Don’t Wear A 6 Million Rm, I Really Dare Not Award Oscar

The Oscar award is a movie event and a luxury event for jewelry and watches. Jewellery can be displayed on the shoulders and necks as a ‘body booth’, which is easier to recognize. Lady Gaga’s Tiffany rhinestones, Charlize Theron’s Bulgari Serpenti snake, and Laura Dunn’s Harry Winston River necklace all earned eyeballs. Watch exposure is relatively difficult, it is only the size of a square inch, and will be covered by the sleeves. But from the red carpet to the awards ceremony to the After Party, from the shortlisted stars to the awarding guests to the Party, everyone tried to show their wrists. Fei Dong wore nearly 6 million Richard Mille (RM) and won a lot of attention with Michelle Yeoh’s diamond-studded RM, which really did not lose the big jewelry. Cartier watches have the highest gold content; IWC wins; and Vacheron Constantin and Chopard are responsible for showing affection … Let’s take a look at how the 12 watch brands performed at the 91st Academy Awards. 01. Richard Mille Let’s take a look at Richard Mille, that is, Richard Mille, referred to as RM, known as Rich Man’s essential jewelry. At this Oscars, we found 3 pieces. The most eye-catching is the RM70-01 Alain Prost tourbillon watch by Fei Dong, red rubber band, black carbon fiber asymmetric shape case, high visibility. Fei Dong did not introduce more, music fans and hipsters are no strangers to him. His watch is launched by RM in cooperation with F1 Renault team co-founder Alain Prost, but it has nothing to do with F1, and it is related to cycling road racing. Alain Prost’s hobby is to ride a bicycle to race. This watch has a ‘cumulative mileage’ display function added at 12 o’clock. It is displayed in a mechanical structure and can display a 5-digit total mileage. The special case shape and rubber strap design are for wearing comfort when holding the bicycle faucet with your right hand; limited to 30 pieces, the official RMB price is more than 5.6 million. The second one was worn on the wrist of a Chinese actress Michelle Yeoh. The R07-01 rose gold bracelet was fully diamond-studded. There were no complicated functions. The public RMB price was nearly 2 million. Michelle Yeoh’s relationship with RM is unusual. The brand has previously launched a Michelle Yeoh special edition watch: RM 51-01 Tiger and Dragon Michelle Yeoh, “Dragon Fighting Tiger Fight”, Michelle Yeoh is the English name of Michelle Yeoh. Working with RM, in addition to Michelle Yeoh’s first-line international star status, she also has a relationship with her fiance, Jean Todd. Jean Todd was once the owner of the Ferrari team in the Schumacher era, and together with Schumacher and Ferrari made a glorious history of F1. He later became the chairman of the FIA ​​and has a good relationship with RM founder Richard Mille. Coincidentally, it was also an arrangement. Fei Dong partnered with Michelle Yeoh as the guest of honor. The two RM watches were in the same frame. The third piece appeared on Natalie Portman’s husband’s wrist. Natalie became famous, and ‘This Killer Is Not Too Cold’ and ‘Star Wars’ series are well known; although her husband is not famous, she is an important promoter for her to win the Oscars-‘Black Swan’ choreographer Benjamin M. Paide is also considered a talented woman. This Benjamin is a big RM-029 calendar model, the price of RMB is 550,000, in the world of RM, it can be regarded as an entry. 02. Vacheron Constantin Jennifer Lopez walked the red carpet with her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez. The boyfriend is no longer an entertainment person, but the legendary star of the Major League Baseball MLB, nicknamed A-Rod, who once held the league’s top salary record holder. A-Rod has been selected by the Seattle Mariners to enter the MLB since 1993. He has played for the Texas Rangers and the New York Yankees. He entered the playoffs 14 times in his career and won 3 MVPs, 10 silver stick awards and 2 golds. Glove award. On the red carpet, A-Rod wears a Vacheron Constantin Patrimony heritage watch, which is elegantly matched with a white dress; this 40mm 18K white gold watch with a manual winding movement, the domestic public price of 150,000 yuan. At the After Party, the two changed their evening dresses, and A-Rod also replaced a Fiftysix Wu Lu series Dai Dai blue dial full calendar watch, new in 2019, the price is 175,000 yuan. I don’t know if A-Rod will be Jennifer’s real son? 03. Panerai’s ‘Freehand Climbing’ won the Oscar for the best documentary feature film. Records the story of rock climber Alex Hornold climbing freehand in El Capitan, a famous climbing destination in Yosemite National Park. This is a sport challenge that is either perfect or dead: more than 900 meters of cliffs, without protection, can only be climbed with both hands and climbing shoes, and lose their bones when they fail. Chinese film director Jimmy Chin, who is also a mountaineer, explorer, and National Geographic photographer, has worked with Alex to shoot expeditions for National Geographic. When Jimmy Chin came to the stage to receive the award, he wore a Panerai Luminor GMT watch on his wrist. Both the film content and the director fit well with Panerai’s adventurous spirit. At the Geneva Watch Fair in 2019, Panerai launched several special limited edition watches, inviting watch owners to explore free-deep diving, arctic ice and snow exploration and other experiential activities that challenge human limits. It now seems that the experience in 2020 should be to go rock climbing freehand. Jimmy Chin’s watch model is Pam01320, 44mm steel case, RMB 64,000. 04. The After Party after the Patek Philippe Awards is the time for celebrities. Actress Michelle Rodriguez of the ‘Fast and Furious’ series helped producer Mohammed Al Turki eat a burger. Michelle looked like Princess Megan at this angle. The producer Muhammad wears a Patek Philippe calendar model 5146 watch, 18K white gold model, the domestic public price is 480,000 yuan. Patek Philippe’s annual calendar function was born in 1996. This 5146 plus the 5396 model with the month of the week displayed on the window is the second major seller of the brand. The leather strap style is more than 300,000. Instead of buying a Nautilus steel watch at a super-common price, it is better to choose one of these two calendars, which is classic and practical. 