Langer’s New Owl, Movement Completely Evolved

Lange’s most iconic watches are three, LANGE 1, DATO, Owl. At this year’s Geneva watch fair, Lange presents a new owl Zeitwerk Date with a calendar. This is also the first model with a calendar since Lange launched the Owl in 2009. (The Zeitwerk series is commonly known as the owl, which previously had three questions, self-sounding, and a regular model without additional features).

Lange’s new Zeitwerk Date, owl calendar.
 Adding a calendar to a watch may seem like a very new one. The Lange owl regular version has 388 parts and the owl calendar version has 516 parts. With the addition of a calendar, the number of movement parts has increased by 128. It can be seen that the movement is greatly changed, and it is definitely not a small matter. When I saw this set of numbers, I decided that the Zeitwerk Date was the most important of the new Lange watches this year. Let’s take a look at how much the Lange Owl has added to this calendar.

We can see that the picture shows the number 12.
 The new owl calendar is a white gold case with a size of 44.2 mm and a thickness of 12.3 mm. The size of the conventional owl is 41.9 mm and the thickness is 12.6 mm. It can be seen that the size of the owl calendar increases, but the thickness decreases. Lange’s new owl calendar, compared with the regular version of the owl, looks little changed, mainly due to the addition of a circle of calendar on the outer edge of the disk. The calendar circled the dial from 1 to 31. The calendar itself does not move. It is through the red piece under the glass number plate. What day is it? The date number will turn red. Adjust the calendar with the 8-point button on the case. The calendar adjustment button has an all-or-nothing function. In simple terms, the calendar will jump for one day by pressing the button completely and then lifting it. The purpose is to prevent accidental light operation. Some of the complicated watches like other brands also have this insurance function. In addition, the case’s 4 o’clock button is a skip-hour quick adjustment. If the crown is adjusted one minute and one minute, it is too slow, and the new owl calendar adds an hour quick adjustment. This is where the owl calendar differs from the regular version.
The biggest change in the Lange owl calendar is on the movement.
 Lange has no regular version of the owl with a 36-hour power reserve; the new owl calendar has a 72-hour power reserve. A new calendar has been added to the new model, and the power has increased significantly. The new Lange Owl Calendar has significantly upgraded the movement.

Lange’s new owl calendar and the new L043.8 movement used.
 The regular version of the Owl uses the Lange L043.1 movement, and the new Owl Calendar uses the L043.8. As can be seen from the number, the movement has been upgraded. The main upgrade of the new owl L043.8 movement is the mainspring. Before the regular version of the owl used a single spring, now the new calendar L043.8 movement uses a double spring. In the new L043.8 movement, Lange cascades two barrels in series, stacked one on top of the other. In both the upper and lower mainsprings, there is a mainspring of the same length as the regular version, but the width of the mainspring is reduced, so it is now Power X 2, while controlling the thickness. .

The picture above shows the new owl calendar movement, and the picture below shows the regular version of the movement. Note that the gears on the barrel are removed in the new model.
 Another change brought by the new dual spring is that the dual springs output at the same time, which can provide more stable torque than a single spring, allowing the watch to maintain torque stability during 72 hours of power. So the new owl calendar eliminates the gear on the regular barrel (Maltese gear, which is used to maintain stable power output). We can intuitively see that there are no gears on the barrel of the new owl calendar. This is a significant change on the new movement.

In Lange’s new owl calendar movement, gears have been removed from the barrel.
 A major feature of the Lange owl is the constant force device in the movement. Because the owl is a word jump meter, it needs sufficient power to drive the word jump digital switch, so a constant force device is used in the movement to store and release energy. With the frequency of releasing once a minute, drive the owl to jump the dial once a minute (there are 3 dials in total). The constant force device of the new owl calendar has also been adjusted. The shape of the splint of the constant force device has changed significantly, and the splint has become thinner. I have seen some people say that because the new movement has double springs, stable output torque and less dependence on the constant force device, the constant force spring on the constant force device does not need to be as thick as before. Also thinned. For this statement, the truth makes sense, but whether it is true remains to be verified by players.

The picture above shows the clockwork and constant force device of the new owl calendar movement, and the picture below shows the regular version of the owl clockwork box and constant force device.
 In the movement decoration and balance spring configuration, the new owl calendar is consistent with the regular version. Using the cardless fine adjustment weight balance, from the current situation, Lange is also gradually promoting the new cardless fine adjustment weight balance, replacing the previous screw balance (lotus balance).

Constant force device and balance wheel of the new owl calendar.
 The new owl calendar is a platinum case. Compared with the regular version of the owl, the gold or platinum shell (which is the transparent disc luminous version of the platinum shell) has a higher public price. However, the technical upgrade of the new owl calendar movement is obvious. Although only a calendar is added in function, it is definitely a complex watch worthy of the name. (This year’s Geneva watch exhibition, many heavyweight watches are complex watches. ). For ordinary players, Lange Owl is not easy to get on, and it is left to the powerful players.