines diamond and stainless steel materials. It also means that diamonds are not always combined with formal occasions. It can With jeans and basketball shoes, commute outfits are not bad. (The two pieces are works from 1993 and 1997) By this year, Happy Sport has been 25 years old, and there are too many good-looking styles. Others are commemorative. Happy Sport has also had a tourbillon. This year in Basel, Chopard will of course have some special models for the 25th anniversary of this series. First, combining the advantages of the two departments of fine watchmaking and fine jewelry, the Happy Sport series is equipped with a 09.01-C automatic mechanical movement. And this movement is specially developed for the case of 30mm diameter women’s case, this time made 4 styles. In addition, there is a new product that favors classic design. There are also 4 pieces, all of which are 18K rose gold and guilloché silver dials. The difference is whether the diamonds and straps are gold or gray frosted canvas. Of course, there are also arts and crafts models that embody the skills of high jewelry design. For example, Happy Fish tried on the rabbit field, I don’t need to say more about the difficulty of making it. Gold and mother-of-pearl are used as the material. It takes more than 30 hours to make this plate, and this piece has only 25 pieces. The colors of Happy Palm look a bit more toned, because Chopard is the official partner of the Cannes Film Festival and produces the Golden Palm trophy, so this series is inspired by the trophy, so we will see five diamonds and one on the dial. Mini golden palm. The production of this watch is very difficult. The dial of the mother-of-pearl has palm leaf bushes, and the resin collected from the Urushi lacquer tree in Asia is combined with the Japanese dill painting technology to make the decoration. To complete this plant background map, you need 170 Hours. It is also necessary to show everyone the back of the watch, based on the L.U.C 96.23-L movement, the gold palm pattern was carved by hand using fleurisanne technology. Another important piece of information on this watch is that the case is made of ethical ‘fair mining’ certified 18K gold. What does it mean? Just right we can go back to the original topic. In fact, when Chopard collaborated with Eco-Age in 2013 to launch a sustainable luxury road, it already had a long-term perspective. Fair gold is gold that has been awarded the ‘fair mining’ certification, that is, the material has a clear source and is guaranteed by ethics and society. Maybe everyone pays attention to the design, price and materials when focusing on jewelry watches, but few people think about the source of these materials. There is a movie called ‘Blood Diamond,’ a mining site that defies humanity, morals, and law during the collection process. For example, child labor, work beyond the legal time to squeeze miners, and so on. Of course, ‘fair mining’ is certified by the specialized agency ARM (Responsible Mining Alliance). What Chopard does is to choose these certified raw materials (two Latin American gold mines in Colombia and Bolivia, with the help of Chopard, have obtained ‘fair mining’ certification). In the past five years, Chopard has been promoting the use of fair gold: for example, the Green Carpet high-end jewelry series use fair gold; the first commercial sale series using ‘fair mining’ gold raw materials-the Palme Verte series; has done for the LUC series The first table of ‘fair mining’ gold raw materials; fair palm gold was also used at the 2014 Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. Recently, Chopard also announced that by July 2018, 100% of fair gold materials will be used to make all jewelry and watch works. Some people may ask, what is the special meaning of fair money for consumers? First of course, it is assured that there is an emotional connection. You can also check the origin and sense of participation in social responsibility. It is important that after the rabbit and Chopard confirmed that the use of fair gold materials across the board will not increase the price of the product. We have discussed issues such as ‘Is it worthwhile to develop the economy at a high speed at the expense of the environment?’ But it is certain that some enterprises are willing to shoulder social responsibilities and do not transfer costs to consumers, which is worthy of recognition. When looking at watches and jewelry, think a little more, and don’t waste this great beauty. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!

Only Love The Tourbillon Three Ultra-thin Tourbillon Watches Recommended

When it comes to tourbillons, I don’t think everyone in the table will be unfamiliar. Tourbillon is a transliteration of French Tourbillon, which means a rotary escapement speed regulation mechanism. Most people should know the perpetual calendar or ask the watch at the beginning of contact with the watch. The first thing to know is the tourbillon watch. Its unique operation mode has brought the dynamic art beauty of the clock to the extreme. Below, Watch House brings you three tourbillon watches for you to see their charm in detail.
Breguet Classic Complex 5377BR / 12 / 9WU Watch

Model: 5377BR / 12 / 9WU
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k rose gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 42 mm
Watch details: 581DR self-winding movement, with a thickness of only 3 mm, thanks to the half-ring with corrugated carving on the outermost ring of the movement, which is a ring platinum automatic oscillating weight specially made by Breguet watchmakers. The thickness of the movement. The patented ‘high-energy barrel’ provides a watch with a power reserve of up to 90 hours. The hand-engraving of the entire movement is ingenious and amazing.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Slim Master Series 1322410

