Dragon’s Story Of Decorating Time

Dragon, as a unique culture and accumulation of Chinese people, has taken root and is deeply buried in each of us. Not only does people’s daily life have the brand of dragon culture, but also dragon From a cultural perspective, the aesthetic consciousness of dragon culture has penetrated into all areas and aspects of social culture. In the unique form of Oriental mysticism, Chinese dragons contain the concept of dragons unique to Chinese and Chinese culture through complex and changeable artistic shapes. For the West, although the specific meaning of the dragon is not exactly the same as that of China, it has gradually become another auspicious and power symbol. When the dragon is reflected on the watch as an element, it adds more time. A noble and elegant shape. Below, the watch house will take everyone to explore the image of the dragon in the major brands.
  Cartier PashadeCatier 42 mm Dragon Skeleton

 With a history of 150 years, Cartier has written a glorious chapter for the history of magnificent and ingenious jewellery and watches. Cartier’s name is as dazzling as its jewelry, and the light cannot be overlooked. The dragon is a legendary beast, a symbol of power and prestige, and Cartier has been a frequent visitor to the animal kingdom since the beginning of his relationship with China in 1888. The workmanship of this watch is extremely exquisite. Adding timepiece machinery to the hollow caseback has undoubtedly increased the difficulty of the work of watchmakers.
 The round case is decorated by a circle of bright diamonds, which is still very dazzling, noble and elegant, even when not in the light. Through the sapphire crystal, the 9617MC manual-winding movement is proudly presented as a legendary spirit beast. It is set with 233 diamonds and decorated with a marquise-cut tsavorite on the front, which becomes the finishing touch. The wearer has a sophisticated visual experience. The blue pointer makes it easy to read at a glance. The back is fully skeletonized. This decorative skeletonized watch extends the unique craftsmanship created by the Roman numeral bridge of the Santos100, which established the skeletonized stunt as one of Cartier’s most iconic features.

  This exquisite craftsmanship combines with the aesthetic characteristics of one of the brand’s classic masterpieces, the PashadeCatier watch, and incorporates design elements that can be discerned at a glance: a screw-in winding crown set with a brilliant-cut round diamond; protection Nail and indented bracelet. The dragon pattern is still clearly visible on the back of the watch, and the texture on the top is exquisite and beautiful, and each stroke is a masterpiece of hard work by watchmakers.
  Piaget Longfeng Chengxiang Watch

  The sacred status of the dragon and the phoenix in Chinese culture, which means honor and authority, has always been an indispensable element. Feng, on behalf of Huagui, is auspicious, and it is infinitely beautiful. Piaget has been committed to the design of high-end luxury jewelry and watches, the brand launched the ‘Long Feng series’ watches with Chinese totem characteristics. 18K rose gold creates a 34mm women’s case, exuding the luster of precious metal, and the diamonds are dazzling and dazzling. Looking at the whole, the simple and clear rose gold diamond case, a dancing phoenix on the clean dial, with a white strap, wears a wrist as transparent as a feather.

  The image of the dragon has been tempered by the Chinese culture for more than 5,000 years. Today, the Chinese people today even claim to be proud of ‘the descendants of the dragon’, which also inspired the count’s creative inspiration. The corresponding dragon-patterned watch series G0A36549 watches on the white dial engraved a lifelike dragon. The posture of its teeth and claws allows the Buddha to soar in the sky. The beards, claws, and scales on the body are all layered. , Miaoweiweixiao. Intersect with the Phoenix pattern. The design of this watch is very simple. Presumably the cutout and diamonds are more elegant and chic, showing the majestic look of the dragon.

  Richard Miller RM57-01 Dragon Flying Phoenix — Jackie Chan Watch

  At the Hong Kong Watch Fair, Richard Mille launched a new tourbillon jewellery model, which also uses the dragon element: RM57-01 Long Fei Feng Wu-Jackie Chan Watch, which means good luck. The phoenix is ​​a god bird in ancient Chinese myths and legends. The phoenix king of the hundred birds embodies the five virtues of benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, and faith, and is a symbol of imperial power. The dragon’s temperament is sometimes inscrutable, but it has unparalleled power, and can either soar in the sky or dormant to the ground. Because the dragon can go to the sea and be everywhere, it is regarded as a god beast. Both Phoenix and Dragon are China’s ‘four great beasts’, and Dragon and Phoenix are also symbols of Jerry.

