Happy Messenger Fiyta Clover La8262.Gwss Watch

Life is becoming more and more colorful today, and the ladies are playing an increasingly important role in society. They not only contribute to the society with their own efforts, but also The beautiful shape makes up our vision.
 The story of the rise of Fiyta watches starts from the end of the 1980s. After the impact of imported watches on old domestic watches, the new force represented by Fiyta rose in Shenzhen, from watchmaking technology to design, All are based on the international market with a new attitude. Although it has not yet achieved the glorious achievements of old-fashioned watches, it has enjoyed a pivotal position in domestic watches and has been awarded the title of ‘king of Chinese watches’.

 The Fiyta Clover series is a brand new series launched in 2013. The dial is decorated with a “clover” pattern that represents luck, which better conveys luck and auspiciousness to people.
 Today we are going to introduce this FIYTA Clover series LA8262.GWSS watch. This is a mechanical female watch with a beautiful appearance. The white fritillary dial is presented in a four-leaf clover pattern, which is simple and generous. The avant-garde design of the hollowed-out window, unique ingenuity, adds a lot of attention to this watch. The stainless steel case is plated in rose gold to match the red strap, so it doesn’t look overly obtrusive. Together with the 34.6 mm size, it looks very atmospheric. The bezel is inlaid with red and white gems, adding a touch of beauty to this watch. The mirror is made of sapphire crystal, which is strong and translucent.

 This watch also has a name, called Fiyta Photographer’s Women’s Watch, I guess, it is estimated that the meaning of the camera lens is communicated to people with hollow windows. This can not help but imagine a woman with a free and easy temperament. Moreover, the design of this watch is already atmospheric, and it is even more lively and cheerful for ladies to wear it. The official price of this watch is 5280 yuan, which is not very expensive. At this price, a beautiful mechanical watch is already worth it. Coupled with the well-known actress Gao Yuanyuan once worn, the global limited edition makes this watch even more popular, the favorite girl must not miss it!
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