Dream Through The Snowflakes Like Dreams Feishacheng Earl’s Bright Christmas

The winter breeze gently blows, and the silver-white frost is scattered on the surrounding natural ground, which indicates that the steps of the Christmas season have gradually advanced, and the earl jewelry is also covered with festive clothes, which is more abundant than before Hua shining.
Piaget Heart Collection

RMB pricing: 203,200

   Love has multiple forms and looks. The Piaget Heart series (G33A0034), made of platinum and diamonds, uses its unique curve to depict the precious nature of a precious love story. The heart-shaped design that radiates light in all directions, the moving arc lights the neck. Every detail exudes Ambilight and resolutely releases the charm of charm. Piaget jewelry talks gently with each light flowing around its diamonds, and then instantly captures the radiant glow of enthusiasm.

Limelight Twice

RMB pricing: 573,400

   Inheriting Piaget’s DNA, the Limelight Twice watch (G0A36237) vividly reflects the avant-garde creation of the brand in the concept watch field. This imaginative watch can read the time in two different time zones from the front and back surfaces. This creation plays a double-sided role. When one party appears, it is convenient to hide, or elegant and capable, or enchanting. The concealed crown design reinforces its pure lines, and the deliberately concealed timekeeping button is to ensure the balance and harmony of the case design. The bi-directional wearable strap and buckle are ergonomically designed to fit even the most slender wrists.
Possession series

RMB pricing: 42,800

   The two Possession golden rings staggered to create a new connection (G33PX270), which became a symbol of eternal love. The pure beauty of the golden ring is more noble because of the single diamond and Possession 镌 lettering inlaid on it. It has become the most original concept, a modern token to strengthen the covenant of love and intimacy and mutual trust.

RMB pricing: 41,200

   You belong to me, I belong to you, and possess each other’s psychological offensive and defensive games. Where is the bottom line? The absolutely fashionable Possession pendant (G33PZ100) will carry the game to the end, eternal. The two golden rings, the double color creates an asymmetrical color contrast, freehandly shaping the tied knot, pointing directly at the love covenant concluded. The white gold diamond ring inlaid with diamonds is deliberately enlarged to highlight the strong contrast with the warm tone of the rose gold ring, and it has become a fashion accessory with feminine characteristics and bold geometric aesthetics, inspired by a little rock style.
Limelight Magic Hour
RMB pricing: 651,400
   Magic Hour (G0A37199) is another Piaget’s stunning concept watch, displaying a watch dial, which can be changed according to the owner’s wishes. The brilliant diamond inlay on the oval case and the visual illusion of the rotatable dial of the platinum case device are the most striking identifying features of Limelight Magic Hour. The Magic Hour watch, with its bold avant-garde design concept and refined elegant appearance, invites time to share.
Piaget Rose Collection

RMB pricing: 132,200

   Inspired by the famous Yves Piaget rose, this winter, the Piaget Rose collection will showcase a soft white garden shining with diamonds. In the center of this precious garden, the unique fragrance of Piaget Rose exudes the senses. The hollow petals on the white gold pendant chain (G33U0072) are carefully set with diamonds, and the natural desire to gently pluck the flowers from the heart is plucked out.
RMB pricing: 32,600
   The poetic beautiful pendant chain (G33U0085) calls for a tender vow of love. The elegant flower buds gracefully open its platinum petals, dipped in a fresh image to this acre of garden, the central diamonds play with light and shadow, and the light shines under the dew in the morning.
RMB pricing: 154,600
The golden rose (G34U6800) is magnificently set with diamonds in each inch of the petals to magnify the generous and generous appearance of the natural world, while the main diamond inlaid with the central floral heart gives a beautiful luster like real flowers.

RMB pricing: 1,704,500

   The earl’s jewellery garden witnessed the quiet opening of a brilliant rose, and its center contained the secret of time. In order to sustain the Piaget family since the 1970s, it has been regarded as a professional achievement in identification design. When this unique watch (G0A37180) quietly opened, the dial emerged, so it was named ‘mysterious’ watch. It took 70 man-hours to complete the setting, and the rose petals shone diamonds, perfectly emphasizing the setting of Piaget’s top jewelry. [RMB pricing: 1,704,500]

RMB pricing: 22,700

   The queen of flowers in the earl’s garden, the later rose proudly blooms its hollow petals. With its layer-by-layer flower design, the waves of pure joy are pushed outward like waves. The roses specially decorated on the oblique side give the pendant chain (G33U0086) a visually beautiful balance.
Piaget Altiplano watch

RMB pricing: 184,300

   New format in the Altiplano collection. This watch (G0A37034) is exquisitely pleasing in its feminine 24 mm case. The unique and gentle hue of the hour markers adds brilliance to the iridescent diamond dial, while the diamond ring on the gold frame adds an extra delicate touch. This new Altiplano creation is also available in white gold with a black silk strap version.
RMB pricing: 279,900

   In addition, Piaget applied softer corners and slightly arched sides of the case to give the modern Altiplano square watch (G0A37077) a new feminine interpretation. Continuing the design of the Piaget family, the square white gold case is set with diamonds, and the white dial contrasting with the strap color is decorated with elongated Roman numerals. The eccentric small seconds sub-dial is also carefully trimmed with diamonds, and the fine details are perfectly blended with the understated and exquisite texture of the watch. Equipped with Piaget’s ultra-thin 540P manual winding movement, Piaget Altiplano square watches are excellent both inside and outside. It is the best gift for women who love the top watchmaking technology.

Black Tie Collection

[RMB pricing: 272,100]
   Combining outstanding mechanical elegance with bold aesthetics, the new Gouverneur series watches represent the essence of Piaget’s historical skills and values. Belonging to the Black Tie series, it interprets the tradition of the series: a special case with an identification design, equipped with a mechanical or complex function movement developed, produced and produced by Piaget Fine Watchmaking. In the new Gouverneur series, Piaget presents an innovative case that is absolutely original and strikes a fine balance between the round and oval themes it uses. The circular and elliptical shapes emerged successfully, extending outward from the center of the dial, creating a refined, noble and harmonious structural prototype, showing perfection and innovation in every detail.

   Equipped with Piaget’s new 882P ultra-thin self-winding movement, the new Gouverneur series chronograph (G0A37112) is characterized by two counters that are horizontally opposite on the dial, which is very classical. In addition to the flyback chronograph function, it also has the functions of hours, minutes, dual time zone indication and date display. The rose gold automatic dial engraved with the earl’s emblem echoes the elegant colors of the case, revealing top-level decorative details that are not left out in every detail.

RMB pricing: 320,800
   Equipped with Piaget’s 800P movement, known for its stability and reliability, this Gouverneur automatic watch (G0A37111) has hour, minute and central seconds indications, and a date display window at 6 o’clock. Under the extreme aesthetic requirements, the black automatic dial engraved with the earl’s emblem echoes the same-color strap. The finely set double-circle beautiful diamonds on the case make this timepiece leak the top brilliance without fault tolerance and elegance.