Grü Ezi All! Celebrating Swiss National Day Swatch 2015 Fall Winter Collection New Listing

When it comes to enjoying life, what could be easier than breathing fresh air from the Swiss Alps, enjoying pure Swiss chocolate and cheese fondue, and immersing in the Swiss countryside. ? In the autumn and winter of this season, Swatch embarked on an overseas study tour, drawing inspiration from global fashions and interpreting the latest masterpieces! First stop, Switzerland!

   In midsummer, Switzerland, known as the ‘Kingdom of Watches and Clocks’, is about to celebrate 8.1 National Day! That afternoon on the trail leading to the residence of the Consul General of Switzerland in Shanghai, the red Swiss car was full of countless curiosities. Near the official residence, the melodious Swiss folk music Yodel singing has been heard in his ears. The strong Swiss style is full of the whole official residence. The red flag flutters in the wind, and the cute cows are amused on the lawn. Welcome guests. The arrival is like a moving scene in the Swiss countryside, and the busy figure wearing a Swiss flag T-shirt in front of the door makes people full of curiosity and expectations for this lively celebration scene. Swatch, a world-renowned watch brand that originated in Switzerland, invited the media guests to celebrate Swiss National Day in the official residence of the Consul General in Shanghai. With a unique celebration and a series of watches full of Swiss characteristics, it officially opened the 2015 autumn and winter series. Release curtain! At the site of the celebration, Mr. Hoffet, Consul General of Switzerland in Shanghai, Mr. Huo Lixuan and Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of the Swatch Group China, said to the guests that they were going to ‘GRÜ EZI ALL!’ Cordial greetings and start this lively celebration party together!

   In the official residence, a variety of Swiss cuisine and culture are presented one by one, which is exciting. Ms. Chen Suzhen, the President of Swatch Group China, first shared the design concept of the Swatch 2015 autumn and winter series to the media: ‘Whether it is culture, art, fashion or fun life, Swatch has its own unique insights and personality. This season, Swatch Taking inspiration from global fashion, the first stop is to pay tribute to Switzerland, the birthplace of the brand, and the GRÜ EZI ALL! (Swiss German, meaning: HI ALL!) Series is the finishing touch of the entire autumn series, leading people Understand and enjoy 100% Swiss style! At the same time, in the street horn and strong exotic style, explore the fusion of technology, fashion, sports and culture, to create more wrist fun and fresh experience enjoy life!

   In the mid-summer afternoon, the scent of cheese is full of breath, which is an indispensable cheese fondue in Swiss life! Try another mellow and authentic Swiss chocolate. The sweetness and happiness of the tongue are full of words! While enjoying Swiss specialties, come to a round of table curling, experience the Swiss national movement, and experience the vitality of the ice and snow country! With the unique folk songs of Yoder, a Swiss folk dance known as the “Alpine Wind” danced on the outdoor lawn. Even in the hot summer, the enthusiasm of this traditional folk dance was unbearable, and guests joined in. Form a circle together, and sing and dance together. On that side, there is a section of Swiss iconic red cable car on the lawn. Under the shutter of the camera ‘click’, the guests are immersed in the scene and feel the infinite charm of this cable car kingdom. There was a lecture on GRÜ EZI ALL! Swiss German at the scene, full of laughter and laughter. Everyone was immersed in the purest and authentic Swiss style. Various fun interactions made the atmosphere of the scene climax.

   The new product display area at the event, in addition to fully displaying the main series GRÜ EZI ALL !, the other two series in the fall are also stop to watch, put it down. The “Technology Fashion” series has a new meaning to the “factory style” with its distinctive outline and creative design, and attracts attention with its distinctive style.

   The distinctive sports fusion series can’t be ignored. The abstract lines and bold color blocks design are right and left. The unique misalignment printing shows the distinctive style of Swatch with some unusualness. The neon camouflage combination pattern creates a pop impression. , And the polka dot pattern full of fun and impact gives the diving watch in the series a new look.

   The beating pointer echoes the joyful celebration of the beat. In the autumn of 2015, Swatch, always creative, presents Swiss style to the world with wrist fun, and brings you the integration of global multiculturalism! GRÜEZI ALL!