Watch Sihh 2014’s Five Hot Spots Interview With The Editor Of ‘fashion Time’ Pan Jian

This year’s Geneva watch exhibition has come to an end. At the watch exhibition, the editor in front of the watch house specially interviewed Mr. Pan Jian, the editor-in-chief of ‘Fashion Time’, on the new changes of this year’s Geneva watch exhibition. And the impressive brand did its own answer.

Watch House: Are there any new changes in your impression of this exhibition?
A: There was a relatively simple idea originally. This idea is the intensity of domestic anti-corruption. This intensity has gradually deepened, and the Hong Kong Watch Fair has to be opened after September, so it is not possible to come up with a lot of things, because the investment in a product requires Research and development costs. For example, this product has fewer orders this year, and it will be difficult to promote it later. The investment in research and development may be futile, so based on this idea, I think there will not be many exciting this year. But after visiting various brands on the first day, I found that each brand’s new products exceeded my expectations, and I could sum up in one sentence: a grand feast combining technology and art.
  This year’s exhibition has two main lines, one is the theme of this year’s SIHH is gears and movements, which sets the development of movement technology as a main line, and the other is an astronomical exhibition organized by SIHH. The biggest difference between SIHH this year and previous years is that this year there are two main lines, one is the progress and development of the movement, and the other is astronomy. Each brand is also making products around these two main lines. There is a coordination meeting in Switzerland, and brands will participate. Before the two exhibitions, each brand will report new products at this coordination meeting. There are five hot spots in summary this year: 1. Astronomy 2. Diving 3. Hollow-out 4. Ultra-thin 5. Women’s watches, women’s watches are more important than any previous session. Specifically, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s ultra-thin tourbillon three questions are more representative and have the highest technical content in the whole field. It revolutionizes two things. Why is it that this is not progress but revolution? At 12:03, the three questions had a pause period at the time of writing. Now this version shortens this cycle. This has not been updated in this respect since the three questions. The second is the escapement. Its escapement looks a bit like a bicycle chain. It makes two of the strongest technologies one by one and asks a tourbillon, and it is made so thin, and there is also innovation. This process from realization to thinking must be costly. I saw a lot of people on the Internet have doubts about Jaeger-LeCoultre’s voice. Actually, there is no need to question it. Jaeger-Plaude’s question has been done for so many years, and the sound quality of it is not just a comment. First of all, the sound struck by the gong is a crystal structure, which is square. The square is much better than the round when transmitting sounds, so sometimes we wear colored glasses to see a thing. As a table friend, It is necessary to accept something new, and not to hold back to conflicting ideas, because there are only a few words in the watch industry, one is how to maintain tradition, and the other is how to do product innovation. Innovation often encounters strong resistance. We say that adhering to tradition is a simple matter, and when making new things, there will be two attitudes and two voices. As a better one, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and the other is Lange, a brand that is relatively low-key and relatively low-profile. This year, I also said something in the Weibo and WeChat circle of friends. The tourbillon that can be reset to zero in seconds is the 1815 tourbillon. If you want to spend money in the whole field, this is the best choice, because the final issue of our exhibition is to implement the topic of buying, not to see Look at it. Every home has a lot of watches, if you want to buy one, I think this stop-second 1815 tourbillon is the first choice.
  Others, such as the adjustment of the product structure of some brands, make it more affordable for consumers to understand its products, such as Montblanc, Baume & Mercier, Parmigiani, have done some product line and price Adjustment. In terms of creativity, in terms of conceptual innovation, Van Cleef & Arpels, this watch of the Earth and the five planets not only made a very wonderful interpretation according to the main body, but also presented and realized the conceptual progress. IWC is the same. Their six series are cycled once a year. This year, they are cycling to diving watches. The prices of new watches this year are very close to the people. Some limited edition prices are around 70,000 yuan. This is what most watch lovers can spend. In a price range, the internal movement is set in-house. The other line is that IWC will use some of the experience of making large pilot watches, such as color labels are referenced to this diving watch. IWC’s new watch and color labels this year are impressive.
Watch House: Which brand are you impressed with this time, and what new technology or characteristics does their watch have?
A: Cartier has done something unexpected this year, because in the past few years, he has continuously introduced super complicated new concept watches, such as celestial tourbillon, etc., some new concepts unheard of in this industry. This year, Cartier’s heaviest model is a simple three-pin diving watch. We were surprised when we first saw this watch in Taiwan. After doing a little understanding, we found that this diving watch is in accordance with ISO Diving watches made according to international standards are tested strictly according to international standards for their anti-acid-base, anti-magnetic, and tightness. In the field of fine watchmaking, Cartier has launched a total of six watches. Among them, the perpetual calendar watch is presented in a brand-new manner, presented in a ring-shaped stepped style. Most of the previous models were pointer or window. Cartier chose a dial this time. formula. In other aspects, such as the art field, the use of rose petals to make feathers in a vacuum anti-corrosion environment, and enamel watches, the tiger watch making process that was sculpted and drawn before has not been tried by others. There is also a toucan watch that is also impressive. It is brightly colored and three-dimensional. Thanks to their enamel studio, I have visited their enamel studio. They are within the controllable range. Constantly doing industry innovation.

   The above is the latest cutting-edge information of SIHH 2014 brought to you by the special editor of Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports, so please pay attention.
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