2012 Summer Davos Highlights Tianjin Independent Innovation: ‘tourbillon’ Watches Walk In The Forefront Of The World

In recent years, Tianjin Haiou Watch Industry Group Co., Ltd. has invested a total of more than 100 million yuan. It has introduced world-leading equipment such as Swiss machining centers, Japanese CNC automatic lathes and projectors, and established new flexible production lines. On the basis of digestion and absorption, we will improve our independent innovation capabilities, so that our company’s R & D capabilities and key technologies will always maintain a domestic leading level, and reduce the gap with our world counterparts. The Seagull Watch Group has successively conquered the most advanced technologies in the corresponding fields of tourbillon watches, timepieces and moon phase perpetual calendars, which are called the ‘three classics’ of the world’s watches, and has developed and mass produced ‘dual tourbillon watches with completely independent intellectual property rights.’ ‘,’ Minute Repeater ‘and’ Perpetual Calendar ‘have entered the international advanced ranks. Tianjin Seagull Watch Group Co., Ltd. is the earliest watch production base established in China, and China’s first watch was born here. In 2004, after hard work, the R & D personnel mastered the core technology of producing tourbillon watches, and produced high-end mechanical watches with multi-functions such as indicator and flyback calendar. After testing by foreign experts, they considered that the movement design, production process, and manufacturing Technology and finishing are close to the level of similar products in Switzerland. In 2005, the Seagull Watch Group relied on a number of high-end products such as ‘Tourbillon Watches’, ‘Minute Repeaters’, ‘Perpetual Calendars’, ‘Orbital Tourbillon Watches’ and ‘2.5mm Thin Automatic Watches’ independently developed and produced by its own research and development. For profit. Since then, the sales performance of the Seagull Watch Group has reached a level one year ago: in 2007, the sales revenue of Seagull finished watches reached 60 million yuan, and in 2011 it reached 310 million yuan. In 2012, it is estimated that 400,000 finished seagull watches will be sold, and the revenue will reach 600 million yuan. Correspondingly, in the past 5 years, Seagull Watch Group’s technology investment accounted for more than 7% of sales revenue, and more than 50 new product, new process, and new technology research projects were initiated each year. Accumulation of research and development over the years has enabled Haiou Watch Group’s independent intellectual property products to reach more than 80%. By the end of 2011, Seagull Watch Group had applied to the State Intellectual Property Office and had received 461 patents, including 37 invention patents, 130 utility model patents, and 2 international patents. The number of patents owned by Seagull Watch Group accounts for about 50% of the total domestic watch industry. The Seagull Watch Group is not satisfied with domestic development, but aims to build an international “Seagull” watch brand. At present, ‘Seagull’ has successfully opened 9 stores in the world’s watchmaking giant Switzerland, and following the Tianjin Seagull Watch Culture and Art Salon and Hangzhou Seagull Watch Store, it has opened the Hong Kong Seagull Watch Tourbillon Store TOURBILLON SHOP). At the same time, it is planning to open specialty stores in five developed countries, including Germany. In order to build ‘Seagull’ into an international brand, Seagull Watch Group is constructing ‘Seagull Industrial Park’ in Binhai New Area. After completion, it will form an international first-class production base with an annual output of 10 million watch movements, an annual output of 1 million seagull high-end mechanical watches and an output value of 4 billion yuan. At that time, not only will this industrial park be built into a first-class watch production base, but also an international watch exhibition center. ‘Seagull’ watches will strive to enter the Swiss Basel Watch Exhibition Hall 1 which gathers the world’s top brand watches within 1-3 years.