  The dragon and phoenix totem inside the movement is made of 3N rose gold and is completely carved and hollowed by hand. The brand made use of specially developed tiny tools, combined with meticulous craftsmanship, to complete its success. The delicate decoration parts need to be painstakingly performed by hand in micro-painting, so that the images of these two beasts are vivid and vivid, and even the parts hidden under the dragon and phoenix patterns have gathered a lot of effort.

  The design of the movement reflects Richard Mille’s watchmaking philosophy. The bottom plate is made of PVD-coated titanium alloy, and with a dual barrel design, the power reserve can be up to 48 hours, displayed by a red line between 10 and 11 o’clock. The crown is equipped with a torque limiter to prevent the winding from damaging the movement. The RM57-01 Dragonfly and Phoenix Dance Watch is limited to 15 pieces in 18K white or red gold.

  Jacques Rodriguez Limited Edition Collection

  As the first watch factory on the Chinese land in the 18th century, Jacques de Ronaldo chose this symbol of ancient Chinese power and wisdom at the beginning of the year of the dragon-a legendary fetish wearing a bead as a pattern.

  The Jacques Rodriguez limited edition precious pearl watch has a dragon-shaped pattern carefully carved on the dial, revealing the magnificent beauty of the dragon. The golden dragon seemed to float out of the ocean of black mother-of-pearl, and the figure fluttered more clearly. The dragon’s enchanting body was inlaid with a ruby, which was particularly conspicuous. The design of the case is well-intentioned. The luster of red gold makes every detail of the dial texture stand out, like the subtle interweaving of volume, material and light and shadow, showing extraordinary beauty in the mirror of a specific thickness, making the scene of golden dragon playing water come to life . This powerful watch is limited to 88 pieces, which can be called a masterpiece, and will only become a precious collection of some collectors.

  Carving on such delicate materials requires the most careful and high-end craftsmanship. Jacques Dro has become a respected expert in the industry. Combined with aesthetic skills: the dazzling black onyx on the back of the case is carved with a dragon tail, creating the real effect of the golden dragon on the watch. This shocking model is limited to 88 pieces. Of course, this number is also set according to Chinese preferences, which shows that the brand has good intentions.

 Jacques Dro PetiteHerueMinute micro-painted enamel dragon and phoenix pair watch
  Based on Jacques de Ronaldo’s most representative models, the brand uses the best fire enamel technology and delicate enamel painting technology to create exquisite paintings in eccentric disks. Painter technicians even challenge the aesthetic and technical limits, adding fine gold foil to the paint to draw radiant patterns. Each watch must take a week to finish by hand, creating an unparalleled gorgeous effect.

  The PetiteHeureMinuteDragonJ005033217 watch has an eccentric hour and minute dial with brand recognition. The 12 black Roman numeral scales are used to display time, exuding a classic charm, and underneath are two vivid dragons. In the ivory-colored ‘big fire’ enamel dial, the space is perfectly used to vividly show the scenes of the double dragon play beads and the flying wings of Feng Fei. The scale feathers shine and shine, and they complement each other with the red gold case and sharp gold hands, and the red hue makes the picture more brilliant. The Roman numerals are classic and elegant, and the combination of Chinese and Western styles is natural, which fully reflects Jacques Dro’s courage to explore and innovate, and to be loyal to its history and traditional craftsmanship.

  The watch is equipped with a Jaquet Droz2653 self-winding mechanical movement. The movement uses a dual barrel and 22K white gold oscillating weight. It has 28 gems, 28,800 times / hour, and can provide a 68-hour power reserve for the watch. The watch is equipped with a brown-trimmed crocodile leather strap. The 18K rose gold pin buckle is very suitable for most people’s wearing habits. It can be freely adjusted according to the wrist size required. decoration.

