Baby-g’s New G-lide Surfing Watch Model For Girls’ Generation

Baby-G’s 20th birthday this year, the brand image has also changed from the original Tough & Cute to Tough & Cool, the product design style is more mature, thereby attracting 20 to 30-year-old women consumer. Following the previous ‘Girl’s Party’ held in South Korea and the simultaneous release of a series of key spring and summer watches, Baby-G brought a new G-Lide surf watch, and once again invited the spokesperson Girls’ Generation to take image photos and wear early summer Sexual style.

   The new G-Lide surf watch with the appearance of Tough & Cool: BGA-180 is a watch for women who love extreme surfing and skateboarding. It is a tide display at 9 o’clock and is very clever. Surfboard-shaped hands, grasp the tide height changes to surf the water; and the dial’s 3D three-dimensional scale design makes the dial more layered. In addition, the case and the strap are joined by a special protector made of reinforced rubber (Fine Resin), which is resistant to UV and chemical components, and can absorb impact on the structure to make it more comfortable to wear.

   In the BGA-180 series, the pointer in the tide display at 9 o’clock is specially made into a surfboard shape, which is cute and has a little personality. (NTD. 4,300)

 Another BGD-180 series maintains the same impact-resistant structure and waterproof 100m specifications. It is presented in a full LCD screen. The tide status is placed above the dial and can be easily displayed through a single button at 4 o’clock. Current tide conditions. The case is made of black contrasting peach pink and seawater blue; rhino gray contrasting bright purple and apple green. The surface of the rubber strap is specially embossed, and the appearance is like a cloth-like neon strap, showing a vibrant outdoor sports style.

 In the BGD-180 series, the tide display is above the dial in a more intuitive way, and the contrast design is also full of sunlight. (NTD, 3,400)

 In addition, for the 20th anniversary of the birth of Baby-G, the brand also invited the well-known American designer Mike Perry to design a commemorative logo based on the new Tough & Cool concept. He is good at using lines, arcs, graphics and other geometries. The element, Mike Perry, as a design inspiration, presents the mountain and sea concept of outdoor nature through the interlaced stacked lines and arcs, symbolizing the vibrant and fashionable pink, and symbolizes the girl’s surfing with playful and cute characters And the cool and stylish image of skateboarding has injected a new vitality into Baby-G’s 20th anniversary.