45mm Hublot Classic Fusion Silverstone Watch

Hublot has no resistance, so you are willing to buy even the most expensive sports watches. Who makes Hublot the flagship brand of sports watches, but if you are just a little bit moved
 HUB1112 self-winding movement, rose gold case, 45 mm in diameter, 6 H-shaped titanium screws embedded in the rose gold bezel, ‘silver stone’ gray dial decorated with sun pattern, date display window at 3 o’clock, black crocodile Leather strap, water-resistant to 50 meters
Reference price: 120500 yuan

Other sports style watches
 If a formal watch is compared with a sports watch from a secular perspective, then the advantage of a formal watch lies in its interpretation of identity, and the advantage of a sports watch lies in its expression of personality. Perhaps for the former, there are still some ‘hidden rules’ in the watch market, but for the latter, there is no existing standard of experience. Fortunately, the types of sports watches on the market are complete enough to cover almost all kinds of sports and price ranges. In addition, there is no need to consider the issue of value preservation and appreciation-who can predict the firm price of Hublot in the second-hand market? How about it? Then choose it according to your own personality.

 The “ten perfect” recommendation of the watch is highlighted by the word “full”. We classify the daily wear (prices are basically within 100,000 yuan, but also some higher grades), according to its basic function and design style. 10 categories, whether you choose from a price perspective or a brand perspective, or have a clear direction, you can find yourself satisfied with these 10 categories. In addition, since it is for daily wear, we do not particularly emphasize the professional technicality of the movement and the preservation and increase of value. For ordinary watch buyers, these contents are no more than a reference and psychological comfort. Function, the key is to glance at yourself.
 I have been in the watch industry for a long time, and I have always been asked the same question: ‘Which brand of watch do you like best? Which brand of watch do you think is the most worth buying?’ These two questions are not easy to answer, although I I usually say one or two of my favorite brands, but in fact I don’t think their watches are the most worth buying. It can be said that from a certain perspective, which watches are very good and worth buying, but it may not be so good to change the perspective. For example, a certain brand of watch is impeccable in terms of workmanship. Everyone wants to buy it and then fast, then its price is certainly not that good; if the workmanship is good and the price is cheap, then this brand is probably not well known; The brand’s fame is also big enough, and the price can accept anything, then it will definitely not be so refined in terms of ‘materials’. Therefore, no matter from which specific angle you look, you will find that there are several watches that are not bad, and once you choose which one is the best, you are confused.

 Sometimes, when you have no idea, you choose to listen to the opinions of experts. In this regard, my opinion is that no matter how authoritative the experts are, they should not give up their right to choose autonomously. For things like buying luxury goods and watches, you should try to choose what you like, as long as you don’t treat the inferior things as good things, and you don’t have to choose what the other people call the ‘best.’ Because one person is an opinion, just like the election system, three people vote is one result, and five votes may be another result. If the opinions of the experts are not the same, then who will listen?
 Different consumers have different mentalities and standards for choosing watches. Some people are impulsive consumers, and they pay the price after hearing the brand’s historical story. Some people are analytical thinking consumers. After various studies and comparisons, they can finally get an idea. Some people are one-step type. If you do n’t buy it, you buy the best in this type of watch. Some people are step-by-step, starting from the lowest end. Some people are following-up consumption, and everyone else buys what he buys. Some people belong to Independent consumption, the more people buy watches, the less he sees them … In short, the situation of each consumer is different, a table purchase guide can not meet all requirements at the same time, so we can only try our best The recommended types of watch styles are subdivided into 20 categories of ‘Shiquan’ and ‘Shimei’. Each type of watch style includes entry-level, top-level, classic and more creative-although I I dare not say which watch is the most worth buying, but there must be one for you, which is enough.