Born For Nature: Finding ‘king Kong’ In Africa And The World’s Largest Magma Lake

A friend told me this year that I was ‘chocolate milk’. I didn’t think how dark I was, but in his eyes I came from Africa. Not long ago I went to East Africa alone. One was to know if my skin color was so ‘African’. The other was to see if the scenes in Animal World when I was a kid could be seen with my own eyes.

   Maybe some people don’t understand why I go to Africa alone, and many people feel bored or dangerous. Ever since I started traveling, I have always been curious about this world and constantly seeking new experiences. So, I started this journey with a passion for exploration and a little adventure.

   At Nairobi Airport, when did the minions turn into little blue men?
The first station:

See the world’s largest lava lake in DRC

   From Rwanda entered the DRC. I read the news that the situation in the DRC is unstable and many anti-government organizations. Changing money at the border actually found that the money was piled on the ground, just like selling bananas. See many high walls, barbed wire and watchtowers in the city of Goma. At first I thought it was a prison, which was originally a base of the United Nations.
   I saw a Doctors Without Borders car, and the electric poles on the front were too small. [Yun Bei] Here are all UN and NGO staff. A Western friend said that UN personnel working here had a monthly subsidy of $ 3,000 for accommodation. One person lives in one big villa, three or four security guards. However, many locals can’t make so much money a year.

   At night, I saw high walls and barbed wire and thought it was a prison, which was originally a compound of the United Nations organization.

   This wooden two-wheeler can only be seen in the eastern part of DRC. Chuduku has a long history and was invented in the 1970s. At the time, the Congolese war was in turmoil and there was no public transportation, so Chuduku was invented. This two-wheeler is usually used to transport goods, from bananas to wood, and can also be used to escape during wartime. Downhill speeds can exceed 30 mph (it seems to have no brakes), and uphill owners have painful expressions. Two-wheelers range in size from $ 50 to $ 100 each. Come in a car?

   The main purpose of my visit to the DRC this time is to climb Mount Nyiragongo. This 347-meter-high volcanic mountain pass features the world’s largest lava lake. However, the volcano was in the Virunga National Park in Congo-Kin. Three patrol members were unfortunately killed by poachers in the northern part of the park in August. Virunga National Park has not only poachers, but also gun-held anti-government groups hidden in huge forests.
   In the morning, two Gunung Virunga Virunga National Park cruisers and Baofu followed us. They said that most of the conflict was in the middle and north of the park, and that the south of us was safer.

   An overnight A-type cabin with sleeping pads and a sleeping bag.

   From less than 2,000 meters, we started to climb upwards. The rainstorm in the middle of the road turned the stream into a stream and everything drenched. Climbing with camera equipment and drone was not easy, and finally reached the crater of 3470 meters after five hours. This is the magnificent view seen from the mountain pass. At this moment, you will feel how small human beings are in front of nature.

   The volcano has erupted 32 times since 1882. The most recent one was in 2002. The magma flowed out from the side of the volcano. Because the magma and silica content here is very small, it flows very fast. Buried in half the city. Like a flood, a flood with a few thousand degrees of heat is terrible!

   Overnight at the Nyiragongo volcano pass, the next day I discovered that a small volcano by the magma lake erupted, forming a magma river.

   Fearing that the drone would be burned by magma, I was very nervous, so I chose to fly the drone below to view it.

The second stop:

Rwanda Hotels

   I didn’t know what the trend was until Africa … Kigali, the capital of Rwanda.

   The first stop of the East African tour was Rwanda. In 1994, I still remember clearly that in the evening news, I saw the river covered with corpses, and the Rwandan massacre gradually attracted outside attention. Agitated by the Hutu-ruled government, media and militia, within a short period of three months, one million Tutsi were massacred by Hutu. Neighbors, teachers, classmates, lovers, become enemies overnight.
   The bullets are gone. Use a machete, a homemade stick, and kill the Westerners as long as the ID card is written. The UN officer in the movie ‘The Hotel in Rwanda’ said that people in the world will see the news, they will shake their heads, they will say that it is too cruel, and they will continue to eat dinner. I used to think that these things were far away from me. When I came to Rwanda today, it felt like yesterday’s nightmare.

   Even the children of Rwanda have been spared. From months of babies to students throughout the school. After the Holocaust, 80% of children in Rwanda were killed by their own families and relatives, 70% of children were killed by their own eyes, and 90% of the children felt that they would die at that time. 300,000 children have become orphans, and 85,000 children have to become heads of households because their parents were killed.