  Kunlun Golden Bridge Dragon Watch
  As an art master in the field of watchmaking machinery, Kunlun Watch fully demonstrates the extraordinary craftsmanship of its talented craftsmen. In order to give Jinlong life and make it come to life, first you need to pour red gold into the mold to form the initial contour, and then perform detailed engraving. When carving gold plates of varying thicknesses, the craftsman patiently and accurately shaped with a sculpting knife to create realistic 3D three-dimensional effects. After this extreme full-manual craftsmanship that took more than two weeks to complete, Jinlong showed its magic in countless details: the mysterious Jinlong put on detailed and layered dragon scales, and wrapped his body around the long movement Without actually touching it, its burning head looks like it is about to spit out the fire inside the body, and the end of its tail bears a pearl like a burning sun, and Jinlong’s fearsome dragon claws seem to remind, It is definitely a strong opponent for anyone who wants to violate its rules.

  The case is made of 5N18K red gold, and there are four sides of sapphire crystal on the surface, back and sides, creating a fascinating sense of transparency and highlighting the 3D effect of Jinlong. This precious and exquisite Golden Bridge Dragon watch is available in two fine jewelry watch styles, one of which is set with 422 round-cut diamonds (approximately 4.46 calories), shining brightly, reflecting its red gold case. And a strap with a folding clasp; the other is adorned with an 18K white gold case with no less than 80 baguette-cut diamonds (about 3.9 cards) and 338 round-cut diamonds (about 1.83 cards) , Both models are noble and gorgeous.

  The Golden Bridge Dragon Watch also features contemporary fashion watch styles. The design of the watch uses the warmth of red gold and the deepness of black to form an elegant contrast. The movement and the mythical dragon are put on gold and placed on a black PVD5 titanium watch. Inside the shell, it shows the urban fashion style.

Summary: Elements of nature exist in every place, as long as they are found, these seemingly ordinary elements will inadvertently inspire designers and become one of the ideas for the birth of new works. The creative process is wonderful The moment when the work is born is even more exciting! Painting on the dial of a watch is no longer a new thing, but the brand launches different works every year. Whether it is a large fire enamel or a hollow sculpture, it will present different artistic aesthetics. Although the dial has limited space, the master watchmakers still racked their brains to give it allegorical, symbolic and beautiful images with special aesthetics, allowing the timepiece to shuttle in the picture, providing the wearer with the most beautiful visual enjoyment. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Sunrise Sunset Time Watch Introduction

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Sunrise Sunset Time Equation Astronomy Moon Phase Perpetual Calendar
This watch can be said to be a typical model that has hidden secrets. It integrates functions such as time equation, sunrise and sunset time display, perpetual calendar and astronomical moon phase display, and it is carried in the Royal Oak that Audemars Piguet is famous for. Inside the octagonal case. Belonging to each point is the kind of watch that is the essence of the brand. Audemars Piguet’s time equation device not only takes into account local differences, but also knows the time of day at any time of the day. In order to do this, this movement can be completely customized for customers. Each watch must be designed according to the longitude of the place specified by the wearer. The outer circle of the watch will be engraved with the name of the city and the place specified by the wearer. Mean time in the middle of the day.

The outer circle of the watch will be engraved with the name of the city specified by the wearer and the average time in the middle of the day. When the hour is the same as the hour displayed on the outer circle and the time equation hand overlaps with the minute hand, the wearer knows that the moment is midday . Only April 15th, June 13th, September 1st, and December 25th mean solar time coincides with real solar time each year.

Audemars Piguet set the sunrise time display at 9 o’clock and the sunset time display at 3 o’clock. The hands of the two display disks are controlled by two cams that rotate once a year. The shape of the cams is determined by the latitude and longitude of the location selected by the wearer, and the position where the cam contacts the transmission gear depends on the longitude of the location. It’s a little difference, a thousand miles away.

The main component of the perpetual calendar device is a cam that records the rules of the change in the length of the month. The protrusion represents a month with 31 days, and the groove represents a month with 30 days. The other gear and the cam that distinguishes February between the leap year and the other February are rotated every 4 years to show the leap year cycle.