Earl Grey Watch – Take The Classics As The Time To Witness

Earl witnessed when the classics fell in love

 At Piaget, men and women are an indispensable duo, and time is hidden in the Piaget’s classic and extraordinary watches in a secret way. Streamer whispered the symbol of love, advancing every moment of heartbeat and guard. On the Star Festival, the Earl offered his best wishes to the loved ones and lovers. With classic timepieces, he wrote a testimony for the time of love.

Lovers of the Altiplano series love the language and romance with the golden years

 The elegant and simple Altiplano series, like a pair of dances, senses each other’s heartbeat through the rhythmic dancing steps. In the pace of Lisuo, you can communicate with each other without words. On the dance floor overlooked by time, romantic lovers danced with eternal promises. The Altiplano series, first created in 1998, is reminiscent of its origin and design features. Every Piaget ultra-thin watch is produced in accordance with specific design rules. From the clear round or square ultra-thin case, the simple design dial, the slender hour hand, to the short stick hour markers or Roman numerals, all show the unique style of Piaget Altiplano. Altiplano watches are available in a wide range of styles for men and women. Altiplano watches allow the brand’s superior craftsmanship to be explored in more ways, extending to the extraordinary craftsmanship of making hollow movements or inlaying gems on the hollow movements.

 PIAGET Altiplano watch

                      PIAGET Altiplano watch

The immortal legend of the Polo series witnesses the promise of love than Jin Jian

 The colorful faces of the Polo series create a world where elegance and dynamics coexist. After nearly half a century of streamer, its modern and noble appearance is still dazzling. In the vocabulary of love, the process must be low in taste, and the commitment must be eternal and sincere, and look forward to finding a long, long stream of water with a constant blast. In 1979, the earl set its inscription on a magnificent face: PIAGET Polo. This watch conquered many outstanding figures in the horological industry with its original appearance, and captured the movement of the streamer with a case design that evoked a strong sense. Based on the principles of fine watchmaking, its bright arched and matte polished staggered chain segments perfectly border the case with the same bright matte polished case, which convinces the giants—the new typical of PIAGET Polo. Was born. Wearing a PIAGET Polo watch is an art of living. PIAGET Polo gold chain straps have soft lines and contours. They are large and stylish, more suitable for men and women. The junction of the case and the strap-reinforced side arcs to ensure comfort on the wrist-creates a charming deep effect.

 PIAGET Polo watch