   Today, Rwanda’s social harmony, political stability, and economic development are among the best in Africa. After the 1994 massacre, the Rwandan government and the people spent a lot of energy not erasing history but facing it bravely. Hundreds of thousands of killers of that year, and often neighbors and friends of the victims, organized a lot of village-level confession opportunities for future reconciliation, allowing the Holocaust participants and survivors to face each other and repent, forgive, and reconcile .
   I have a hard time believing that if your neighbors killed your whole family, you can still forgive it, but this is the choice of many Rwandans. They said, ‘We are still neighbors, and we have to live together. What can we do without reconciliation?’ Now in Rwanda, everyone does not mention race, and they advocate Rwandans first.

   ‘Hotel Rwanda’, this hotel is still open today and is called Hotel des Mille Collines.

   Sitting here, I was thinking that the hotel manager Paul Rusesabagina had the courage and wisdom to keep them from slaughter.

The third station:

Looking for ‘King Kong’ in Uganda’s rainforest

   At the foot of the volcano in the equator, I followed the police with a gun into the virgin rain forest. I’m looking for King Kong, for pure wild mountain gorillas. Mountain gorillas, only more than 800 in the world, are more precious than pandas. The mountain gorillas are concentrated in the rain forests of Congo-Kin, Uganda and Rwanda in Africa.
   Watching mountain gorillas is a very expensive affair and costs $ 600 per person ($ 1,500 in Rwanda). Because of the need to protect the gorilla’s ecology, each group of gorillas is limited to 8 people per day, and can only stay with the gorilla for one hour at a time. The money was used to protect gorillas living in national parks, and part of the proceeds was distributed to local residents to resist poaching and illegal logging.

   In the area about 2,000 meters from the sea, we passed through the beautiful tea plantation, and next to the tea plantation was a dense rain forest.

   Walking in the rainforest often requires a machete to open the way.

   As I walked, I almost stepped on this pile of shit. It’s a lot, I guess it’s a pound or two. It looks like a gorilla, but it’s not sure. It is something that loves seeds.

   Gorilla is not in one place every day. In order to track them, we have to cross rivers, climb hillsides, and walk through dense rain forests.

   Suddenly, from the green vegetation, I saw a huge animal with black fur. It’s King Kong! 400 pounds! So close! I’m really scared so close.
   At first we looked at him from the back, a little afraid to look at it from the front.

   This silver-backed gorilla is called silver-backed gorilla because the hair of the waist will turn white when the male gorilla matures. He sat on the ground, clutching the leaves and eating while thinking about what to eat next. His expression reminded me of a greedy fat child.

   The gorilla, born two weeks ago, was held tightly in his mother’s arms, and the little baby did not leave her mother.

   Mountain gorillas live in groups, a male silverback gorilla and several female gorillas and their offspring form a group. They move a distance of about one kilometer a day in the rain forest. They look for fruits, leaves, occasional ants and insects in the morning, and sleep late in the afternoon. Underage gorillas have endless energy.

   The female gorilla seemed to be full and lying on the ground in a daze.

   In addition to hunting mountain gorillas in Uganda this time, I also went to see relatives closer to humans: chimpanzees

   In this 12 km long and 1.5 km wide canyon, a group of chimpanzees lives here. We followed the guide of the national park (they always carried AK47) and walked to the bottom of the canyon.

   Unexpectedly, two male chimpanzees were seen on the road. Although less than one meter high, the two chimpanzees can be seen to be very robust. I remember reading that chimpanzees are more powerful than humans. If we want to have the same strength as chimpanzees, we weigh 500 pounds, which means that chimpanzees are 2-3 times stronger than our humans.

   While I was taking pictures, they came towards us along the path. I started to feel nervous, I wonder what would happen to them. In the end they passed me without taking us seriously.

   It was a season of white flowers and fruits. We followed the two chimpanzees to climb out of the canyon and watch them eat fruit in the jungle.
Born to dare
   During my trip to East Africa, I brought a Tudor 41 model. Thank you Tudor for your great support for my trip to East Africa.

   How to use your watch and the sun to distinguish directions when surviving in the wild?

   The answer is: point the hour hand (the shortest) toward the sun, and there will be an angle between the hour hand and 12 o’clock. The angle bisector of this angle (pointing to an acute angle) refers to the south!

   This watch can only display the time function, it is very simple. But I like its design, simple and bright, and the leather wristband is back to nature. I think this trip to Africa is especially matched with that safari style.

The highlights are at the end:
This is a short film I shot in East Africa. The most exciting scenery in Africa is here!

Tudor is born to dare