Glasutti Original Press Release-mp World Time Won The Laureate In The Golden Balance 2019 (Golden Balance 2019)

Glashütte Original Watch has won the prestigious gold balance award for five consecutive years. On February 21, 2019, at the official awards ceremony held in Munich, Germany, the parliamentary World Time watch won with its decisive advantage in the category selling for less than 25,000 euros. Like last year, Glashütte Original also won two other awards. In the category that sells for more than 25,000 Euros, the Senator Tourbillon watch-Alfred Heavig has won the second place, and in the category that does not exceed 10,000 Euros, the Congressional Excellence Calendar Ranked third.

As in previous years, readers of UHREN-MAGAZIN and were invited to select their 10 favorite product candidates for final voting in five award categories. The last round of voting was conducted only on FOCUS Online, and finally this year’s results were reached. More than 10,000 watch connoisseurs participated in the voting.

读者 In the category priced not more than 25,000 Euros, readers have chosen the parliamentary World Time watch, giving the first place to this watch that sets a new standard in the world time watch field. It turns out that it is a product that combines functionality, innovation and traditional watchmaking. The Senator World Time watch is equipped with a smart time zone mechanism, which can show travelers the time in two different time zones at the same time, and can choose any of the 35 time zones in the world currently in use. The movement structure even enables it to create new time zones and delete existing time zones, so theoretically up to 96 different times can be displayed.

This watch can also bring great visual senses. From 2018, the use of stainless steel and minimalist design, dark blue and white as the main color, black details enhance the visual sense. Through the sapphire glass case back, the exquisitely decorated movement is fully visible, including the elegant Glashütte column pattern, hand-engraved balance wheel and blue steel screws.

Baselworld Basel 2013-graff Mastergraff Tourbillon Watch

Graff Luxury Watches presents the MasterGraff Tourbillon full-diamond watch, which cleverly meets the brilliant diamonds and top-notch watchmaking technology of qualified Raf, and cleverly ingenious.

Graf Luxury Watches presents the MasterGraff tourbillon full-diamond watch, which cleverly meets the love of brilliant diamonds and top-notch watchmaking technology.
The 45mm manual-winding movement is driven by a tourbillon on the left side of the dial. It not only combines the most advanced and sophisticated watchmaking technology, but also demonstrates superb diamond setting.
The dial is radiant with trapezoid-cut diamonds, dazzling and charming. The 120-hour power reserve display is embellished with emeralds, yellow sapphires, and rubies, and Graf’s classic emerald hour scale is elegant.
The chic dial with full diamond case and strap breaks the boundaries of diamond setting. The bezel and strap are made of Graf’s patented mosaic design, with diamond-set lugs and rectangular buckle with new technology, making the watch more flexible and stylish.

This magnificent watch has an astonishing number of diamonds, with 634 beautiful diamonds weighing 47 carats, including more than 20 unique diamond cuts. MasterGraff tourbillon full-diamond watch is outstanding and unique, it is the ultimate interpretation of watchmaking and diamond setting, limited to 30 pieces.
Technical specifications
Movement: manual winding
Functions: hour and minute display, power reserve display, flyback dial display and tourbillon
Case: 45 mm white gold
Dial: Set with 228 diamonds, weighing 19.1 carats, and 15 emeralds
Bracelet: Set with 228 diamonds, weighing 28 carats
Water resistance: 3 ATM
Total diamonds: 634 diamonds, weighing 47.1 carats
Limited: 30 pieces

Tissot New Pastel Collection 2015

Love is love at first sight, love is full of tacit understanding, love is when time is still, everything is only exclusive to you and her most loved … 2015 Happy Season, the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot is especially The loved one presents the gift of love-Tissot’s new pastel series, with the most dazzling heat of red and lingering around the wrist, she embraces you completely, and records every minute of emotional time. Above time, boldly ‘show ‘Da Ai! The new Tissot pastel series perfectly subverts women’s infinite imagination of watches. It adopts the ‘bangle style’ creative design to show the elegance of women while wearing makeup. The vibrant love pattern covers the entire mother-of-pearl dial, which is full of romance. The patent leather strap is unrestrained and enthusiastic, and throws up your hands to show the charming charm. In this romantic holiday season, Tissot is willing to witness every heartbeat moment of supreme love!

Romantic gift for Valentine’s Day 2015-front view of Tissot’s new pastel series
Dazzling red light the moment of happiness
   Time is a sincere knight of love and a company of years. A watch is like a covenant of love, witnessing the seas and stones, and vowing forever. The sweetest season of 2015 is approaching. Tissot is willing to witness the world’s most romantic and sweet love, and presents the most festive gift of the year to the beloved—the new Tissot pastel series, which perfectly combines creativity and fashion! The new Tissot pastel series takes the feminine elegance as the perspective, and adopts the innovative design of “bracelet style”, supplemented by a gorgeous patent leather strap, which brings a different charm; the cute shape buckle perfectly integrates into the bracelet, adding brilliance and softness ; Wrap gently around the wrist twice, revealing between the wrist the elegant and gentle female style without losing the vitality of fashion, in the hands of the feet to throw the spirit and lively. In addition, Tissot also sublimates the festive atmosphere, unique ingenuity, boldly injects dazzling hot red into the pastel series, and highlights the feminine and lovely side of the exclusive bright patent leather strap. Whether it is a sweet date or a party, it can make your On such a special day, it has become the focus of everyone with thousands of happiness!

2014 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts-Side view of Tissot’s new pastel series
‘Table’ and ‘Core’ testimony of sweet love
   The Tissot pastel series is like a rose on your wrist, proclaiming a sweet vow to all the people in the world: the dial is decorated with a delicate love pattern, each heart represents a bang love, creating a romantic atmosphere; three, six At three o’clock o’clock, three stars are cast dripping, watering the years, waiting for love; the precision-molded case is polished in silver, whether it is worn alone or with jewelry accessories, it is the best choice for fashionable and elegant women; Made in Switzerland Quartz movement, vivid and accurate recording of warm memories, happy time is not bad.
   The sweetest moment among lovers is the moment of heartbeat or the interlocking of fingers, and it is the gentle years witnessed by time. Tissot is willing to bloom the tenderness and sweetness on the wrist, born for happiness, forever sweet time!
Technical Parameters:
-Made in Switzerland
-Low battery display (EOL)
-316L stainless steel case
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
-Water resistance to withstand pressure equivalent to 3 bar (30 m / 100 ft)
-Leather strap with standard buckle
Suggested retail price: RMB 2,050