Happy Sport At Chopard Is 25 Years Old, But Today I Want To Talk About Its Material!

As a family-owned company, Chopard has not been in China in the past few years, as in some big groups, and has continued to have big marketing. Although it has invited several Chinese stars to open its popularity, it has also tried e-commerce in JD. In a word, this is a brand that feels cold to me, just like the family business’s style-boring to be yourself. But this year in Basel really surprised me. On the first day of the opening, I drove from Schaffhausen to the exhibition hall early in the morning to participate in the press conference entitled Chopard ‘The Road to Sustainable Luxury’. When the guests were seated and started to discuss the meaning of ‘sustainable development’, I was attracted by the appearance of the guests on the stage-why is it so much like Uncle Colin (see ‘Ace Agents’)? As a result, the response from Chopard’s sister made me stingy: it was him, Colin Firth! I was stupid for a few seconds and found another familiar face: Julian Moore. In fact, the stars themselves did not surprise me much, but they rarely encountered a brand and asked them to remain calm, and they did not reveal anything at all. Although the emergence of Wang Yuan (one of the TF Boys group) is also an attempt by Chopard to approach the traffic center in China, when I came to Basel, I was more willing to understand that the responsibility of family businesses is far from relying on stars to attract attention. When Wang Yuan held the speech in English and said, ‘I have always been concerned about education equity,’ what I thought was that following the luxury brand’s social responsibility, for young stars, it is pressure and growth. But before we elaborate on this topic, let’s talk about the watches that rabbits care about. The first time I wanted to write Chopard so carefully, the reason was that I suddenly remembered my own story before joining the industry. I just graduated at that time. I only knew the first thing about the watch. The first watch that was covered with grass was Chopard’s Happy Diamonds. The flowing diamonds are really full of girlish hearts. Unfortunately, I can only look at them. But the concept of a watch has been around since then, and like most girls who have just come into contact with a clock, they have been impressed by the sparkle. This liking is very pure. Speaking of Happy Diamonds, in fact, the design draft was long ago. Karin Schaefer, who co-managed the family brand with her husband at the time, also lamented that ‘free and uninhibited diamonds are the happiest and happiest.’ It became a real thing and became a very famous series of Chopard. In 1993, Karin Schaefer’s daughter, Caroline Schaefer, designed a sports watch, Happy Sport, which combines diamond and stainless steel materials. It also means that diamonds are not always combined with formal occasions. It can With jeans and basketball shoes, commute outfits are not bad. (The two pieces are works from 1993 and 1997) By this year, Happy Sport has been 25 years old, and there are too many good-looking styles. Others are commemorative. Happy Sport has also had a tourbillon. This year in Basel, Chopard will of course have some special models for the 25th anniversary of this series. First, combining the advantages of the two departments of fine watchmaking and fine jewelry, the Happy Sport series is equipped with a 09.01-C automatic mechanical movement. And this movement is specially developed for the case of 30mm diameter women’s case, this time made 4 styles. In addition, there is a new product that favors classic design. There are also 4 pieces, all of which are 18K rose gold and guilloché silver dials. The difference is whether the diamonds and straps are gold or gray frosted canvas. Of course, there are also arts and crafts models that embody the skills of high jewelry design. For example, Happy Fish tried on the rabbit field, I don’t need to say more about the difficulty of making it. Gold and mother-of-pearl are used as the material. It takes more than 30 hours to make this plate, and this piece has only 25 pieces. The colors of Happy Palm look a bit more toned, because Chopard is the official partner of the Cannes Film Festival and produces the Golden Palm trophy, so this series is inspired by the trophy, so we will see five diamonds and one on the dial. Mini golden palm. The production of this watch is very difficult. The dial of the mother-of-pearl has palm leaf bushes, and the resin collected from the Urushi lacquer tree in Asia is combined with the Japanese dill painting technology to make the decoration. To complete this plant background map, you need 170 Hours. It is also necessary to show everyone the back of the watch, based on the L.U.C 96.23-L movement, the gold palm pattern was carved by hand using fleurisanne technology. Another important piece of information on this watch is that the case is made of ethical ‘fair mining’ certified 18K gold. What does it mean? Just right we can go back to the original topic. In fact, when Chopard collaborated with Eco-Age in 2013 to launch a sustainable luxury road, it already had a long-term perspective. Fair gold is gold that has been awarded the ‘fair mining’ certification, that is, the material has a clear source and is guaranteed by ethics and society. Maybe everyone pays attention to the design, price and materials when focusing on jewelry watches, but few people think about the source of these materials. There is a movie called ‘Blood Diamond,’ a mining site that defies humanity, morals, and law during the collection process. For example, child labor, work beyond the legal time to squeeze miners, and so on. Of course, ‘fair mining’ is certified by the specialized agency ARM (Responsible Mining Alliance). What Chopard does is to choose these certified raw materials (two Latin American gold mines in Colombia and Bolivia, with the help of Chopard, have obtained ‘fair mining’ certification). In the past five years, Chopard has been promoting the use of fair gold: for example, the Green Carpet high-end jewelry series use fair gold; the first commercial sale series using ‘fair mining’ gold raw materials-the Palme Verte series; has done for the LUC series The first table of ‘fair mining’ gold raw materials; fair palm gold was also used at the 2014 Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. Recently, Chopard also announced that by July 2018, 100% of fair gold materials will be used to make all jewelry and watch works. Some people may ask, what is the special meaning of fair money for consumers? First of course, it is assured that there is an emotional connection. You can also check the origin and sense of participation in social responsibility. It is important that after the rabbit and Chopard confirmed that the use of fair gold materials across the board will not increase the price of the product. We have discussed issues such as ‘Is it worthwhile to develop the economy at a high speed at the expense of the environment?’ But it is certain that some enterprises are willing to shoulder social responsibilities and do not transfer costs to consumers, which is worthy of recognition. When looking at watches and jewelry, think a little more, and don’t waste this great beauty. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!