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IWC’s new Portofino Hand-Wound Day & Date, launched in 2015, has a delicate texture and elegant temperament. Through the combination of the dial color, design and case material, it makes people feel comfortable. Deeply in love with the temperament and style of this watch.

IWC Portofino Hand-Wound Day & Date
18K rose gold material / 59220 manual winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, big date, day of the week display / power reserve display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / 45mm diameter / waterproof 30m / reference price: NT $ 760,000

Big date display
The large date display at 12 o’clock in the face plate, the same rock gray, anti-white Arabic numerals as the face plate are also used on the number plate, so that the visual effect of the face plate is more integrated and the texture is more delicate.

Delicate hands and hour markers
Portofino’s willow-shaped hands and time markers still follow the traditional tradition. They have rounded edges and contours, and show smooth craftsmanship through smooth and detailed details.

Manual winding eight-day mobile storage
The 59220 manual winding movement with the model comes from the IWC’s new 59000 series movement with a large date module. It has a long-term storage of 8 days. It is equipped with a dynamic storage display on the faceplate to enhance practicality and convenience.

Atmosphere Antique Watch Fashion Luxury

Girard Perregaux Cat’s Eye Diamond Watch The World’s Most Expensive Watch
An antique watch is a heavy-weight work of art, with its preciousness, decoration, functionality, brand, and global advantages, it is a fashion luxury for rich people to show off their wealth for 300 years. Its role is not only convenient for timing, but also an embodiment of the status and value of buyers. A top antique watch is itself a fine work of art. Whether it is a unique design and manufacturing process, or the complex installation of a movement, it is highly sought after by collectors.

Imperial watch
Antique watch collection without borders
People often say ‘play poor car, play rich watch’. At present, more famous antique watches such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Blancpain, IWC, Piaget, Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Rolex, Girard Perregaux and other brands, all have high-quality movements and elegant appearance, are buyers The embodiment of value.

Royal pocket watch
The collection value of antique watches can generally be evaluated from five aspects: style, appearance, brand, age, and the condition of the movement. In addition, the complex functions of the watch are also one of the conditions for its appreciation, such as the sun, moon, star, moon phase function, Perpetual calendar, tachometer, wobble meter, probe, etc. At the beginning of the 18th century, a large number of mechanically powered timers made in the United Kingdom were imported into China. The Chinese mechanical clock industry also rose during the Kangxi reign of the Qing Dynasty. Affected by these imported clocks, mechanical watch factories gradually appeared in Guangzhou and other places. They are all imitations. Later, the technology became more mature and successfully produced a large number of clocks that can accurately time and decorate magnificently. Combining European watchmaking technology with China’s traditional craftsmanship made Chinese watchmaking reach its peak in the late 18th century, during the Qianlong period. Compared with large Western clocks, small Western watches are more suitable for collectors to play. Among them, Ruyi table and snuff bottle table are the two most unique collections. Such as the Qing Emperor Qianlong’s inlaid gold-bronze inlaid stone ice and plum pattern inlaid watch is a gift to the emperor. Its bottom is carved and plated with gold, and the surface is carmine ice-cracked stone. The craftsmanship is exquisite and beautiful. There is also a Western-style bronze bronze enamel inlaid with pearl grape snuff bottle, which is also the focus of attention in the market. It is full of silver flowers, covered with translucent carmine glaze, bottle caps set with clocks, white table enamel dials, two hands, all Rome The number, the cover can be opened and closed, and the edges are embedded with pearls for a week, which is exquisite and delicate. For collector investors, when buying such Qing court clocks, they may do their homework first. The Palace Museum is the most extensive museum of mechanical clocks from the 18th to 19th centuries. There are more than 1,000 watches and clocks in existence. It will be helpful to compare and study.

Luxury fashion watches

Various insect-style Vacheron Constantin watches
Antique luxury watches shine
In the 2007 Sotheby’s Spring Auction in Hong Kong, 12 auctions of ‘Special Collection of the Century-Important Asian Family Watch Collection’ were auctioned. After fierce competition from buyers from all over the world, they were all auctioned, with a total turnover of up to 3500 More than ten thousand yuan. The 12 watches launched in Sotheby’s spring auction are all from a family in Asia for nearly a century. One of them was a Patek Philippe 5002P ‘SkyMoon Tourbillon’ platinum watch (year 2003), which was sold at HK $ 11.715 million Set a world record for modern watch auctions. It is understood that this watch can be called the most complicated Patek Philippe watch. The watchmaker carefully meticulously embedded 686 components into the limited-size watch case, which is a masterpiece of ingenuity. This watch is Patek Philippe’s first double-sided dial watch, showing a precise astronomical picture on the back. Of the 186 Patek Philippe craftsmen worldwide, only one knows this advanced skill. Since it was put into production in 2001, it has been produced in a limited number of two pieces per year worldwide, which is very rare. The same Lange ‘Tourbillon Pour Le Merite’ limited edition platinum watch also sold at a high price of 5,925,500. A Patek Philippe 5029J model limited edition 18k automatic minute repeater gold belt watch is also very popular with buyers, and achieved a record of 3.607 million Hong Kong dollars.

Antique couple table
年代 The shape of the brand determines the value of the watch
Antique watches are very rare and top-level collectibles. When collecting, you should first talk about the brand. The larger the brand, the higher the value of the collection. The older the watch of the same brand, the smaller the quantity, and the greater the appreciation space. For more than 20 years, the popularity of antique watch collection has risen above the wave, and it can be described as a sky-high day. In 1988, Sotheby’s in New York, USA successfully held a special auction of antique watches. The auction was all over 200 famous watches left by modern American artist Andy Warhol, including Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Rolex, Omega and other famous watches. The transaction price was two or three times higher than the estimate. In antique watches, the most precious case material is platinum, which in turn is in 18K gold, 14K gold, 9K gold, silver, gold, silver, and steel. Among the K golds, red gold is the most precious. In addition, under the same conditions, special-shaped watches are more valuable than conventional watches. For example, a square case is more expensive than a round case, a rectangular case is more expensive than a square case, and a triangular one is much more expensive than a square one. Therefore, it is not difficult to see that the collection of various antique watches, in addition to reflecting the distinguished status of the collector, its artistic value, economic value and market development potential are inestimable.