Glasutti Original Zurich Film Festival Exclusive Vip Hall Starlight Illumination

The ninth Zurich Film Festival reached an exciting climax at the awards party on October 5. That night, Glashütte originally reviewed the colorful and encouraging ten-day journey of the Zurich Film Festival. As the official partner of the Zurich Film Festival, Glashütte has set up an exclusive VIP room for the film festival.

 As the official partner of the Ninth Zurich Film Festival, Glashütte Original, a Saxon watch factory, has set up an exclusive VIP room for the film festival, and it has become a popular meeting point for filmmakers and media representatives around the world. From September 27th to October 5th, the Glashütte Original VIP Room, located near Stadthausquai 11 and close to the festival’s event venue, provides a warm and peaceful rest harbor for excited and busy guests. Visitors can take advantage of the pleasant atmosphere to relax, work quietly, or meet colleagues and other film lovers. Glashütte Original also invited interested guests to admire the fascinating style of the new Pavonina series of ladies’ watches.

 The VIP room has multiple interview corners. Filmmakers and media representatives used this dedicated area to conduct one-on-one interviews with the actors, directors and producers of the 122 films screened during the 9th Zurich Film Festival to discuss all aspects of the film.

 In addition, Glashütte Original has honoured celebrities in the film industry around the world with a VIP level. Global President Mr. Yann Gamard personally welcomed Veronica Ferres, chairman of the festival jury, and a number of heavyweights at this year’s Zurich Film Festival-including Swiss documentary filmmaker Marko Markus Imhoof (‘More Than Honey’) and Oscar film actor Melissa Leo (‘The Fighter’), both of whom attended the jury held in the Glashütte Original VIP Room Group dinner and party. The Saxon watchmaker is also honored to invite filmmaker Tim Bevan. Tim, who founded the well-known British film production company ‘Working Title Films’, won the ‘Business Achievement Award’ for the Zurich Film Festival.

 On the evening, as Mr. Yan Gamma, the original global president of Glashütte, presented a Pavonina watch to Ms. Veronica Ferrer and Elizabeth Radshaw, the two jury chairmen, The scene climaxed again.

 As an official partner of the Zurich Film Festival since 2012, Glashütte Originals is extremely proud to be an important sponsor of the festival and the art of filmmaking.