Model: 1322410
Movement type: automatic winding
Case material: 18k rose gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Watch details: lecoultre / 24168 /
Watch Reviews: Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Series watches have always been loved by watch fans for their simple dial structure. This Jaeger-LeCoultre ultra-thin Master Series equipped with a tourbillon perfectly combines simplicity with high technology. The 40mm rose gold case has elegance that abandons flashy, delicate lines and tension. The tourbillon at 6 o’clock uses an ultra-lightweight grade 5 titanium frame, which is the result of decades of research and development by Jaeger-LeCoultre. The simple and elegant dial of the Master Series is dedicated to show the tourbillon. Through the back of the sapphire crystal case back, Vibrant Jaeger-LeCoultre Cal.982 caliber with a frequency of up to 28,000 times per hour, the thickness is only 6.4 mm, providing a power reserve of 45 hours.
Blancpain VILLERET 66240-3631-55B watch

Model: 66240-3631-55B
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k rose gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 42 mm
Watch details: blancpain / 34548 /
Watch Comments: This Blancpain VILLERET series long-powered tourbillon watch launched in Basel in 2014 is made of 18k rose gold, and the watch is very slim. The dial is fired with bright fire enamel technology. The color is full and translucent. The Roman numerals on it are vivid and eye-catching, and the hollow willow-shaped hands are clear when read. The round open window at 12 o’clock can enjoy the exquisite flying tourbillon device. Equipped with Cal.242 movement, it is worth mentioning that the power reserve is up to 12 days, but it is only supported by a barrel. It is really hard to imagine. The movement consists of 243 parts, with a diameter of only 30.60 mm and a thickness of only 6.10 mm.
Summary: The delicate parts of each tourbillon must be made through more than a hundred steps, and after the watchmaker’s alert hands, experienced eyes, and sensitive auditory judgments about the rhythm of time, can it be successful. Bright and complex structure. In this era of standardized products, the tourbillon is undoubtedly the best symbol of unique timepieces, and the first love of many watch fans.

Precision Navigation Large Pilot’s Heritage Watch 55

With the arrival of the 2016 Geneva International High-level Watch Salon as scheduled, the synchronous report of our Watch House also insists on the first-round comprehensive report. On January 18, IWC was one of the first watch brands we reported. At SIHH this year, the IWC Pilot’s Watch series is the main series that is not to be missed. There are orthodox large-scale pilot heritage watches, stylish Mark XVIII pilot watches, elegant pilot automatic watches 36, and • St. Elisabeth Special Edition and ‘Little Prince’ Special Edition Wrist. Among them, the large pilot heritage watch 55 must be indispensable. Let’s take a closer look at this topic watch with a diameter of 55 mm with the report from the front of the watch house.
Watch model: IW510401

   The Large Pilot’s Heritage Watch 55 has a diameter of 55 mm and an amazing size, just like the large pilot’s watch of 1940.

   The new product is made of titanium. This ultra-light material follows the modern pace and weighs less than 150 grams. It is as light and comfortable to wear on the wrist as the original 183 grams made of stainless steel.

   The large dial better meets the pilot’s requirements for clear digital identification and easy-to-read reading methods. The dial design is guided by the instrument layout in the historic cockpit, and technical values ​​can be read quickly and reliably even in poor light conditions. The dial is matte black, and the watchmaker has coated a thick, harmless material beige radium for the large Arabic numerals and the minute display line scale.

   The larger movement ensures the travel time accuracy required for precision navigation and military watches. IWC 98300 manual winding movement, equipped with an extended fine adjustment needle, can easily and accurately adjust the length of the balance spring, and has a shock absorption system to ensure 46 hours of accurate travel.

   The brown calfskin strap inspired by the leather strap of the historical model of the large pilot watch is designed to easily wear timepieces even in heavy flight suits. The strap is divided into two parts and stitched together at the ends. This unique design prevents the watch from accidentally falling off.

Audemars Piguet’s Booth In The First Asian Haute Horlogerie Exhibition

‘Clocks and Miracles-The First Asian High-end Watch and Clock Fair’ was staged at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from September 25th to 28th, 2013. This is a watch exhibition created by thirteen authoritative brands representing fine watchmaking. It presents a wonderful feast for people who are passionate about complex mechanical movements and superb manufacturing techniques. The Watch House Mission Team brings you the latest information. The following is a real shot of the stand of the famous Swiss watch brand Audemars Piguet.

   Audemars Piguet’s booth not only displayed many watches, but also introduced the brand’s craftsmanship and culture. For more reports on the first Asian Watch & Clock Fair, please stay tuned for Watch House.
For new products of Audemars Piguet Hong Kong Watch Fair, please click: aibi / 20640.html