How Much Can Your Rolex Take At Auction?

Today I want to say something interesting, and see how much the mainstream Rolex in the market can get at the auction. The watch auction is not far from us. Many of the watches at various auctions are mainstream watches on the market, which are the watches we usually buy. So you can take a look at the watch in your hand, how much can it be worth at the auction?
 I mainly selected some of the mainstream Rolexes in the market at this year’s (2018) Antigoren auction. Auctions are actually similar to second-hand watches. They are all selling a watch for secondary sales. The auction results can reflect the residual value, second-hand market and actual value of a watch. Let’s start watching.
 Note that due to the RMB exchange rate situation in recent time, after the auction result is converted into RMB, the price may be too high. For entertainment and reference, you do n’t have to worry too much about the price.
1. Rolex Greenwich Blue Black Circle (116710)

The transaction price is 8887 Euros, about RMB 70270
 The price of Rolex sports watches has increased significantly this year. Compared with the previous Gandhi and Green Ghost, the blue and black circles also started to rise significantly this year. Last year, the Rolex blue-black circle market was not so high and relatively normal, and this year the blue-black circle has begun to exceed the public price. The public price of the blue and black circle is 69,300 yuan. From the auction results of this blue and black circle, this blue and black circle has already exceeded the public price. And you need to note that this blue-black circle is a 2015 watch, which shows how popular the blue-black circle is now. The explosion of blue and black circles this year must be related to the red and blue circles of the new steel shell five-bead chain. The red and blue circle of the five-bead chain drove the overall price of the Rolex steel case GMT. In fact, the GMT in the black circle has also risen a lot.
2. Rolex has a nigger (116610)

Price of 6311 Euros, approximately RMB 49,970
 Niggas have always been Rolex evergreen watches. Although they have been chased, the overall market is still OK. Although they are also rising, they have not been so ‘ruthless’. In the secondary market such as auctions and second-hand, many actual prices are okay (compared to hot-fried watches). This is only a nigger on the auction field. According to the current market, the transaction price is lower because it is a nigger with a calendar in 2010. According to the current secondary market, it is impossible for a newer nigger with a new year to be so cheap. It is more expensive than this.
3. Rolex Scarlet Sea Envoy (126600)

The transaction price was 11,334 Euros, about RMB 89,741.
 Over the past year, the overall price of the Rolex Scarlet Sea Dweller has been stable and declining. When the Rolex Scarlet Sea Envoy first came out, it also broke 100,000, but because the Scarlet Sea had a problem with this watch, it was bigger and thicker than the water ghost, so not everyone accepted it. In addition, the public price is higher than that of water ghosts, and the demand is relatively small, so the market price has gradually dropped. The official price of the scarlet sea ambassador is 80,000, and the transaction price of the 2017 scarlet sea ambassador is 89,000, which is a little more than the public price. It’s a normal market by now. However, from the positioning and long-term view of the Scarlet Sea Watch, the Scarlet Sea Watch will gradually fall back to the public price. Now some Scarlet Sea Watches are not over the fair price in the secondary market.
4. Rolex Blue Sky Golden Skywalker (326934)

Price: 14,812 Euros, about RMB 117,123
 The Rolex King Skywalker was relatively stable during this time. Before, Federer wore the blue-faced Skywalker, which made the blue-faced Golden Skywalker’s market soar. One of the special aspects of the Rolex Golden Skywalker is that the blue disk Golden Skywalker is higher. The other golden versions, whether platinum or gold, or black or white, are relatively normal, even from A little bit down from the high. The public price of Blue Sky Golden Skywalker is 109,900. The transaction of this blue disk Gold Skywalker is more than the public price. Considering that it is a 2017 watch, it is a normal market. Golden Skywalker among the blue disks can also be regarded as the harder watch in Rolex.
5. Rolex Green Ghost (116610LV)

Price: 11,205 euros, about RMB 88,545
 Since last year, green ghosts have started to rise. First break 7 and then break 8. I do n’t know if there are too few green ghosts or too many people who are interested in green ghosts. I personally have no special interest in green ghosts. At that time, there were only more than 60,000 green ghosts bought fresh. There is nothing left to say about the Green Ghost, the fact is here, the public price is 70,000, and the auction can get 80,000, and this is still a 2014 watch.
6. Rolex green glass (116400GV)

Price: 5796 Euros, approximately RMB 45,811
 Rolex green glass was once a hot watch by Rolex many years ago, but then it returned to normal. From the current situation of sports steel labor, the green glass includes other versions of the lightning needle, which is a relatively unique Rolex watch and a relatively normal market. If you don’t deliberately chase the hot Rolex, such a green glass is a good choice. At present, there are only two types of lightning pins on the Rolex website, one is blue disc green glass and the other is green disc green glass. Previously, the white glass lightning pins were no longer available on the official website and should not be produced. The official price of Rolex green glass is 63200, and the price of this green glass is 45811. The actual prices of some second-hand green glass on the domestic secondary market are still good. In addition, the actual price of white glass lightning pins will be lower than green glass.
7. Rolex steel case Daytona (116500)

