Mid-autumn Festival Rhyme, Flowers On The Dial Of Jacques Dro

As the white horse crosses the gap, the Mid-Autumn Festival is reunited in an instant. ‘Xing Xiangzi don’t hate’ words: ‘Mose is outside, and before the teasing respect, I hope the flower grows well, people are healthy, and the moon is full.’ The full moon and mid-autumn festival, the long stay, and each happy time should be passed as In fact, Jacques Droe selects the ‘Flower Moon’ on the dial, and the poetry of time gathering embraces the happiness interpretation in the Jacques Droe dial. It elegantly and gently tells the story of the time of reunion, and commends and praises the beautiful moment of Mid-Autumn Festival.

    When the peony blossoms, the flowers are luxuriant and gorgeous, and its beautiful flowers make people fascinated. It is a symbol of grace, elegance, richness and peace. Jacques Dro Petite Heure Minute Flowers watch, with exquisitely crafted micro-painting technology, presents the beauty of the peony clusters like a poem, a national fragrance, and a soft and quiet style. The elegant background complements each other, and makes the writing of ‘Flower Good’ in the wrist of Mid-Autumn Festival vividly.

Jacques Dro micro-painted flower hour and minute dial

Micro-painted flower hour minute dial
Petite Heure Minute Flowers
Ivory Grande Feu enamel dial
18K Red Gold Case
Self-winding movement
68 hours power reserve
43 mm diameter
Limited edition of 8 pieces
    The bright moonlight in the vast mid-autumn night sky was finely copied on the dial by the moon phase of Jacques de Loire. The moist mother-of-pearl is as flawless as a bright moon. A moon inspired by 19th-century engraving prints appears behind the disc with a smiley face, naughty, and eight glittering stars dot it, shining brightly. The diamond light inlaid on the white gold case and the exquisite dial reflect each other, and the brilliance shines, giving people a pleasing visual enjoyment with extremely pure beauty.
    At the same time, Jacques de Lo watchmaking masters set an example of watchmaking craftsmanship in an ingenious way, displaying day and night time with accurate time in minutes and seconds. In addition to displaying the date, month and year, it also has all astronomy Home, explorer, and artist moon phase profit and loss display-the moon phase indicator shows the latest moon phase in the early morning.
    The elegant and clear mother-of-pearl moon phase is like a poetic dream, flowing time and time, making a charming interpretation of the ‘moon full’ between the wrists.

Jacques Dro mother-of-pearl moonphase watch
Mother of Pearl Moon Phase
White mother-of-pearl dial
8 rhodium-plated stars and 1 moon inlay
18K white gold case set with 248 diamonds (1.62 carats)
18K white gold pin buckle set with 24 diamonds (0.15 ct)
Self-winding mechanical movement with flyback moon phase display
Date and month window at 12 o’clock
Central pointer date display, moon phase display at 6 o’clock
Grey Hand-Crimmed Woven Satin Strap
68 hours power reserve
39 mm diameter

    The world of flowers under the moonlight makes a happy invitation on the dial of the small hour dial of Jacques de Onyx mother-of-pearl: on the dial, time seems to be still, and it seems to be settled somewhere for a long time After a moment of surprise, and a moment of endless reverie, you will see the color of time and the blooming flowers, one after another, slowly stretching and blooming quietly. Her beauty is beyond words.

Jacques de Onyx Mother of Pearl hour and minute dial

    The petals that are closely intertwined and closely nestled together are like butterflies spreading their wings. They are light and fluttering, and they are half light and beautiful. When they bloom, they are filled with powder, jade and plastic, and glorious. The subtle contours of these flowers give these flowers a wonderful luster, creating a mirror effect when light passes over the flowers, showing the shining luster and brilliance of the world of flowers in the mid-autumn moon.

