Chanel Grey Light J12 Style New Face

A strong brand like Chanel, when it decides to set up a watch department, it will undoubtedly bring surprises. The fact is true: J12 soon became one of the classics of the watch industry in the new millennium. It also surpassed its pioneer radar watch in the use of ceramics and led the trend of black and white ceramic watches, making many brands follow.
In this creative titanium cermet J12 Chromatic contains many grey elements. © Worldtempus / Miguel Seabra
    If black and white is the signature color of Chanel, the brand’s new star released in Basel this year is gray-all shapes of gray.
    J12 Chromatic, this French model not only brings new power to J12, but also creates a new style for it. Chanel’s R & D department once tried to create new colors or new complications for its flagship series, and finally decided to apply an unprecedented alloy. After two years of hard work, the brand brought Chromatic: titanium ceramic, based on the combination of titanium and ceramics, polished with diamond powder to make the surface shine in a unique way.
The 42mm caliber J12 Chromatic is also available in two smaller sizes and four fine jewelry models. © Chanel
   After a series of production steps, this material fuses mineral ceramics, bringing out the final tone like mercury, absorbing light and creating a gray atmosphere.
    Other new works are also revealed at the same time, such as the special edition of J12, including a chronograph with more than 500,000 euros, set with rectangular cut diamonds; 42 mm case diameter J12 driven by Audemars Piguet, and the charming Première Triple Tour. In short, Chromatic is the most shining star of the whole game, and it has many followers.
Tasteful Bling style-High jewellery J12 chronograph with baguette-cut diamonds, valued at € 500,000.

Tissot Launches New Tv Commercials – “You Touch It Tells”

Tissot, a leader in haptic technology, has launched a new advertising video for its iconic T-Touch Expert series, called ‘You Touch It tells’, to showcase T- in a new way. Touch Expert’s haptic capabilities.
Tissot’s new global advertising video shows the haptic function of Tissot T-Touch Expert for any situation in a stylish perspective. This ad takes us to the vast outdoors by an adventurous gentleman and a watch he trusts, and one day he meets his ‘only’. Suspenseful moments, amazing scenery, all make people full of adrenaline, but also want more.

 Tissot’s new commercials augmented reality

To fulfill this desire, Tissot has created a fully interactive application to complement the commercials, including scenes never seen before. At any time and anywhere, viewers only need to touch the screen to interact with the movie and find out more about the brand and collection. An additional feature allows users to experience the Tissot T-Touch Expert series as if it were right on your wrist, giving you access to all its features. The app is available for download from the AppStore and Google Play.
Filmed in the Swiss Alps, the furthest away from the hustle and bustle, and in the most exclusive clubs in Paris. The commercials are produced in 10-, 15-, 20- and 30-second versions, and will be shown on TV and worldwide theaters from the end of November.

In the new advertising film, Deepika Padukone, the ambassador and actress of the Tissot image of ‘true love’ found by the adventurous gentleman, said, ‘I am deeply honored to participate in the Tissot global TV promotional video that will be broadcast around the world. Creative ideas Against the backdrop of the Swiss Alps and Paris, the great features of Tissot T-Touch Expert are perfectly displayed. I believe this TV commercial will inspire viewers to show off their Tissot watch on their wrists. ‘
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Source: Tissot