Executive Feminine Interpretation Of Women Tasting Lange Little Lange 1 Series Ladies Watch

More and more women’s aesthetic pursuit of watches has changed in modern times. Most common ladies’ watches are gorgeous and driven by quartz movements. Nowadays, women are not only pursuing elegant watch appearances, but their love for machinery is also growing stronger. Lange launched the LittleLange1 brand new ladies’ watch at the Geneva Watch Fair this year. The new model incorporates three different shades and materials to create a refreshing new style, which shows the elegant and gentle style of women. Next, let’s enjoy the new ladies’ watch from the Lange LittleLange1 series. (Watch model: 181.039)

Interpreting the feminine style of women

   This year, Lange is playing with colors, incorporating purple and gray into the new models. The purple and gray dials are paired with white 18K gold design, and the brown dials are paired with 18K rose gold design. Purple is used in the models, which Lange has never tried; this purple of Lange is more biased towards a deeper cherry or eggplant color. Compared with a more traditional and modest gray or chocolate dial, the purple should appear More distinctive.

Watch real shot

   The ‘Little’ in the LittleLange1 name stands for a relatively slender 36.8 mm case diameter, which shows that it is specially designed for women. This is also true of this new Lange watch. The case with a diameter of 36.8 mm is made of white 18K gold. The case is polished and polished. When you hold it in your hand, you can feel the delicate and smooth metal touch. . Seen from the side, the three-layered case is very eye-catching, showing the femininity and perseverance on this side.

   There is a hidden button on the other side of the case to adjust the large calendar function on the watch.

   The guilloché purple dial reveals the exquisite sense of high-end timepieces. The various guilloche patterns are ever-changing, appearing on the main dial, hour and minute dial and small seconds dial.

   The eccentric dial is the classic logo design of Lange1. Lange1 was launched by the brand in 1994. This unique design is actually arranged in a golden ratio through precise calculations. The small seconds dial, hour and minute dial, and date display window form an isosceles triangle, creating a kind of ‘messy’ The beauty of harmony.

   The large calendar display located in the upper right corner of the dial is inspired by the 5-minute digital clock of the Semper Opera House in Dresden, Germany, which enlarges the calendar numbers to improve the legibility of the watch. The power reserve display is located between 2 and 4 o’clock and is also one of the representative features of the Lange Lange1 series.

   The watch is equipped with a Lange L121.1 winding movement, equipped with a self-made balance spring, combined with a precision setting system of horizontal fixing screws and gooseneck levers, which can provide 72 hours of power reserve after full winding. Looking over the case back, you can clearly see the movement that is called a work of art. The sculptor sculpted the patterns on the balance plywood himself. Each sculptor has his own unique style, so each movement is different.

Summary: When the female watch and the mechanical collision, it showed us a different side of women. Just like this new Lange1 watch, it is also full of elegance and elegance. If you like this watch, you can pay more attention. Reference price: EUR32,500, about 25,8000 yuan (Wu Fengqi, home of pictures / text watches)