Baobo, Together With Wu Xiaobo, Feng Yuanzheng, And Liang Wendao Released A Series Of Micro-documentary Film ‘persistence, Make 282 More Valuable’

In October 2017, Blancpain, the ‘founder of classic timepieces’, released a series of micro-documentary films ‘Insistence and Make 282 Years More Valuable’ through the personal experience and emotion of brand culture ambassadors Wu Xiaobo, Feng Yuanzheng, and Liang Wendao The narrative and thought tells profoundly the value of Blancpain since the birth of 282 years-regardless of individual or brand, persistence, making time more valuable.

From left to right: Blancpain Ambassador Liang Wendao, Blancpain Ambassador Feng Yuanzheng, and Blancpain Ambassador Wu Xiaobo
 The three episodes of the Blancpain Persistence series of micro-documentaries were jointly released with Lens. The lens follows the brand cultural ambassadors Wu Xiaobo, Feng Yuanzheng, and Liang Wendao, and travels to their respective ‘persistence’ fields and spiritual sources-Hangzhou, Berlin, and Hong Kong, to find the meaning of persistence. Where. Three leaders in their respective fields traveled through the cities that are of special significance to them, and brought us three sections of review and reflection that will not be easily shown. Those who are still insisting will definitely get new inspiration from the micro-documentary series of ‘Persistence, making 282 more valuable’.
The series of micro-documentary film ‘Persistence, make 282 more valuable’ shows-

 Wu Xiaobo’s most noisy days of the year and his persistence, he said that this micro-documentary made him like and hate himself now. In Hangzhou, Wu Xiaobo bought an island and did not enjoy fame and wealth. He has been pursuing a spiritual, economic, and physical freedom, and insists on communicating his ideas to the outside world in the form of a book each year;

 Feng Yuanzheng went to Berlin to study at the peak of his acting career. The city and his mentor taught him how to face his career;

 Since 1998, Liang Wendao has been active in various fields of Hong Kong’s cultural and intellectual circles, examining his social responsibility day by day as a highly influential cultural person.
Persist, make 49 years more valuable

Wu Xiaobo, wearing a Blancpain Villeret classic date display junior watch
Character: Wu Xiaobo (Balber Brand Culture Ambassador)
Date of Birth: September 9, 1968
Identity: Financial writer, media person, businessman

His insistence: not to please the readers, not to analyze and position his own textual content from a market perspective, and insist on doing his own good; he firmly believes that the value of the book is not determined by the readers, but it will be time decided.
His achievements: The book ‘The Great Loss’ is known as one of the ‘Twenty Books Affecting Chinese Business,’ which proves that serious business writing can also become an influential best-selling book. This writer and businessman with his own island, leisurely and tirelessly supplies ideas for the world, and at the same time warns young people: Don’t worry, don’t worry, insist on doing what you think is meaningful, and life will become more meaningful as a result.
The first episode of the ‘Popper Perseverance’ series of micro-documentaries Wu Xiaobo:

Persist, make 55 years more valuable

Feng Yuanzheng wears Blancpain Villeret classic series 8 days long power half time zone function watch
Character: Feng Yuanzheng (Balber Brand Art Ambassador)
Date of Birth: November 16, 1962
Identity: Stage Artist

His insistence: delve into the performance, explore what the performance is, and hope that through his own efforts, he can change the new generation of actors’ perception of performance and make a contribution to China’s performing arts.
His achievements: He is a leader in performing arts and is firmly attached to his artistic pursuit. ‘The 24th China Film Golden Rooster Award for Best Supporting Actor’, ‘The 11th National TV Production Industry Top Ten TV Actor’, ‘The 8th China Art Festival’s’ Award Favorite Actor Award ‘,’ The 8th The China Arts Festival ‘Wenhua Award’ Performance Award ‘and many other awards. The acting skills are three-pointed, and the roles he has played are always impressive; he has become a part of theatrical performance. His pursuit of performance and the affirmation of the value of self-performance have prompted him to become more advanced. Smelted.
Feng Yuanzheng, the second episode of the ‘Poppard Perseverance’ series of micro-documentaries:

Persist, make 47 years more valuable

Liang Wendao, wearing the Blancpain Villeret classic series large calendar window watch
Character: Liang Wendao (Balper Culture Ambassador)
Date of Birth: December 26, 1970
Identity: cultural person, media person, critic

His insistence: He has published many publications, and based on his outspoken boldness and profound and unique insights, he participates in cultural policy discussions and criticisms with an attitude of pitting current disadvantages and thinking about life. It is hoped that through the tremendous media power of the new era, we will do something meaningful for Hong Kong and the Mainland and influence the international vision of the new generation of young people.
His achievements: published too many collections, such as ‘Common Sense’, ‘Ego’, ‘Readers’, ‘I Read’ and so on. Possessing strong eloquence and well-trained ways of dealing with others, he is constantly active in the cultural and intellectual circles in Hong Kong and the Mainland. He has previously hosted television programs such as ‘The Three Men’s Walk’ and ‘The Current Affairs Debate’. Since 2015, curated and hosted the reading program ‘One Thousand and One Nights’. His comments on current affairs and culture promoted the operation of the culture of the times, and influenced the values ​​of a group of people with a wise and elegant, low-key personal style.
 The third episode of the ‘Popper Perseverance’ series of micro-documentaries, Liang Wendao, will be jointly released on October 19 on Blancpain’s official Weibo / WeChat platform and Lens’ official Weibo / WeChat platform.
Persist, make 282 more valuable

Brand: Blancpain
Born: 1735
Identity: ‘The creator of classic timepieces’
Blancpain insists: only make mechanical watches, creating classic timepieces of superior quality. No matter in the research and development of the movement or the process exploration, it has always been leading the industry and has continuously developed practical patented technologies from the perspective of the wearer. Even if the market is turbulent, Blancpain still adheres to its due price policy, does not sacrifice quality and lower prices, nor does it raise prices by improving and optimizing the basic standards of watches.
Brand achievements: able to make watches completely independently, including all links from design, research and development, production, assembly to sales, and can independently complete traditional watchmaking processes including gold carving, enamel, and moving dolls, and damascene gold , Red copper and other unique technological innovations applied to watches. During the quartz storm from the late 1970s to the early 1980s, the focus was on the development of mechanical timepieces that combined the full calendar with the moon phase, reviving the complex function of the moon phase. Enclosed banner.
 Blancpain has always adhered to the global marine public welfare undertaking of “Heart is the Ocean”. In recent years, it has supported ten major expeditionary exploration projects. In 2001, as the first and only watch brand, it took the lead in launching and participating in the Only One charity auction, the predecessor of Only Watch. Since 2005, Only One has developed into a watch event, the Only Watch charity auction, gathering global high-end watch brands to jointly raise funds for medical research on Duchenne muscular dystrophy. From beginning to end, Blancpain has participated in the predecessor’s two sessions and every charity auction since its rename, and has never been absent.
 Time is a term that is huge and fine to the minute. Its white horse runs in a series of gaps, recording those great events and unforgettable moments, confirming that outstanding works are accomplished not only by strength but also by persistence.
 Even now, when time is more and more fragmented, each period still has the most basic value-we may have to let go only after reading the beginning of the article, or maybe the completion of a task will be interrupted frequently, or Because the idea was blocked, the progress was delayed for many days. But as long as you start insisting, everything will eventually make progress.

 Persistence is a powerful weapon against lost in the Ukiyo. It is measured by time, while making time more valuable.
Partial picture photography: Tan Yuan, Zhang Xi, Lin Yiying