Historical Lange Tourbillon Collection

The 1815 TOURBILLON launched earlier this year combined the tourbillon stop-second device and zero reset function for the first time. These two patented devices have combined to simplify the watch’s precise setting procedure. The eighth tourbillon movement, made by Lange in 20 years, will be released in the day. Let us review several of the brand’s masterpieces together.

Precious photo: Eight Lange Tourbillon watches spanning 20 years. Top: TOURBILLON ‘Pour le Mérite’. Center (from left): LANGE 1 TOURBILLON, TOURBOGRAPH ‘Pour le Mérite’, CABARET TOURBILLON. Bottom (from left): LANGE 1 TOURBILLON ‘165 Years – Homage to F. A. Lange’, RICHARD LANGE TOURBILLON ‘Pour le Mérite’, LANGE 1 TOURBILLON PERPETUAL CALENDAR, 1815 TOURBILLON.

  Gravity is probably the most elusive physical phenomenon that has caused human curiosity since ancient times. In the 1901 book ‘The First Men in the Moon’ published by HG Wells in 1901, a grotesque scientist named Cavor developed A mysterious substance that counteracts gravity. Unfortunately, and perhaps luckily, we simply cannot offset or reduce gravity in the real world. However, a hundred years before Wells wrote the novel, watchmakers had already discovered a way to counter gravity and thus invented a tourbillon; in French, the word ‘tourbillon’ Make a ‘whirlwind’. The delicately crafted stainless steel frame carries the watch’s oscillating system, which rotates about the axis every minute. Through continuous operation, the tourbillon offsets the effect of gravity on the accuracy of the velocity.

1815 TOURBILLON surface and movement side
   Of the 49 Lange-manufactured movements that have been available over the past 20 years, no less than eight are equipped with this extraordinary device. But the goal of Lange’s product developers is not just to make watches with tourbillons. During the design phase, they are constantly optimizing all part combinations. Their unremitting exploration has brought many new ideas, and even a series of world-first works.
   The first tourbillon watch TOURBILLON ‘Pour le Mérite’ is one of the first series of watches launched in 1994. This watch cleverly uses the principle of leverage, and for the first time assembles the sesame chain transmission system to offset the impact of the continuous decline in the main barrel’s torque on the accuracy of the travel time. This further enhances the speed stability and accuracy of the watch. Limited to 200 pieces, this watch is one of the brand’s most successful works in the auction market. Today, well-preserved prototypes are sought after by collectors, and they can cost four to five times as much. Later, the sesame chain transmission system was also used in two other tourbillon models. Among them, TOURBOGRAPH ‘Pour le Mérite’ is also equipped with a chronograph chronograph. The RICHARD LANGE TOURBILLON ‘Pour le Mérite’, which debuted in 2011, is equipped with an extraordinary dial layout and clever rotating dial.

   In 2008, Lange launched two new works, one of which was CABARET TOURBILLON. This is the brand’s first and so far the only rectangular tourbillon watch, and the first watch with a patented stop-second device. Because the tourbillon itself cannot stop, it is always a difficult problem to set the watch with the tourbillon accurately. 200 years after the introduction of the tourbillon, this Lange invention finally solved this long-standing problem and successfully braked the balance wheel in the rotating tourbillon frame. Since then, the new tourbillon movements made by all watch factories have been equipped with stop-seconds devices.
   As Lange’s most famous design, LANGE 1 provides the perfect stage for the tourbillon. The first is LANGE 1 TOURBILLON, which debuted in 2000 and is also known as ‘Centennial Tourbillon’. Ten years later, the improved LANGE 1 TOURBILLON ‘165 Years – Homage to F. A. Lange’ is equipped with a stop-second device, and a honey gold limited edition is also available. This innovative gold alloy has unparalleled hardness. As for the automatically wound LANGE 1 TOURBILLON PERPETUAL CALENDAR, at first glance, only the inconspicuous lettering on the dial reveals the trace of the tourbillon. But when flipped over to the sapphire crystal caseback, you can see the operation of this precision device.