Rolex And Salzburg Music Festival Present The World’s Highest Level Of Music Feast

The annual Salzburg Festival in Austria is the oldest, highest level and largest music feast in the world. Its birth was glorious for its mission to convey the conviction of peace in Europe. As a leading watch manufacturer, Rolex is very proud to be a sponsor of the Salzburg Music Festival, bringing strong support to this highly anticipated art festival every year. The Salzburg Festival is about to enter 93 years, but its charm is increasing day by day. Commenting on his long-lasting know-how, the festival’s chairman, Dr. Helga Rabl-Stadler, said: ‘The success of the Salzburg Festival lies in its nearness. The unremitting pursuit of top art for a century. Bringing high-quality performances to our audience is our life-long direction, and these can not be achieved without our most outstanding sponsors and the same goals we hold. Rolex has a long history It is a model of persistence in perfection, which coincides with the mission of our festival. ‘

   The 92nd Salzburg Festival in 2012 is undoubtedly a splendid event, with new artistic director Alexander Pereira and theatre director Sven Eric Bettoff (Sven -Eric Bechtolf), a unique and outstanding performance brought about great innovation and expansion. A total of 280,000 people watched the performance, a record high since the festival was held. The newly added children’s opera performances and Pentecost also received great enthusiastic support. The next Holy Spirit Advent Festival will be held from May 17th to May 20th, 2013. Cecilia Bartoli, a well-known Italian mezzo-soprano singer and Rolex’s proud spokesperson ) Has confirmed that he will be the artistic director of Salvador Pentecost for the second time, and will star in 5 operas in summer.
   At the end of 2012, the Salzburg Music Festival joined hands with the Shanghai Grand Theatre to kick off the Shanghai International Music Festival with Puccini’s famous opera ‘Bohemians’. The Hongju system brought shocking effects to domestic audiences. This popular opera was produced jointly by the Salzburg Music Festival and the Shanghai Grand Theatre, and in August 2012 it became the opening opera of the festival in Austria. I believe that in the near future, as one of the music leaders, the Salzburg Music Festival will cooperate more with domestic top theaters and institutions to lead domestic audiences into a wonderful music journey.
   It is worth mentioning that Rolex is also the sponsor of classic music online live broadcast platform, where domestic audiences can enjoy a lot of wonderful programs including the Salzburg Music Festival in the first time.
Rolex and the arts
   At the beginning of the 20th century, in the era of the popularity of pocket watches, the visionary Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf created a watch that perfectly blended precision and elegance, realizing himself for many years dream. Since then, Rolex, the Swiss watchmaker’s leading brand, has encouraged personal excellence and the pursuit of perfection. In keeping with this long tradition, Rolex is dedicated to contributing to the development of the art world by sponsoring a number of events.
   In the 1970s, New Zealand soprano singer Dame Kiri Te Kanawa became the first endorsement of the Rolex brand in the arts. The internationally acclaimed singer was invited to sing at a wedding ceremony held by Prince Charles of the United Kingdom and Princess Diana Spencer at St. Paul’s Cathedral.
   Over the years, Rolex’s support for the arts has expanded to many celebrities in various fields. In the field of singing art, Rolex’s spokespersons include well-known performing artists who have collaborated with the brand for more than 30 years, Spanish tenor singer Plácido Domingo, and American soprano singer Renee Fleming. (Renée Fleming), Italian baritone singer Cecilia Bartoli, German tenor singer Jonas Kaufmann, and Mexican tenor singer Rolando Vei Rolando Villazón.
Famous classical musicians working with Rolex include talented young pianists Yuja Wang and Yundi Li, Grammy Award winner, and cellist Yo-Yo Ma. In addition, Rolex has established close cooperative relationships with U.S. conductor Lorin Maazel and Venezuelan conductor Gustavo Dudamel. Among them, as the world’s first-class orchestra, the Los Angeles Philharmonic with Dudamel as the music conductor has also been sponsored by Rolex. In the field of classical music, in addition to supporting the Verbier Festival in Switzerland, Rolex also sponsors the Salzburg and Whitsun Festivals.