05. Cartier Cartier is the biggest winner of this Oscar-it has selected both the best actor and the best supporting actor. Rami Marek was awarded the film emperor with the film ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. He wears a Tank watch on his wrist, the case of which is an ‘American tank’ in a curved view, a stainless steel version, and a public price of 43,000 yuan. Watch fans are no stranger to the Tank series: In 1917, Cartier was inspired by the tanks born during the First World War. It was one of Cartier’s earliest watch series, and later derived classic tanks, French tanks, British tanks and other sub-series. Many celebrities have worn Tank watches, such as Princess. The best supporting actor is Mahesh Ali, who became popular because of ‘House of Cards’. He won the award for ‘The Green Book’; Ali is also a supporting actor in the new film ‘Alita’ produced by Cameron. Big villain. Ali wore a Cartier Santos hollow-out watch to receive the award. The steel case was priced at RMB 200,000. The Santos series was born in 1904 and is Cartier’s oldest watch series. It originated from the demand of Brazilian flying artist Albert Santos-Dumont. 06. IWC IWC watches may be the watch brand most worn by Oscar stars this time. The first is brand ambassador Bradley Cooper, who nominated the best actor of the Oscar for ‘The Birth of a Star’. He wears an IWC large pilot watch orphan with a unique pattern engraved on the case back, which is derived from a line in Anthony Saint Exupéry’s masterpiece ‘The Little Prince’: ‘Only with the soul can you see the essence of things’ . The watch will be auctioned online at Sotheby’s, starting at $ 16,000, and the auction proceeds will be donated to the Anthony Saint Exupery Youth Foundation. Next up are the guest speakers from Marvel movie heroes, ‘ant-man’ Paul Luther and ‘Captain America’ ​​Chris Evans. Ant-Man wears a blue steel shell ‘Portuguese Seven’ with a public price of 93,600; Captain America wears a brown-faced red gold ‘Portuguese meter’ with a public price of 117,000. In 2018, the Asian actor Henry Gore of the Asian Asian topical movie ‘Exodus’ was wearing a black disc steel version ‘Portuguese Seven’, and the public price was 93,600. In addition, the director and star of the classic American drama ‘Office’ B.J. Novak wore a white-faced steel version of ‘Portuguese meter’ at the After Party event, with a public price of 53,600 yuan. 07. One of Breitling’s spokespersons, the American actor Adam Driver was also shortlisted for the Oscars. He competed for the best supporting actor in the ‘Black Gang’. Compared with two other Breitling endorsers, Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron, Adam’s popularity in China is not high. He is not a beauty but acting. On the Oscar red carpet, Adam wore Breitling’s new Xiya series automatic watch steel model launched in 2018 at a public price of over 30,000 yuan. 08. Spike Lee, the director and screenwriter of Jaeger-LeCoultre, received the Best Screenplay Award. When he took the stage to receive the award, he jumped up and hugged Samuel Jackson. Spike Lee has a close relationship with Jaeger-LeCoultre. He wore a Jaeger-LeCoultre watch from the Golden Globe. This time for the Oscar awards, he wore a Jaeger-LeCoultre flip series and a small seconds large steel model with a public price of 49,000 yuan. Nicholas Holt, who starred in ‘The Beloved’, also wore a Jaeger-LeCoultre when attending the red carpet. This is a rose gold double-sided watch, which can be used in two places. 09. Chopard in 2018, Pujaka Chopra and Nick Jonas, who had just held luxury weddings in Bollywood, India, apparently have not yet passed the honeymoon period, and continued to get tired of the Oscars. On Nick’s wrist is a Chopard L.U.C series watch, a large date moon phase model, a rose gold case, a domestic price of over 200,000 yuan. 10, Rolex showed a lot of loving couples at the Oscars, Kelly Lepa and Marc Consus are also a pair. Although not a big star, the watch on Mark’s hand is a ‘big name’-Rolex Antique Daytona. Over the years, antique Daytona has taken off with the auction record of ‘Paul Newman Face’, which has exceeded 100 million yuan. From the 1960s to the 1970s, the antique di, which was similar in style, was auctioned for more than $ 100,000. Rolex is actually an official Oscar partner and has been an honorary sponsor of the Academy Awards since 2017. 11. At Audemars Piguet After Party, there will be many sports stars come to entertain together, either popular or retired. The tennis star Serena Williams, Serena Williams, once ruled tennis with her family sister for several years. In recent years, it is still active in tennis, but its reputation is not as good as that year. Watch fans must be no stranger to the wrist watch, from the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series, frosted gold, 37 mm size version, the domestic public price is 368,000. 12, Apple Watch Kobe and his wife attended the After Party event, holding Kobe’s swollen belly, their fourth daughter is coming. The basketball superstar did not wear Audemars Piguet, Rolex, Nautilus, or Vacheron Constantin. It was an apple watch, which was greatly unexpected. There are many watch brands appearing at this feast, some of which are celebrity personal items, and some are just like big jewelry from the brand. Jewellery and watch brands are trying their best to use this kind of global event to spread the brand image to more people. Maybe it doesn’t make much sense at the moment, but when they need to buy, of course they think of the brand that once impressed him. At the 91st Oscar, which watch brand impressed you? / end / Lu Xi’s interview notes Join readers, please send name + occupation + WeChat to [email protected]