First Time Seeing A Bright Moon On The Wrist Jaquet Droz Moon Phase Large Second Hand

The moon phase function, as a display that is far from practical purposes, can still be seen in the good hands of watchmakers. This can be divided into two aspects to discuss. One is that the moon phase can be used as a pole. The good decoration, just to open the window to appreciate the changes of the sun and the moon, is enough to meet the fun of the table friends; second, some brands have added more detailed settings when doing moon phase display, not just using ready-made models The method of grouping is installed on the movement, but the delicate moon age calculation is used to distinguish the profit and loss display of the moon. Because the moon phase is a sign of the skill of its own movement, many big names like to transplant it to the current main force. Reason for the watch. And the JAQUET DROZ moon phase large second hand model we introduced this time is just two moon phase watches for both, and the main large second hand series integrates the classic function of the moon phase, especially this 18K rose gold The watch body presents this round of bright moon, and the luxurious and refined atmosphere is very suitable for entering and exiting various occasions!

Feature one: the power of the golden moon
The moon phase function is considered as a high decorative proportion. Many brands have paid great attention to the texture of the moon when using this function. To put it more carefully, the moon phase placed on the surface of the dial is not only transferred. In order to emphasize the unevenness of the moon, some brands will use a three-dimensional method to appear on the faceplate. Some brands may use more childlike moon phase faces, such as the classic facial features of Baobo Moon Phase, but how to use the moon Beautifully painted, this is actually another art. For example, the 2016 OMEGA Speedmaster series uses the moon image as observed by the American Observatory and is transplanted to the disk intact to highlight the first-class texture. This time Jacques Droe introduced the moon phase function for the first time in his main large second hand series, and learned the outstanding carving technology of their family, and transplanted this delicate and impractical craft water to the moon phase presentation. The combination was quite successful, because the shadows and bumps of the real moon can be seen from the moon phase display of the large second hand, and the bumps are not realized by the transfer method. It is a combination of heaven and heaven under the JD signature carving technique!

Just like the bumps of the real moon, JD combines the 22K gold moon with its own fine sculpting technology. Compared to the moon phase display of other brands, it not only enhances the level of appreciation, but also makes its own brand recognition. Unique DNA

Feature two: the disc is just right
Every time you enjoy the fun of a high-end watch, in addition to the more powerful functions, the perfect proportion of the combination of various functions on the dial is also the reason why the high-end watch is high-end and durable, so this time JD combines the main force with the large second hand. In terms of the layout of the moon phase, there are some learnings based on the three colors. There are three styles of this large second hand moon phase, 18K rose gold style with ivory large open flame enamel plate surface, and two other stainless steel styles, with black agate plate and opal plate. The reason why the large seconds series looks good is that the proportion of white space is just right, and the relationship between the two face plates is strung in an ‘8’ shape. The 18K rose gold style is designed to emphasize the theme relationship between the face and the material. Both the phase and the small dial ring are gold-colored to convey the consistency of the overall style. In order to match the nobleness of the rose gold body, the moon phase is made of 22K gold. This chic design is displayed on the black agate dial. It is also good for people to see what they don’t need, fully showing JD’s powerful design power.

The beautiful appearance of the black agate dial stainless steel style lies in JD’s style design. The large seconds dial ring and moon phase display use the same silver texture as stainless steel. The overall style is consistent and impressive.

Feature 3: Durable movement supported by silicon hairspring
It turned out to be a high-end silicon hairspring in the watch altar, which has become more and more popular in recent years. Many brands will use silicon hairsprings whether it is an entry-level model or a low-end model, because the more mature silicon parts technology has reduced the cost a lot. The influence of the brand has also made more models equipped with silicon hairsprings. The movement equipped with the large second hand moon phase is not only equipped with a dual barrel, which allows the power reserve to reach 68 hours of energy reserve, but also has the blessing of a silicon hairspring, which improves the durability and antimagnetic performance of the movement itself. Is a reliable movement that can be trusted.

JD’s engraving technique is also displayed on the surface treatment of its own automatic disk. When the semi-hollowed automatic disk is rotated and wound, it is an excellent feast. With the polishing process of the movement, it has a finishing touch.

Jacques Dro Moon Phase Large Seconds

18K Rose Gold Material / Automatic Movement / Eccentricity, Eccentric Minutes, Large Seconds, Date Display / Moon Phase Display / Sapphire Crystal, Transparent Back Cover / Waterproof 30 Meters / 43mm Diameter –