Wearing The Colors Revealing The Reasons For Collection Of 5 Caibao Watches

You are addicted to color, love gems, like to dress well, understand the main points of the flock, love to collect watches, appreciate exquisite craftsmanship, and be fascinated by rare materials. Love is different. You always know yourself What you want, you are passionate about ‘limited editions’, knowing collection, managing finances, and pampering yourself. You have great wealth at your disposal, and you like good things that can be passed on to the world … If you have more than half of the above characteristics, then you will definitely be colored. Conquered by a watch. Although you have a unique taste, buying a Caibao watch is more than just playing with colors. You know that.
Night Elf Chopin
Reason for collection: This cute owl jewelry watch is not an ordinary jewellery watch. It has won the ‘Best Jewelry Watch Award’ at the 10th Geneva Watch Awards. To celebrate the 150th anniversary, Chopard created a new high-end jewelry series with the theme of 150 animals. This new generation of owl with pink gold and pink satin strap is actually the latest color version of 2011, which is even more enthusiastic and charming.
Boucheron Kaleidoscope
Reason for collection: One of the most glamorous collections at the Baselworld 2011, gorgeous and psychedelic, with gradient gemstones set into a pattern. The name Hathi comes from the word elephant in Hindi. Inspired by the loyal Indian elephant, its raised nose symbolizes the arrival of good luck. In fact, the connection between Boucheron and India can be traced back to 1909 more than a century ago, when Louis Boucheron first came to India and was immediately attracted by its glorious history and culture. The relationship between the two sides has deepened since Maharadjah de Patiala asked Boucheron to order jewellery for him in 1928. Until now, those 149 jewels still deeply influenced the works of Boucheron. It was this love of oriental civilization that gave birth to today’s Hathi watches.
Chaumet Reasons for the Fall of Love.com: The bee is the most classic symbol of Chaumet. Do not misunderstand that Chaumet likes the rural style. Chaumet was once selected to design the crown for Napoleon’s beloved Josephine, and later became the royal jeweler of Napoleon I. Earlier bee ornaments have been used to embellish Napoleon’s travel cloak, so it has the symbolic meaning of imperial power. This series actually has 12 color combinations, no matter which color control you are, you can’t escape it. Twelve watches, twelve poetic changes on a spider web-like dial, telling the seductive game of bees and spiders and an exercise in jewelry skills: 552 precious and semi-precious stones compose a network of more than 9 carats. Spiders Amethyst, topaz, yellow, pink and blue sapphire are used separately from the bee. White diamonds with round brilliant cutting method will shine more fire.
Grand Mercure Paris
Reason for collection: Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS Royal Garden Women’s Watch Art Watch series. The sharp curve of the case back and gem mirror is reminiscent of the soft contour of the shell, presenting a noble, elegant, relaxed and comfortable style. Dynamic and sporty qualities. The warm and romantic pink dial, decorated with delicate carvings and inlaid with diamonds, presents an elegant aristocratic temperament and the sweet temperament of modern women.
Dior’s Rainbow Collection: If a snowflake inlay of 38 mm square is used to inlay 12 kinds of 860 precious stones from all over the world, the base alone will take more than 250 hours to make. The reason? Those who are familiar with Dior will find that this romantic expression style reflects a person’s figure, that is, Dior high-end jewelry master Huadan Victoire de Castellane. The habit of drawing inspiration from nature makes rainbow the inspiration muse.