Ice Goddess’ With You

Crystal Diamond Series Ice Goddess
Jewelry setting + limited 10 pieces = 2.2 million
     Elite 671 calibre self-winding movement made by Zenith / White gold case with bar diamonds / white mother-of-pearl with diamond dial / white gold bracelet with bar diamonds and bright blue sapphire
     The crystal diamond series is the flagship of Dior’s watch series. Each year, the works launched by this series are full of creativity, and are loved by many watch fans. First listen to its name ‘Ice Goddess’, you can imagine this is a crystal clear, frosty, cool-looking ladies watch; when viewed from the back, it is really dazzling. The combination of diamonds and white mother-of-pearl on the dial presents a pure sheen. The most special feature of this watch is that the multi-faceted cut diamonds inlaid on the watch body, seemingly a single color of pure silver, can fully display the surrounding colors on the watch.

List Briefly The Characteristics Of Each Series Of Nomos

As an outright visual animal, the only thing that can poison me at first glance is NOMOS. From the beginning of each series is not clear, now it is clear that everyone loves, let’s briefly list the characteristics of each series of NOMOS, everyone also talk about the favorite series!
    Tangente series is not only the symbol of NOMOS watchmaking workshop, but also more or less the brand logo of NOMOS. Tangente embodies the Bauhaus design concept: ‘shape comes with function’; on the other hand, the dial features typographic characters from the 1930s. Tangente, with its simple lines and straightforward design style, has become the ‘classic design’ among all NOMOS products, and has become NOMOS ‘best-selling model. Zurich, as one of the most expensive cities in the world, has a village-like tranquility despite being highly international. Most importantly, Zurich is the hometown of designer Hannes Wettstein, hence the name of this series of watches is the Zurich series. The pragmatic metropolitan character of this watch always blends perfectly with the wearer. The atmosphere is restrained and truly reflects the beauty of masculinity, very NOMOS. Because it is the highest-end series of NOMOS, Zürich’s movement splint is made of advanced black gold material, which is definitely worth collecting. The ultra-thin case and the beautiful curved lines of the mirror give the Orion series a retro beauty. The lines of the watch increase its softness and affinity, which complements the wrist and arm when worn. Orion’s graceful arc comes from its name: Orion. This watch is very similar to the spacecraft in the German classic sci-fi television ‘Raumpatrouille Orion’. Judging from the name alone, the Ludwig series is already the classic, the Roman scale is very retro, and the simple, elegant, fancy design is definitely an outstanding person for those who want to show wisdom and status. An indispensable masterpiece. In addition to this Ludwig 33 designed for women, the series also has a large calendar window, manual neutral models and automatic styles, I believe you can always find your own favorite in this series. The Club series should be the most outstanding in appearance, with a thicker sports style. It is a watch series that is popular with young people. In addition, the pointer with a black border on a red background is also eye-catching, and it is also one of the Club’s features. The most unique Tetra, it is the only square watch series in NOMOS. The neutral design has clear edges and corners, and the dial is smaller than other series, and the design of the lugs is more refined. Appreciating this simple German style and tired of the round watches everywhere, Tetra is definitely worth your careful taste. The Tangomat series has important historical significance for NOMOS, because the movement of this watch is completely designed and manufactured by the brand, which is the symbol of NOMOS’s final step towards becoming a real watchmaking workshop. Tangomat’s 601 watch is NOMOS’s best-selling model in the world. I heard that stores in China are sold out as soon as they arrive, so if you have the chance to see it, don’t hesitate. So which series do you prefer?