F Constantique Frédérique Constant Slim Moon Phase Watch Adds Elegant Vitality To 2014

Last year, Swiss watch brand Frederique Constant launched its own ultra-thin moon phase movement series watch. Simple operation became the focus. Just twist the winding crown to adjust every complex function . The outstanding features of the watch are combined with elegant appearance, combining outstanding fashion style and precise and reliable functions. Frederique Constant’s engineering experts and designer team have continuously researched and discussed new designs. In order to further enhance the watch and strive for perfection, this year’s latest ultra-thin moon phase own movement watch was born.

Frederique Constant ultra-thin moon phase own movement watch series watch (model: FC-705S4S6B)

Stainless steel strap interprets elegant sports style
Different from the pure and elegant style launched earlier in the series, wear two new models of Frederique Constant’s ultra-thin moon phase own movement series, from the dinner venue and meeting room, to the outdoors, enjoying the sun on the yacht in the sea breeze Play a fierce ball game on the tennis court, or fly on the ice and snow to experience the elegant sports style.

Frederique Constant ultra-thin moon phase own movement watch series (model: FC-705N4S6B)

The two new models are equipped with steel belts, which are different from belt styles and sporty in appearance. The 42mm case of FC-705S4S6B is presented in three layers and is made of stainless steel. The watch features an automatic movement with hours, minutes, seconds, date and moon phase display, all functions can be adjusted through a single crown. The delicately arched dial features implanted nickel scales and hands, protected by a curved sapphire crystal, and a see-through back cover. Another model FC-705N4S6B is equipped with the same features and functions, but the dial is dark navy blue, reminiscent of a quiet night sky. Both models are equipped with a movement developed and produced by the FC-705 brand, with 26 stones and a 42-hour power reserve.
The new model of the ultra-thin moon phase own movement series integrates sports fashion into the watch, bringing a new feeling in addition to noble luxury.