Exceeding The Limit Interpretation Of Elegance The Piaget And The Brand Promotion Ambassador Hu Ge And The Fourth Generation Of The Piaget Family, Mr. Eve Piaget, Together Enjoy The Ultimate Charm Of The Altiplano Ultra-thin Watch

Shanghai, September 12, 2018 – Piaget, Swiss jewellery and watchmaker Piaget joins hands with brand ambassador Hu Ge to witness the ultimate craftsmanship of the Altiplano series of watches at the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art Elegant, joyful and free Sunny Side of Life brand philosophy. At the same time, a huge blockbuster of Sunshine performed by Hu Ge was released on the scene, showing its elegance and charm. That night, the fourth generation of the Earl family, Mr. Yves G. PIAGET, also appeared at the event site, interpreting the more than 100 years of Earl PIAGET’s persistence and pursuit, and interacting with Mr. Mathieu DELMAS, the Earl of PIAGET China, and Hu The song toasted to celebrate this unique and shining moment.

Mr. Yves PIAGET, the fourth generation of the Earl family, Mr. Mathieu DELMAS, the Earl of PIAGET China, took a group photo with the brand promotion ambassador Hu Ge

  Elegant and elegant interpretation of sunny moments
  As a perfect example of courage and perseverance, Hu Ge constantly seeks the true self from the experience, and releases the sunshine in his heart gracefully. This time, Piaget joined hands with the brand promotion ambassador Hu Ge to perform a new sunny blockbuster, capturing every calm and elegant moment of contemporary gentlemen. In the film, Hu Ge leans casually on the fence, the sun outlines his confident and charming figure, and the thin Altiplano Ultimate Automatic 910P wrist watch writes the Piaget simplicity and elegance. Containing praises for the art of living and praises for its unique charm, Earl Piaget incorporated the philosophy of free and joyful life into each of the dazzling dazzling products, passing the vitality energy captured in the gorgeous sun.

Hu Ge, Piaget Ambassador of Piaget, wears Altiplano Ultimate Automatic 910P to attend the Piaget Altiplano Sun Party

  Exceeding the limits, interpreting to elegance
  ‘Always do better than required’, this motto is not only the best interpretation of my great-grandfather’s work, but also the important spirit that has led the Piaget brand to continue to surpass itself in this century. ‘As the fourth generation of Earl’s family, Mr. Earl Earl, said, it is this pursuit of perfect beauty, firm and persistent enterprising spirit and bold imagination that have led to the development of an ultra-thin revolution. The innovations and breakthroughs in the field of timepieces and the inheritance of exquisite craftsmanship have prompted the brand to create countless ingenious works of art.

Hu Ge, Piaget ambassador for Piaget, wears Altiplano Ultimate Automatic 910P watch

  Extraordinary craftsmanship, why not challenge? In a world where gaps are recorded in tenths of a micron units, the Altiplano watch collection represents a true revolution. While ensuring the reliability of the movement while taking into account the aesthetic presentation of the timepiece, the Altiplano Ultimate Concept watch once again created a new ultra-thin record with the extreme slimness of 2mm, reaching the top of the world. The Altiplano Ultimate Automatic 910P follows the simplified aesthetic philosophy, condensing the unremitting exploration and pursuit to the wrist, inheriting the ultra-thin watchmaking skills, and displaying the new generation of gentlemen’s self-confidence and vitality with young and fashionable color matching and simple modeling. .

The constantly changing water ripples on the field create the sparkling waves of the blue sea, conveying the free and joyful life philosophy of Piaget.

The golden sand beach and palm leaves recreate the gloom and elegance of the island

  Happy party releases inner sunlight
  On the evening of the event, the brand’s carefully crafted sunny beaches recreated the romance and elegance of the island, leading guests to gallop across the vast expanse of blue skies and blue seas to spend a pleasant sunny journey in urban life. The masterpiece of the Altiplano watch on the stand bloomed elegantly and reproduced the sparkling waves of the blue sea under the warm sun.

Creating a welcoming island atmosphere on the scene, Altiplano series watches show elegant elegance on the stand

  With more than 140 years of extraordinary craftsmanship, each piece of Earl Piaget contains meticulous skills and self-breaking brand spirit. With more than 100 years of history, Piaget has never stopped pursuing extreme thinness and ultimate elegance. In the way of inheriting classics, Piaget is constantly exploring more artistic possibilities and creating more moving art.