   In the field of contemporary music, Rolex has a stable relationship with many well-known pop artists, including two Grammy Award winners, Canadian jazz singers Diana Krall and Michael Bublé, Indian sitar player and composer Anoushka Shankar, and the famous French ballerina Sylvie Guillem.
   At the same time, Rolex is also committed to helping emerging artists to realize their artistic potential through projects such as Operalia, an international annual vocal competition founded by Mr. Placido Domingo; The “Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative” aims to discover talented young artists and provide them with a development platform to establish a one-on-one creative collaboration and mentoring relationship with renowned art masters.
In addition to giving artists great support, Rolex also understands the importance of working with prestigious art groups, including the fascinating Teatro alla Scala in Milan, and the historic Royal Opera House in London (Royal Opera House), the world-renowned Metropolitan Opera, and the famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Rolex has now extended its reach to Asia. In Beijing, China, the National Center for Performing Arts awarded Rolex the title of ‘National Grand Theatre’s Watch and Clock’. Since then, the two sides have cooperated extensively with many well-known artists in various art categories.

   Recently, Rolex reached an agreement with, the leader in classical music online video. With this unique platform, music lovers can experience the lively charm of well-known concerts at any time. Similarly, Rolex has partnered with Eurovision to launch a music show called Musica, which brings audiences to the world of music and dance. Rolex partners also include Operaonline, a comprehensive online opera library open to all opera fans. These are complementary projects to the Rolex Art Support List, designed to promote and popularize music worldwide by providing a powerful platform for the general audience to engage with high-quality classical concerts, festivals, operas, and musicians.
   Adhering to the ideals of Mr. Wilsdorf’s brand at the beginning, Rolex has always been active in the art field, and spared no effort to support outstanding talents and institutions that share common values ​​with the brand and relentlessly pursue perfection and excellence. This support will benefit the inheritance of the artistic heritage and make a unique and lasting contribution to cultural undertakings around the world.

Only Find It In The Store Breitling Navitimer 1 Chronograph

BREITLING has their own set of chronograph movements. For example, in 1915, they first developed independent timing buttons. It can be said that the prototype of the current chronograph is the foundation laid by Breitling. In the chronograph function, the chase hands can be regarded as an advanced advanced version. In simple terms, the chase hands chronograph will have two overlapping chronograph hands. When one chronograph hand runs, the other chase hands will first Do not move, after it starts to perform timing in sections, it can also catch up and overlap under the first timing hand in an instant to complete more delicate timing actions gorgeously. Breitling also has its own chronograph chronograph movement. Recently, the brand launched a limited edition of the Navitimer 1 B03 Rattrapante 45 store, which once again promoted the art of timekeeping to enthusiasts of watchmaking.

After its first appearance in 2017, the Navitimer 1 watch equipped with the B03 tracing movement is launched in a limited edition of the store. In addition to the limited edition, the watch face has also been changed to a gray plain and a black leather strap.

The B03 tracing movement was first introduced in 2017. Basically, a tracing module was added to the B01 movement. However, Breitling has a special feature in making this movement. It only uses 28 parts to make the tracing. The needle module, which also contains two patented designs, is more streamlined and more conducive to mass production than other needle-tracing movements. In 2018, the limited edition case of this store is still made of stainless steel, and the size is also maintained at 45mm. Compared to the brown face plate of last year, this day uses a dark gray monochrome face plate with a black leather watch. At first glance, although it is not so eye-catching, but it is more resistant and collocation, it will not lose at all.

The emergence of B03 movement just makes up for the long-lost Breitling-made movements, including B02’s 24-hour bracelet and B04, which have been launched for many years. This time, it is rare to inject new features and expand Product richness

In addition to the design features of the Navitimer 1 B03 chase chronograph, in addition to this series of famous flying sliders, it is also interesting to look at its two chase hands, usually the end balancer of the chronograph second hand There is a combination of ‘B’ and anchor-shaped pattern representing Breitling, but on this chase chronograph, Breitling arranges the B and anchor totems on the end balancers of the two chase hands, So once the chasing stitches work, the two patterns will separate, until the pointer returns to zero, the classic logo will be combined again. Those who are interested in this new type should note that in addition to its limited edition, it is also limited to sale at Breitling stores. It is relatively difficult to get started.

Navitimer 1 B03 Rattrapante 45

Stainless steel material / B03 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / stalling chronograph function / COSC Observatory certification / sapphire crystal mirror / water-resistant 30 meters / diameter 45mm / Limited to shops