Citizen Global Multi-band Radio Series 2014 Valentine’s Day Special

Love is always about meeting each other and about eachother. In ancient times, lovers tied red ropes to each other’s wrists, hoping that Yueyue would fall in love, and this love was not old. Today, lovers who love each other are fond of giving gifts to their watches, which not only continues the beautiful expectations contained in the red ropes of ancient times, but also implies that the hearts that care for each other always enjoy the same rhythm of rhythm, and they are inseparable.

情人 节 Valentine’s Day 2014, Citizen specially selected the Eco-Drive Global Multi-Wave Radio Series watch BY0054-57A and EC1042-51A to accompany chanting the everlasting beautiful love with the conscience in minutes. The silver BY0054-57A highlights the men’s fortitude and wisdom with a tough metal hue, and the golden EC1042-51A embellishes the female’s intellectual beauty with a gentle light. When the hands are beating on each other’s wrists at the same time, when the gold and silver light shine on each other, there is no need for sweet talk, no need for eachother, and the quiet flowing time is the best testimony of love.

初 The beginning of love is the ‘mark of the heart’ at the position of half past four in EC1042-51A. Remembering our first encounter, the moment of interlacing in the spring in the garden is destined for life. In the sweet time, you always appear on time when I need it most. Just like BY0054-57A, which has a light kinetic energy wave movement, there is energy when there is light. As long as it can receive the wave, there will be no error. , Intimate company every second. For those travelling moments in the years, whether you are in China, the United States, Europe, or Japan, as long as you choose the name of the city in your time zone, Citizen’s multi-station radio watches around the wrist can automatically receive the local standard time radio signal and proofread Time and jet lag are easily converted, so that the hearts that care about each other are closely connected.

Time is long, the true love is eternal. In this festival full of love, looking back at those good times that are known and accompanied, as if still in sight, just like the titanium alloy strap of this pair of watches is warm and firm, after years of precipitation has always been new. Citizen’s multi-round radio-controlled watches around the world make two loving hearts tightly linked in the same rhythm. Love in the wrist is eternal.