The Beauty Of Time In The Collection Of Breguet – Queen Of Naples Series High-level Custom Year Of The Monkey Zodiac Watch

In the history and culture of the East, the ‘monkey’, which ranks ninth among the zodiac signs, is a symbol of intelligence and wit, and high officials. Because of the homophony of ‘Hou’ and ‘Monkey,’ in the Qin and Han dynasties, glory such as Fenghou also added a layer of auspicious meaning to it. For the intimacy of monkeys, there is no difference in east-west direction. This far outweighs the favor of other animals and may have something to do with long evolution. The Breguet Queen of Naples series of highly customized Zodiac Year of the Monkey watch uses the ancient rare mother-of-pearl relief process to create an unparalleled wrist watch. The lively monkey is displayed in the square inch of the dial, letting the watch be a static watch. It is full of vitality and fully demonstrates Breguet’s superb watchmaking craftsmanship and aesthetic accomplishments.
Breguet Queen Naples Collection Haute Couture Zodiac Year of the Monkey

   When the beauty is beautiful, the lifelike shell embossing technology is fused with the Chinese zodiac culture, and it has already collided with a beautiful legend. The extraordinary watchmaker uses the traditional hand-crafted shell embossing process to turn Breguet’s haute couture watch into an amazing and expressive work. The watch is equipped with a Breguet self-winding movement specially created for the Queen of Naples series, which interprets the brilliance of the classic goose-shaped dial in square inches. The surface of the plate is carved by hand to form a multi-layered relief, which draws the center of the elegant and flexible monkey monkey. Breguet watchmakers use the shell relief process to outline the extremely thin lines of monkey hair. The soft and thick monkey hair can not help but feel the warmth and delicateness. There are only a few masters who are proficient in such superb shell relief techniques, and they are continuing to write legends for Breguet. The eccentric hour and minute dial, if there is nothing, presents the three-dimensional relief effect between the square inches in a smart and elegant way, quietly describing the beauty of time. The 18K white gold diamond-set case and sapphire crystal mirror the perfect shelter for the embossed monkey. The design of the crystal case back will undoubtedly show the golden oscillating weight hand-engraved with natural mother-of-pearl. The Breguet Queen of Naples series of high-end custom year of the zodiac monkey watch is not only a visual enjoyment, but also an invaluable crystal of wisdom of Breguet watchmakers, showing the beauty of the mother-of-pearl relief craft.
Breguet Queen Naples Collection Haute Couture Zodiac Year of the Monkey

Shell embossed craftsmanship
   Shell relief is one of the oldest crafts in the world, and its history can be traced back to the Greek stone carving of the third century BC. The most prestigious early Greek shell relief work is the second-century BC Tazza Farnese. It is also the oldest surviving masterpiece of relief art. This exquisite silk agate shell cup is in contrasting colors. Three three-dimensional allegorical figures are engraved on it. The dark background and the white embossed image contrast with each other. It is very moving and has also laid the art form of the shell relief for more than 2,000 years. . During the reign of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, the art of shell relief reached the peak of the fashion wave. Queen Victoria loves shell reliefs and sometimes even wears several pieces at a time. The market demand for shell reliefs is also rising, and the rise of relief technicians has brought them to work at the foot of Mount Vesuvius in Torre del Greco. Today, Breguet’s sculptors are also a family of craftsmen handed down from the pagodas of Greece.
   The most exquisite material for shell reliefs is bound to be silk agate shells. Of course, all of Breguet’s shell relief works are also wrapped in silk agate shells. The silk agate shell is commonly known as ‘Tang Crown Snail’ or ‘Emperor Tang Crown Snail’, and its scientific name is Cassis Madagascareinsis. This shell is extremely rare, mainly concentrated in the western Atlantic Ocean. Its preciousness lies not only in its large size, but also in the contrast of colors naturally formed on its shell. The surface of this shell is milky white, and as the technician sculpts, the dark color of the bottom layer begins to emerge. The double contrast of color and layer forms the visual effect of the white relief pattern against the dark background. This is the root of the classic style of the Farnese Cup. Breguet’s shell embossing is pasquale and son Fabio, the father-son partner. Before you start sculpting, the technician must carefully inspect and select the shells. Pasquali and Fabio and his son meticulously selected these exquisite shells, leaving no trace of cracks and flaws, leaving only the perfect shell. After the selection, they sorted the shells and sorted them into shells suitable for making Cammea series dials and Secret series flower shapes. Generally speaking, a shell can only be made into two dials or two or three roses. After sorting, the technician used a pencil to outline the shape of the dial or rose inside the shell, and then cut it with a fine saw. The cut shell will be carefully sanded to make its corners more rounded and smooth. At this time, there are several processes before the formal engraving. The cut shell is treated with wax and resin and placed on a wooden stick. Then, the technician began to sand the surface of the shell. The flat and smooth surface is not only important for making watch dials, but also removes the rough surface of the shell, revealing the milky white internal texture, which is the layer where the relief pattern is located. At this point, the technicians’ canvases have been prepared before the engraving process can begin.
   The Queen of Naples shell embossed watch and Secret de la Reine watch are currently the only high-end timepiece series with shell embossing technology, which are unique in the fine watchmaking world. Their uniqueness lies not only in the integration of traditional craftsmanship and haute horlogerie, but also in the color and design of each watch exuding unique elegance.
Watch description
Code: Reine de Naples Cameo Monkey
18K White Gold Watch
Bezel set with 40 diamonds, weighing approximately 2.42 carats
Self-winding movement
Shell dial made of shell relief
Sapphire crystal case back
Water-resistant to 3 Pa (30 meters)
Dimensions: 40 x 31.95 mm

