2019 Patek Philippe New Watch Ranking

Baselworld 2019 has already opened, and Patek Philippe has also announced new models for 2019. Before the opening of the watch, at around the 19th, Patek Philippe’s new watch spy photos and information had already appeared on the Internet. Players who are concerned about watches should already know the new situation of Patek Philippe. Therefore, while introducing the new Patek Philippe watch in 2019, I will take a look at our new situation to see who is the ‘ace’ of this year’s Patek Philippe.
‘Green Grenade’ should be Patek Philippe’s biggest hit this year.
   In the new watch lineup announced by Patek Philippe this year, it includes the pilot’s two-time alarm clock 5520P, manual chronograph 5172G, weekly calendar 5212A, etc. Among them, 5168G is a ‘simple’ watch without additional functions. But it is this new green color 5168G that is likely to be Patek Philippe’s hottest watch this year.

Patek Philippe New 5168G

   Patek Philippe introduced the steel shell grenade 5167A (official name Aquanaut) in 1997 as another sports watch other than the Patek Philippe Nautilus (lower price than the steel shell Nautilus 5711A). With the take-off of Patek Philippe sports watches in recent years, the price of Patek Philippe Grenade has also soared. In 2017, Patek Philippe launched a new 5168G white gold shell grenade with an enlarged size of 42.2 mm. The blue color is larger and more luxurious. This year’s ‘Green Grenade’ is the green color version of 5168G.

Patek Philippe New 5168G

   First of all, please note that the ‘Green Grenade’ is a gold watch and there is no steel case version. The biggest feature of this watch is the use of khaki green surface and tape. Green has been a popular color on watches in these two years. The khaki green of Patek Philippe’s ‘Green Grenade’ 5168G adds a lot of ‘military’ style to this watch. In the watch appearance and movement, the ‘green grenade’ is consistent with the previous blue 5168G. It also uses the Patek Philippe 324 movement.

Caliber 324 used in Patek Philippe’s new 5168G.

   According to the previous situation of blue 5168G, the public price is 280,000, and the actual price is more than 300,000, which is more than the public price. Although this year’s green grenade is still a gold watch, in the case of Patek Philippe’s extremely scarce sports watch, this ‘green grenade’ will become a popular target in the market.
   Patek Philippe 5168G public price 290,500 yuan
5212A weekly calendar is likely to be the second most popular Patek Philippe this year.
   Although Patek Philippe also launched the Enamel World Timepiece this year, I decided to put the new 5212A in the second one, because there are two ‘burst points’ on this watch. The first is the weekly calendar, and the second is the steel shell A.

Patek Philippe’s new 5212A weekly calendar

   The weekly calendar function is not only rare in Patek Philippe, but also rare in all watches. This time Patek Philippe took out the weekly calendar function separately and made 5212A which is very unique. The inner circle of the 5212A is a week ring, the outer circle is a week calendar ring, and the outermost edge is a month ring. The calendar and the month are very familiar to you. The weekly calendar actually means that there are 4 weeks in a month and 53 weeks in a year. They are all marked on the dial. When the 5212A indicates the month, it can also indicate that it is now in the year. The first few weeks. The layout of the 5212A week, week calendar, and month is very retro, and the overall appearance can not help but think of Patek Philippe 5975. There is also a detail on the 5212A disk, that is, the calendar, month, week, and week calendar of this watch are handwritten. Very chic.

Caliber 330 used in Patek Philippe’s new 5212A

   In addition to the unique weekly calendar, another key point of the 5212A is the steel case A. The 5212A is a steel watch (size 40 mm). Except for Nautilus and Grenade, Patek Philippe has few steel watches, such as 5960A, 5522A and so on. This weekly calendar is made of steel, which directly reduces the public price to 200,000. It should be the Patek Philippe complex watch with the lowest public price now. Therefore, the public price of less than 250,000 will definitely cause people’s attention, so this steel case 5212A will be the second most popular watch this year.
   Patek Philippe 5212A public price 244,900 yuan
Patek Philippe Enamel World Time 5231J, manual timing 5172G will be the third most popular.
   The reason why I put the new enamel world together with 5172G is because the public price of these two watches is similar, both are 500,000 levels. These two watches are also always popular in high-end Patek Philippe watches, mainly for top players.

