2018 Geneva Watch Exhibition, Vacheron Constantin’s ‘legend’ Steel Watch, The Price Is Only 90,000!

It is not too late to get to the topic. I believe some brothers already know that the steel watch in Vacheron Constantin’s ‘legend’ is officially launched. The price is amazing, the public price is RMB 90,000. It broke the record of the current entry price of Vacheron Constantin. It is currently the lowest-priced Vacheron Constantin and the only Vacheron Constantin watch with a public price of less than 100,000.
   Let me tell my brothers two key questions. What is this watch and why is it cheap?

Vacheron Constantin’s new steel case FIFTYSIX Wulu series three-pin watch, the price of 90,000 yuan, is the cheapest Vacheron Constantin men’s watch.

First of all, this is a Vacheron Constantin that is cheaper than the steel shell Quedley.
   The official name of Vacheron Constantin’s steel watch is less than 100,000. The official name is ‘FIFTYSIX Wu Lu Zhi Series’ watches. We can see that ‘FIFTYSIX Wu Lu’ means the number 56. The name is called because the watch design refers to the 6073 watch introduced by Vacheron Constantin in 1956, so the name 56 was used.
   All watches in the Vacheron Constantin FIFTYSIX Wulu series have a steel case version. The three-hand calendar version with a steel case is a watch with a price of less than 100,000 yuan. Is currently the sale of Vacheron Constantin men’s watches, the cheapest, the public price is only 90,000. As we all know, the cheapest men’s watch sold by Vacheron Constantin before was the steel case Quedley, with a public price of 118,000. Now the steel case FIFTYSIX Wulu three-pin, cheaper than Quedley.

Vacheron Constantin steel case Quedley, steel case FIFTYSIX Wulu three-pin, cheaper than Quedley.
   FIFTYSIX Wulu steel shell large three-pin version is a self-winding watch with a calendar at 3 o’clock. The size of this watch is 40 mm and the thickness is 9.6 mm. The appearance of the watch is based on the historical prototype of 1956, but in fact there are few historical traces, mainly new designs. This watch is generally a formal watch, but experienced players can see that this watch has some ‘sport’ characteristics. This watch is bar-shaped hour-markers and numerals, with luminous lights on the bar-shaped hour-markers and hands, while the sides of the case are curved, forming a small shoulder. So this watch belongs to the kind of formal, casual-take-all watch that can be worn anytime. Compared to Quedley’s words, Quedley is more athletic, after all, Quedley has tape. FIFTYSIX Wulu three-pin steel shell version is gray plate (gold case is silver plate). Although it is the cheapest VC, this watch is rich in details. The outer ring of the dial is decorated with radial patterns, three-dimensional time scales, and the design of the lug part is also more complicated. It maintains the high-level sense of Vacheron Constantin.

Vacheron Constantin’s new steel case FIFTYSIX Wulu series three-pin watch
So why can it be cheaper?

   Some brothers have said that this steel shell FIFTYSIX Wulu looks very high-quality, so why is it still cheap? I understand that Vacheron Constantin’s official positioning of this watch is different from other watches. Vacheron Constantin said that FIFTYSIX Wu Lu is mainly for entry enthusiasts, young people and attract new players. They will not pay special attention to certain craftsmanship and technology of watches like veteran players and experienced players. Therefore, the steel case FIFTYSIX Wulu junior watch, the reason why it can be cheaper, come to less than 100,000, a major reason is on the movement.

Vacheron Constantin’s new steel case FIFTYSIX Wulu series junior watch 1326 movement, note that there is no Geneva mark on the movement.
   FIFTYSIX Wu Lu junior watch This watch does not have the Geneva mark. Please note that there are three types of watches in the FIFTYSIX Wulu series (third hand, day of the week, full calendar), only the third hand, without the Geneva mark. The FIFTYSIX Wulu series junior uses a 1326 automatic winding movement, which can be stored for 48 hours and a 22K gold skeleton automatic rotor. Because there is no Geneva mark, the decoration level of the movement will be lower than other watches of Vacheron Constantin, so the price of the watch is reduced. You can take a look, including Quédérie, horizontal and other watches of Vacheron Constantin, because the movement has the Geneva mark, the movement decoration, details must meet the Geneva mark 12 standards, the movement requirements are very high, the natural price will be Relatively high. So there are expensive reasons, there are cheap reasons.

Vacheron Constantin’s FIFTYSIX Wulu series watches include three-hand, three-day calendar, full calendar, each with a steel case and a gold case. The FIFTYSIX Wulu series junior pin also has a gold shell version.
   Now, brothers can take a look at Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Troika, and Lange. Among these brands, Patek Philippe has the lowest public price of steel shell grenades, more than 140,000; Audemars Piguet 15400 It is more than 130,000; Saxony, the lowest 35mm gold shell of Lange, has more than 100,000. Vacheron Constantin produced a 90,000-dollar steel case FIFTYSIX Wulu three-pin, so Vacheron Constantin is the lowest price of these 4 top brands (not counting women’s watches and quartz watches). As for how to choose, it’s up to you.
   Finally, I would like to say that in addition to the steel case FIFTYSIX Wulu three-pin, other FIFTYSIX Wulu watches, weekly calendar and full calendar, are all conventional configurations of Vacheron Constantin. The steel case week calendar uses the Geneva-printed 2475 movement and the watch is priced at 134,000; the steel case full calendar uses the Geneva-printed 2460 movement and the watch is priced at 167,000 (the 2460 series movement is Vacheron Constantin’s main automatic movement) Cheap, less than 100,000, only three shells of steel shell.