Above The Clouds, Dreaming About Life, Flying Dreams That Will Never Fade

Flight, a slang word that was only a dream in more than a hundred years ago. As the Wright brothers’ planes took off, the flight dreams of mankind became a reality step by step. For people in the new century, New tricks have evolved-paragliding, winged flight, skydiving … You must have envied those who believe in freedom and unruly flight in the sky, and have restlessly longed for the madness away from the flat land. dream.
Type 20: Guardian of the Flying Dreamer

‘Father of Aviation’ Brylio and Blelio All Early 20th Century Zenith Pilot Type 20 Aircraft Watch
   The French ‘father of aviation’ Brerio is world-famous for his successful flight over the English Channel, but challenges like this are extremely dangerous and have raised concerns about the safety of flying instruments. Aviation flight has extremely high requirements for watches and instruments. In the 1930s, those stringent technical indicators were named after TYPE 20 and became the standard for aviation instruments. Zenith was one of the first manufacturers of aircraft instruments. Its pilot series, named TYPE 20, is one of the few honorary members of the flying instrument temple. In 1909, Brelio flew across the Channel wearing the Zenith TYPE 20 aircraft watch in the early 20th century to challenge the English Channel. In the thick fog and raging wind, you can only rely on the wrist watch and visual intuition to judge the route. God favored the dream chaser, and eventually Brillio escaped from the plane that fell to the ground and became the ‘first person’ for international cross-sea flight.
Zenith’s new Type 20 watch: ‘flying’ out of ‘absolute’ attitude

Zenith Pilot’s Watch TYPE 20 Special Edition, 40 mm, reference price: RMB 42,900
   This summer, Zenith has continued to inherit its rugged, reliable, and accurate characteristics of its flight instruments, and launched a four-color pilot series TYPE 20 special edition watch to commemorate every flying adventurer who embarked on the sky and embarked on a blue journey. The size of this watch can be described as the industry’s first unisex pilot’s watch. The diameter of the dial is 40 mm, which can be adapted to any wrist. Let’s talk about colors. Zenith’s new original and unique classic distressed colors make the TYPE 20 series special edition unique with colorful retro colors, Burgundy red, mustard yellow, khaki green and blue. . As the only Pilot’s Watch with the Pilot lettering engraved on the dial, the TYPE 20 Special Edition is justified and invincible! At the same time, it inherits the professional characteristics of the aviation pilot’s watch. This watch also has an oversized luminous digital display with a grain-shaped dial, and the large hands sit firmly on it to ensure optimal readability. The large onion crown on the side of the case, the ‘onion head’, is also a classic design for pilot watches, making it easy for pilots wearing driving gloves to adjust time when driving across time zones.
Zenith teamed up with Du Shaofei to invite you to share the beauty of the sky

Zenith Pilot’s Watch TYPE 20 Special Edition, 40 mm, reference price: RMB 42,900
Among them, the khaki green, blue and burgundy red tri-color watches are limited to 250 pieces worldwide.
   The Zenith Pilot TYPE 20 series for the sky challenger has been passed down to this day, and the human dream of flying to the blue sky has not faded. On the occasion of the release of the new Type 20, Zenith hopes to approach those who have the courage to challenge and break through themselves, and for this reason, it sought a tacit partner-the representative of modern urban male fashion, and the Internet opinion leader Pioneer Du Shaofei. Recently, Zenith and Du Shaofei jointly launched the ‘THE AVIATOR’ activity, covering online submissions and offline sharing. The purpose is to invite ‘flying dreamers’ who are associated with the sky. An attempted experience or an instant perception. If your story is attractive enough, Zenith and Du Shaofei will send you and Ta in your heart to fly in the helicopter!
Zenith Pilot Collection TYPE 20 Special Edition 40mm
Technical details
11.1943.679 / 63.C800 (Khaki Dial-Khaki Strap)
11.1941.679 / 94.C814 (blue dial – blue strap)
11.1940.679 / 91.C807 (Cyan Grey Dial-Mustard Yellow Strap)
11.1942.679 / 53.C808 (Crimson Dial-Burgundy Red Strap)
Elite 679 automatic movement
Dimensions: 11 ½“` (diameter: 25.6 mm)
Movement thickness: 3.85 mm
Number of components: 126
Number of jewels: 27
Vibration frequency: 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz)
Power reserve: at least 50 hours
Process: Pendant decorated with ‘Côtes de Genève’
Center hour and minute display
Centered second hand
Case, dial and hands
Diameter: 40 mm
Hollow diameter: 33.10 mm
Thickness: 12.95 mm
Crystal glass: double-sided curved anti-glare sapphire crystal
Case back: old steel case back, engraved with the historic Zenith logo
Material: old steel
Water resistance: 10 ATM (100 meters)
Dial: turquoise, khaki, blue or deep purple, grained surface
Timescale: Arabic numerals with light brown Super-LumiNova® SLN
Hands: black ruthenium-plated and faceted hands with light brown Super-LumiNova®
Strap & Buckle
Strap reference number:
27.00.2018.800 Khaki oily frosted leather strap with protective rubber lining
27.00.2018.807 Mustard yellow oily frosted leather strap with protective rubber lining
27.00.2018.808 Blue oily frosted leather strap with protective rubber lining
27.00.2018.814 Crimson oily frosted leather strap with protective rubber lining
Buckle number:
27.95.0031.001 Titanium pin buckle