At This Moment, The Core Movement Basel Tissot Brings The Stars To Help You Feel The Charm Of The Moment In The New Durul Series Watch-chen Xuedong

[March 22, 2018, Switzerland] The global watch industry event Basel Watch Show opened today, the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot watch gathered at the booth, and for the first time announced the new Dulu Series. Brand friends, well-known actors Qiao Xin, Chen Xuedong, Song Weilong, Gao Yixiang, and Wang Dalu all made their first appearance at the Tissot watch booth, together with Tissot Global President François Thiébaud, Tissot Global Vice President of Marketing Mr. Bertrand Delvert and Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, enjoyed the best products, and shared with the guests the charm of Tissot’s 165th anniversary. Since its inception, Tissot has always been committed to the modern innovation of Swiss traditional superb timepieces, building a wonderful world of ‘moments’ for the world, with every ingenuity and all-out effort to create the next moment of splendor and glory .

Exterior view of Tissot’s Basel booth

Tissot Basel booth

Handsome and elegant
   At 11 am on the first day of the exhibition, Chen Xuedong wore an elegant dress and a new Tissot Duluer series men’s watch arrived at the Tissot stand, which was also his first appearance at the Basel Watch Fair. The elegant Durul watch is worn on his wrist, and it is matched with a handsome shape, which complements his breathtaking temperament. With his deep eyes, Chen Xuedong, a handsome and elegant man, stopped at the Tissot watch booth to learn more about the history behind the Duluer watches, and can’t help but sigh at the heritage spirit of the Tissot Duruhr watches. The leather strap is full of texture, and the midnight blue tone casts a layer of night veil on the whole body of the watch. The mysterious power is exuded. This watch that pays homage to the birthplace of the brand makes him feel the perfect combination of historical precipitation and modern tide. unique charm.
   With his handsome and elegant appearance and melancholy unique temperament, Chen Xuedong’s perfect interpretation of Xue Fu’s ‘Fu Xiaosi’ in ‘Summer Solstice’ has made him an ideal lover for countless young girls. As a well-known actor, he knows his direction, knows how to hone his art, tries and devotes himself to various roles, and sharpens himself to create and break through with this moment’s precipitation and savings. The Tissot brand also inherits a heavy history and seeks the splendor and excitement of every next moment in the development. At this moment, he fits spiritually with the Tissot watch that is still moving forward.

Mr. Bertrand Delwater, Vice President of Tissot Global Markets, and Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, took photos with Chen Xuedong. Chen Xuedong, Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China)

Chen Xuedong wears Tissot Duluer series men’s watch

Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, with Chen Xuedong

Chen Xuedong signs Tissot watch box
A century of heritage
   The star-studded Tissot watch stand is undoubtedly the focus of this year’s watch exhibition. The Tissot watch showcase also displays pieces of new timepieces full of ingenuity and heritage, the most amazing of which is the classic returning with a new attitude. Work-the new Durul series. When well-known actors Qiao Xin, Chen Xuedong, Song Weilong, Gao Yixiang, and Wang Dadao came to the Tissot watch booth, they chose to wear the new Duluer watch and they drew attention to other styles of the series at the booth.
   Since its birth in 1853, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot has walked the 165th anniversary in the Time Gallery. It inherits the concept of “innovation comes from tradition”, and gives birth to new ideas. Master every moment, experience every moment, live every moment. Create unlimited value in a moment with a limited time. The Durul collection is named after the street where the Tissot watch factory was founded when it was established in Leloc, Switzerland-Durul Street in the small town of Leloc, Switzerland, where it is still the headquarters of the Tissot brand. Duluer series watches have a very important commemorative meaning for Tissot watches, containing precious brand history and feelings, condensing the brand’s 165 years of history in a wrist full of spiritual timepiece. A contemporary design pays tribute to Tissot’s long-established expertise in watchmaking and its ingenuity.

Tissot Duluer watches inherit the precious history of the 165th anniversary

Tissot Duluer watches inherit the precious history of the 165th anniversary
   With a wide range of styles, this series of watches are full of sincerity in detail and focus on bringing a pleasant wrist experience to the wearer. This series of three-hand watch, chronograph, world time and other models are all decorated with beautiful details, with exquisite Paris studs and three-dimensional scale hour markers, Tissot brand from Switzerland’s firm belief in every detail. The elegant texture of the 316L stainless steel strap seems to pull people’s minds to the top of Europe covered by snow, and let people experience the beautiful mountains and rivers together. The deep and solid blue and the rich dark texture also add a touch of artistic beauty that belongs to the Tissot brand. The elegant case is polished and brushed, and the arched sapphire glass is sturdy and rich in texture, perfectly showing the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship and technology for more than a century. The collection looks attractive and exudes luxury, and it is excellent value for money. Whether it is a sun dial that fits perfectly with natural light, or a dial with a date display, it exudes the beauty of noble details with a unique design and spiritual power condensed in the seconds, reflecting the brand’s heart ——With this moment’s all-out effort and ingenuity inheritance, create the next brilliant moment. This moment, create the next moment!

Tissot durull men’s watch

Tissot Durul Women’s Watch
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