Price: 21,896 euros, about 173,063 yuan
 From this Gangdi, I think it reflects two problems. First, the steel case Daytona is extremely popular in the world, and many people want to buy it. Second, the current exchange rate is really weak. The domestic Rolex Daytona 116,500 market is generally at 130,000 and 140,000. This Daytona at the auction is equivalent to 170,000 yuan, and the exchange rate is flawed. For some time, the exchange rate issue has become an important factor in the current rise in watch prices.
8. Rolex GMT (116713)

Price: 9375 Swiss francs, about RMB 64850
 In the period when Rolex’s popular sports steel labor continued to rise, the price-performance ratio of Golden Labor became prominent when there was time. For example, Daytona, the lowest market price, is instead Gindy. For example, the water ghost’s market is now very high, and the black ghost’s market is getting longer. On the contrary, the gold water ghost’s market has been floating up and down. The price of this GMT GMT is 97,000, and the current transaction price is more than 64,000. In the past, GMT GMT has been almost this way, and the price is relatively high. In the case of Rolex’s current ‘gold is not as good as steel’, the gold watch has some benefits.
9. Rolex One (214270)

Price: HK $ 33,750, about RMB 29,849
 Although the sports steel labor is relatively hot and the overall actual price is relatively high, there are still some relatively low-cost watches, such as exploring one. One point to note when exploring this watch is that although the number is 214270, there are two versions, one is the 39 mm old 3, 6, 9 metal word; one is the 39 mm new 3, 6, 9 Luminous characters explore the same, the number is the same, but the table is different. For example, this one is an old metal word. The public price of the first search is 51100, and the transaction price of this one is 29849. According to the year of the first search, it is more reasonable. Although the actual price of the new luminous character on the market will be higher, it is still relatively good. Now exploring 214270, Airbus 116900 are sports steel labor with high cost performance.

Baobao Tourbillon Big Calendar Oscillating Power Display Watch

This latest member of the L-EVOLUTION family is not only equipped with a tourbillon and a large calendar display, but also a power reserve indicator that Blancpain pioneered and which is directly linked to the automatic tourbillon.
    Power reserve indicators are usually located on the dial or on the face of the movement. This time, Blancpain offers a third possibility that has not been seen before, placing the power reserve indicator independently on the sub-dial on the automatic top. As early as 2007, Blancpain invented and registered this technology, and after 2 years of intensive improvements in the research and development team, it was used in this watch.
L-Evolution Tourbillon Large Calendar
    How to successfully move the power reserve indicator to the oscillating weight through the innovative complex structure is described in another article. Through this pioneering work, the pendulum not only plays the role of power transmission, but also becomes a medium for power information, and saves limited dial space, making it useful for other indications, or left blank for aesthetic purposes only.

Calibre 4225G Caliber with 7 Days Power Reserve
    This innovative device specially tailored for the Caliber 4225G movement with Blancpain 7-day power reserve can be seen at a glance through the sapphire back cover. Together with Blancpain’s floating tourbillon and dual-disc large calendar system, the color of the classic dial The case complements each other and is available in white and red gold with a brushed finish. All lined with rubber-lined alligator strap guarantees comfortable wearing.

The World’s First ‘world Nobel Prize In History’ Jaeger-lecoultre History Awards Announced

The French historian Serge Gruzinski won the ‘International History’ with the reputation of ‘Nobel Prize in World History’ at the 22nd International Historical Science Conference held in Jinan on the 26th. Institute-Jaeger-LeCoultre History Award, ‘became the first historian to receive this award. In recognition of his outstanding contribution to the history field, Mr. Zhang Zheng, CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre China, awarded him a Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso watch and a medal of honor.

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s China Chief Executive, Mr. Zhang Huan, awarded the prize winner French historian Serge Gruzinski with the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso watch and medal of honor
  The International Conference on History and Science was founded in 1900 and is held every five years. It has been held for 21 sessions (it could not be held during the World War). Each historian of each country is between 1500-2000 people, and it is a grand event for world historians. The ‘International Historical Society-Jaeger-LeCoultre History Award’ is the first academic award issued 115 years after the establishment of the International Congress of Historical Sciences. In a comparable way, glorify one or several historians. The winner, Grudinsky, is a pioneer in the study of global history and transnational history. His research represents the main trend in the development of historical science.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Taille
  The second hand is beating constantly, and the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop, which was born in Ru Valley, Switzerland, has gone through more than 180 years, and has not stopped production even during the World War. Every Jaeger-LeCoultre timepiece is not only a wristwatch, but also a recorder of history. And the owner of each Jaeger-LeCoultre watch, not only owns a product, but also the owner of the period of surging stories behind the footnotes of time. Each Jaeger-LeCoultre watch will open a brand-new story, depicting an unexpected world, which is exactly the connotation of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s brand-new time and space ‘opening a new world’. Jaeger-LeCoultre invites those who uphold the same values ​​to pursue the taste of life and love the beautiful things together to explore the mysteries of watches and open a new world of life.
  ‘We hope to recognize and reward these historians with outstanding achievements in the field of history through the’ Jackson History Award ‘. Mr. Zhang Huan, CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre China, said,’ Watches record history. Owners can continuously share their worldview and write their own history. ‘