Patek Philippe New 5231J World Time

   Let me start with 5231J. 5231J is the timepiece of filigree enamel world. There is a map of filigree enamel on the surface (with different patterns of continents). It is obvious that the new 5231 is an alternative model of Patek Philippe 5131. The new 5231J has some improvements on the silk enamel map than the 5131. The map pattern is more fine and the colors are more detailed and diverse. The crown and lug shape of the 5231 has also changed. The dimensions of the new 5231J are 38.5 mm. In addition, the city in the East Eight District is Beijing, no longer Hong Kong.

Patek Philippe’s new 5231J enamel plate has richer and more detailed colors. At the same time, the city of East Eight District is Beijing.

   According to the previous situation of Patek Philippe Silk Enamel World 5131, although the public price is in the 500,000 level, in the secondary market, even the price of a single watch 5131 is properly over the public price. So from this point of view, the 5131J 5131J replacement model will be the watch of Patek Philippe’s top players in the future.
   Patek Philippe 5231J public price 539500 yuan
   Let’s look at 5172G. 5172G is an alternative to Patek Philippe 5170. 5170 is Patek Philippe’s first chronograph using a completely self-made manual chronograph movement CH29. This year’s 5172 will replace 5170.

Patek Philippe’s new 5172G chronograph and the CH29 chronograph movement used.

   From the point of view of the movement, the new 5172 and 5170 use the same manual winding chronograph movement CH29. The CH29 movement uses a cylindrical wheel, a horizontal clutch, a swing frequency of 28800 times / hour, and a power of 65 hours. The main difference between the two watches is the case and the dial. First of all, the new 5172 currently only has a white gold case G, the case size is 41 mm, and the previous 5170 is 39 mm. The new 5172 uses round buttons for the timing buttons, while 5170 uses square buttons. At the same time, the lugs of 5172 and 5170 are also different. The dial of the watch, the new 5172G is currently a blue disk, the biggest feature of the 5172 is the use of needle-shaped hands, the dial has digital time scales, the hands and time scales have a large area of ​​luminous light. The edge of the dial of the 5172 is a speedometer, and the entire watch has vintage colors. The above characteristics make the 5172 and 5170 a clear difference.

Patek Philippe’s new 5172 chronograph

   According to the previous market situation of 5170, 5170J and 5170G are stable in normal market. Therefore, the new 5172G is expected to remain in the normal market in the future.
   Patek Philippe 5172G public price 539500 yuan
The last thing to say is 5520P and other changes.

Patek Philippe’s new 5520P pilot alarm clock and the AL30-660 movement used.

   5520P is an alarm clock for Patek Philippe’s new pilot this year. The appearance of this watch is very similar to the Patek Philippe Flight Watch 5524. It can be said that the alarm function is added on the basis of the 5524. The 5520P has two small windows below the 12 o’clock position. You can use the crown of the case at 2 o’clock to set the alarm time and display it in the small window. There is an alarm mark on the small window to show whether the alarm function is on or off. The alarm of the 5520P alarm clock is timed by hammering the reed with a hammer, which is similar to that of the minute repeater. The usual alarm clock is the bottom cover of the watch. There is no advanced form of hammer hammer reed of Patek Philippe 5520P. The reason why we put 5520P at the end is because this is a platinum watch. The 42.2 mm platinum case with the two-time, alarm function is destined to be a very high public price of more than one million. It is difficult for ordinary people to reach.
   The price of Patek Philippe 5520P is 1.66 million yuan.

Patek Philippe new blue plate 5726A

   In addition to these new watches mentioned above, this year Patek Philippe Nautilus Steel Case 5726A launched a blue-disk version. With the current market price of steel shell nautilus, the blue plate 5726A will definitely be fried, the public price is 336,200 yuan, and the actual price will definitely exceed the previous black plate and white plate 5726A levels. Then there is the 5235R 5235R in rose gold. Since these watches are the previous models with new color and new case versions, I will not repeat them. (Picture / text watch home Yan Danping)