Milus Tirion Three Seconds Dlc Watch-news Milus

The unique design of the three-second hand return function, the TIRION TriRetrograde watch is a mixture of elegant watchmaking technology and playfulness. Its unique style of precision and long-term beating makes it Become one of the signs of Milus. Today, it is launching a brand new sports version with a DLC-treated case and a carbon fiber dial and bezel.

 A kind of energy from deep scientific and technological background can meet the different design requirements for a long time. The real TIRION TriRetrograde mechanical movement is the actual embodiment of this energy. Open the multi-level dial, and the three jump-back seconds hands are like bridges. The entire watch is closely linked, and Milus has successfully merged these elements to create a new and unique unique symbol. Following the highly successful classic hollow version and the leisure titanium version, after numerous investigations, finally, there is a TIRION TriRetrograde with a very versatile sports version.

 In the complex pattern of watchmaking industry and the design of prominent sports, this new TIRION TriRetrograde illustrates that the fame and status of this Milus brand star model is beyond doubt.
Source: Milus