Big Brands Are Also Crazy For Celebrities To Create Limited Luxury Watches For Celebrities

The brand has always had a great celebrity effect on the celebrity endorsement, whether it is a big brand or a niche brand. Nowadays, brands are not only limited to asking for celebrity endorsement products, but also launched products specifically designed for celebrities. Not only are small brands today’s star chaser, but big names have also joined the ranks of stars. Brands such as Hublot, Tag Heuer, Grand Mercure Paris have launched special watches for celebrities.
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Messi Limited Edition
Messi can be described as the biggest player in the world of football. The limited edition watch tailored for Messi by Audemars Piguet not only meets the needs of Messi fans, but also strengthens the brand’s popularity. The simple and elegant design of this watch does not follow the iconic ‘Tapisserie’ pattern of the Royal Oak series. The stainless steel and rose gold models feature a vertical satin-finished dark gray dial with white and rose gold hour markers, while the platinum model has a dark blue dial with white gold indexes. The three chronograph dials and the small seconds of the three models have a fine silver-plated and circular satin finish. The 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions are 30-minute, 60-second, and 12-hour timers. A date display window is provided between 4 and 5 o’clock, which is suitable for those who love sports.
美 Love of Grand Mercure Tom Cruise in Paris limited edition
A Tang Ge’s image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, deeply loved by the audience, in the film ‘Aspiring Ling Yun’, A Tang Ge’s sunglasses, motorcycles, leather jackets were once the most fashionable elements. The Paris Mercure designers who love film art, decided to use Atango as a prototype as a source of inspiration for design. Original desktop dial and hour hand window, the first rocket-type hour and sword-type minute hand and gem-set royal scepter seconds hand (both luminous display), with classic white hour hand and silver stopwatch hand, hidden calendar window, high-grade mineral glass The back of MATZO PARIS precision automatic movement, TACHYMETRE speed measurement function and precision scale, shows its professionalism. In terms of appearance and comfort, this watch is even better. Case back classic six-point precision reinforced waterproof technology, waterproof to 100 meters. The launch of the limited edition Tom Cruise love watch has won a lot of attention for the Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS brand.
TAG Heuer Yao Ming Limited Edition Watch
3 In March 2006, following the official announcement of TAG Heuer in 2004 with the world basketball star Yao Ming, TAG Heuer and its further cooperation in 2006 launched the Yao Ming limited edition watch worldwide. Yao Ming has long been known all over the world, and everyone in China knows it. With Yao Ming’s influence, brand awareness can reach another peak.
This watch is designed and launched on the basis of TAG Heuer’s best-selling model in the Aquaracer series. It is engraved with the number ’11’ at 11 o’clock. The dial also has Yao Ming’s red and white signatures in Chinese and English and red Basketball sign. What’s so special is that No. 11 is Yao Ming’s number for the Houston Rockets. Red is both the Houston Rockets’ representative color and the symbol of China. In addition, the back of the watch is also engraved with a basketball pattern, Yao Ming’s nickname ‘Little Giant’ and a global limited number, which is limited to 1,100 pieces worldwide.
It can be seen that these big-name exclusive watches tailored for celebrities are more impactful and influential than asking a celebrity endorsement product, but they are also celebrity mad.