2014 Rum Road Singles Regatta Zenith Is Ready To Go

Even in the 36-year history of the Route du Rhum solo regatta, I have never seen it like this year. The city’s marina (Saint-Malo) has rewritten its historical records at the Tenth Atlantic Single Man Race.

   On October 31, a record 91 sailors witnessed the opening of the official sports village under the walls of Saint-Malo. The 40-meter-long Spindrift 2 is the largest participating trimaran in history. The experienced sailor Yann Guichard will take the helm alone. His team has been carefully preparing for the race for a long time. Now everything is ready and ready to go.

   ‘Usually before an event starts, I will be prepared to stay calm and this is what I really feel today.’ Yann Guichard, 40, explained, ‘High-risk events can cause a lot of pressure, of course. I ca n’t be sure that I will be able to finish the game smoothly and win, especially when you try for the first time. It’s very difficult to give any guarantee. Our team has been carefully prepared according to our own plan. The Spindrift 2 trimaran was a very right decision for the Rum Way Single Man Race. ‘

   This year’s Ultimate Class includes a total of eight competitors, three of which are more than 30 meters in length. Experts and spectators are eager to predict this year’s event. ‘Now I’m in good shape and my body is in the best condition. I can realize that every opportunity to sail to sea is very important to me,’ said Yann Guichard. ‘I think my technology is good enough. However, I still hone myself continuously, which is the key to my strong self-confidence. I have been fully prepared for the race, only after the weather in the next few days is clear, and the strategy for the first few days of the race can be set sail. Knowing and respecting my opponents and knowing how challenging it is to drive a Spindrift 2 in a single person, but I have the opportunity to avoid strategic and technical mistakes, which keeps me excited and looking forward to the event. ‘

   From October 24th to November 2nd, sailing enthusiasts will be able to see the Spindrift racing fleet docked at the seaside of Saint-Malo. During this period, the Spindrift racing fleet will host a week-long series of activities, and more Sailing enthusiasts share their passion for sailing together.

   The 2014 Route du Rhum single-handed regatta will set sail on 2 November at 2 pm in Saint-Malo, France.