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Susan and David. Rockefeller (Susan and David Rockefeller) joined hands with GP Girard Perregaux and Christie’s, the world’s top art auction house, in Shanghai Rock. The Bund Source (Rockbund Art Museum) grandly held Susan. Rockefeller personally directed the latest documentary ‘Food for Thought, Food for Life’ at the premiere. The documentary is inspired by the ‘Protect What is Precious’ that the Rockefellers have always believed in, and advocates the discovery of healthier and sustainable food sources to create a balanced future ecological and agricultural environment.

Susan and David. Rockefeller joins hands with GP Girard Perregaux and Christie’s Art Auction to host the ‘Food, Ecology, Humanities’ summit forum to awaken the desire to guard life

After the premiere ceremony, Mr. Rockefellers, organic food advocate, founder of Longjing Caotang Catering Co., Ltd., Mr. Dai Jianjun, founder of the ‘Public and Environmental Research Center’ and Mr. Ma Jun, a famous environmentalist in China, focused on ‘Food. Ecology. Humanities’ Food, Environment and Culture) as the theme, there was a wonderful discussion on raising public awareness of sustainable food, advocating a healthier ecology and the future. Ms. Tian Wei, the host of CCTV’s English Channel, acted as the host and spoke freely with the guests.

GP Girard Perregaux shines with Susan. Rockefeller’s special cat-eye watch

Cooperation around sustainable development and business practices is a shared responsibility. Susan and David. Rockefeller, GP Girard-Perregaux and Christie’s are unanimously convinced that their dedication and cooperation are vital to a healthier and sustainable future. ‘We should pay special attention to and protect the creatures, land, and oceans that make up our lives.’ Susan said, ‘Protecting the earth’s home is my lifelong dream. This is also the true meaning of having wealth. I am glad I can meet With partners like Girard Perregaux, we are upholding a common philosophy, continuously focusing on the sustainable development of mankind, and using a shared mentality to integrate creation with tradition, and are committed to creating a better new world. ‘

White hand-polished mother-of-pearl dial with 73 tsavorites embedded to awaken people’s longing for the precious beauty of nature

In order to pay tribute to this event and celebrate the 10th anniversary of the cat eye series, Girard Perregaux launched with Susan. Rockefeller teamed up with a special cat’s eye watch. The cat’s eye ‘Protect What Is Precious’ limited watch. The white hand-polished mother-of-pearl dial is embedded with 73 tsavorite stones, and the color tone changes from bright green to turquoise blue-green, which symbolizes the ‘green philosophy and values’ shared by Girard Perregaux and the Rockefeller family. This special caseback is specially engraved with ‘Protect What Is Precious’ for women who adore nature’s beauty and care for the earth, to awaken people’s longing for the precious beauty of nature.