                       Jacques de Onyx Mother of Pearl hour and minute dial watch back

Onyx mother-of-pearl hour and minute dial
The 18K white gold dial is decorated with black lacquer and hand-engraved and painted white mother-of-pearl. 18K white gold solid inner plate ring, white mother-of-pearl pin plate.
The 18K white gold case is set with 232 diamonds and weighs 1.22 carats.
Mechanical self-winding movement.
Power reserve is about 68 hours.
35 mm diameter.
Limited edition of 28 pieces.
    Jacques de Loire enamel perpetual calendar moon phases, two straight hands walk on the paper-like ivory large flaming enamel dial, which contrasts with the other two winding crescent-shaped crescent-pointed serpentine hands. The calendar display is distributed on both sides of the dial: the date is displayed on the right and the day is displayed on the left. The month display at 12 o’clock is equipped with only a hand to pass over it, and a hidden leap year display window. At 6 o’clock, a round of golden moon reveals the moon with the opening and closing of the large ivory enamel indicating window. The moon appears or disappears, the light and dark overlap, until it completely disappears, the entire dial looks like a beautiful sky with 8 stars. Under the skillful layout of the master watchmaker in the art workshop, the two complex functions are particularly elegant and elegant.

Jacques de Rouge enamel perpetual calendar moon phase

Ivory Big Open Fire Enamel Perpetual Calendar Moon Phase
Perpetual Calendar Éclipse Ivory Enamel
Ivory Grand Opening Enamel ‘Grand Feu’ Dial
18K red gold case and inlay
Self-winding movement
Central hour and minute hands
Date and week flyback display
68 hours power reserve
Moon phase display at 6 o’clock
Analogue month display at 12 o’clock
Leap year display at 12 o’clock
43 mm diameter
    ‘I hope people will last for a long time, and I will love you for thousands of miles.’ At this time, the ‘flower full moon’ on the dial of Jacques Dro, with a sincere blessing, engraved the moment of warmth with family or lovers on the Mid-Autumn Night, just for poetic wrist Fans of watches offer every inch of happiness.

Rejection Of ‘lower Heads’ Leading The New Era

Mobile phones are a vital communication tool for modern young people. With the development of mobile phones, their functions are becoming more and more powerful. Mobile phones have become a must-have in daily life. Health, they look at the phone while eating, look at the phone when lying in bed, look at the phone when they squeeze the subway, look at the phone when they squeeze the bus, look at the phone when they are on a date, and still watch the phone at family gatherings. For this, it seems to be a habit. With a mobile phone, you will be immersed in the world of mobile phones, neglecting the health of friends, family members and even yourself, and ‘shielding’ potential harm from the outside world. Addicted to it, over time, the emotions and psychology of the ‘low-headed tribe’ will be biased, and its harm is self-evident. However, if you reject the mobile phone, it will make the time longer, and the boring and depressed mood will spread.
  Exercise has the opposite effect to the ‘lower heads’, it can soothe the mind and body, exercise and strengthen the body. It can be said that exercise is one of the most effective ways to resist ‘low heads’. When exercising, you may wish to wear several sports watches, which can be used to raise your wrist to check the time, and to plan the mobile phone time reasonably. Not happy? The three watches recommended by the editor of the Watch House today will be your best choice to bid farewell to the ‘low heads’ and lead the new era.

Longines Sport Series L3.642.4.56.6

Watch Series: Sports
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 41 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 9600
Watch details:

Watch Series: Belem Sairee
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 38 mm
Domestic public price: 6000
Watch details: mido / 518 /
Watch Comments: Also the whole body is made of stainless steel. It can feel the coolness of the wrist when it is worn in the hot summer. The white dial is slightly simple in style, with the date displayed between the scales to the lower right. The eye-catching black sword-shaped hands allow users to determine the time correctly. Simple, neat, capable, and polite are the aspects it wants to show us. Put down your phone, put it on, it must be the most accentuating moment when you exercise! Let’s lead the youth together!

Tissot T-SPORT T014.427.11.051.00

Watch Series: T-SPORT
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 43.6 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 6650
Watch details: tissot / 6887 /
Watch Reviews: ‘Born for sports’ is about this watch, as one of the classic representatives of Tissot T-SPORT. The generous appearance and rich functions are the highlights of this paragraph. The stainless steel case and stainless steel strap are dynamic. On the black dial, various functions such as the timer and date display are available. The back-through technology makes the movement clear at a glance. The stainless steel strap is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. It is just right for sports. With this watch, Keep your phone at home and never have to worry about dropping it on the floor during strenuous exercise.

Summary: Although mobile phones bring us a convenient life and facilitate the transfer of information. But over time, the mobile phone has become a ‘low-headed tribe’ regardless of location and location. This is not conducive to their own development. Therefore, in your spare time, sitting and watching the mobile phone, it is better to wear the three watches recommended today to go out to exercise, reject the ‘lower heads’ and lead the new era!