Hublot Hublot Art Rhapsody Creates Subversive Fusion

Contemporary art collides with the essence of watchmaking, creating a subversive fusion symbiosis. On January 8, 2016, when Swiss top watch brand HUBLOT Hublot borrowed the Chinese Lunar Calendar Bing Year, they shared contemporary art with Yue Minjun, a top Chinese art master with international influence, in the Imperial City art full of Chinese history The museum officially released Hublot’s first zodiac watch-the classic fusion monkey king watch. This is also the first time that the brand has released a Chinese zodiac watch with the theme of Chinese contemporary art. Yue Minjun was invited to pay tribute to Chinese classical culture with his artistic fantasies! Tradition and modernity are connected in this way. Western watchmaking craftsmanship and oriental classical culture are fiercely blended in an unprecedented form, and the refreshing image of Sun Wukong successfully interprets the ‘fused art’.

At the press conference, a full-fledged ‘Golden Monkey in Spring’ Peking Opera performance won a lot of applause. General Manager of Hublot Greater China Loic Biver and Yue Minjun unveiled the classic fusion monkey king wrist designed by Yue Minjun Table and dial image design paintings. The design quotes Qi Tianda Sheng from the Chinese classic ‘Journey to the West’ as a prototype. Yue Minjun reshapes Sun Wukong in the traditional cognition of people. , Expressing the fearless spirit to dare to challenge authority.

Regarding this watch cross-border, Yue Minjun broke through the traditional thinking and endowed with a profound internal interpretation. He said: ‘Hublot respects the art of fusion, and what I have done is to make art freely manifest on the canvas The integration of the world. I chose Sun Wukong because it is not only a classic icon of Chinese literature, but also a symbol of spiritual power that is not afraid of authority. This watch fully combines traditional Chinese culture and the modern worldview. I also hope that Have more opportunities with Hublot to explore new possibilities for Chinese contemporary art. ‘

As a well-known Chinese contemporary artist, Yue Minjun used his strong color contrast and exaggerated expressions to display his iconic ‘smiley face’ image. The ‘laughing man’ created by him has become a worldwide art icon. Integrating multiple times, states, and cultures, Yue Minjun uses his own image as a model to draw countless ‘laughing people’ who laugh and close their eyes because of ecstasy, and express deep thoughts on society; dare to subvert the tradition, be brave to Out of the ordinary, Yue Minjun hits people with ironic works of art, and his bold artistic style is criticized as a representative of cynical realism and pippi culture. Its unique personal style coincides with the spirit of Hublot’s ‘being first, unique and different’.

When the subversive innovative thinking collided with the traditional Swiss watchmaking, Hublot also adhered to the imprisonment of traditional consciousness and created with inclusive feelings and innovative ideas. The imaginative national artistic watch came into being. Loic Biver praised: ‘Yue Minjun is one of the most successful Chinese contemporary artists, and his artistic achievements are widely recognized at home and abroad. I personally appreciate his passion for art and his bold attempts at innovation. Hublot has always been integrated with contemporary art exchanges around the world. This time, it is also a great honor to cooperate with such top artists with distinctive personal styles in China. ‘
HUBLOT & Yue Minjun: Classic Fusion Monkey King Watch
The first Chinese Zodiac watch released by Hublot presents traditional culture in an eclectic form. The classic fusion monkey king watch will subvert the traditional Sun Wukong’s magical imagination, once again showing the extraordinary courage of “Dare to be the first in the world”. . The dial is set against a blue background and Sun Wukong with a bright pink face is laughing. It seems to convey an exaggerated expression of optimism and confidence without fear of authority, and the bright yellow curse he wears echoes the yellow square scarf around his neck. At 12 o’clock, a three-dimensional shape of the crescent moon is painted, which represents Sun Wukong’s master and apprentice Xitian to obtain positive results. The remaining five digital time scales appear in an irregular form: the time scales at 4 o’clock represent ‘four masters and apprentices’, and the Arabic numerals at 7 and 2 o’clock symbolize ‘Seven Wukong 72 Changes The 10 o’clock position and the 8 o’clock position more imaginatively represent ‘the eighteen thousand miles that the four students of Sun Wukong learned from the scriptures.’

The king gold crown with the ‘H’ logo is also ingenious. When the wearer pulls out the crown to adjust the time, it seems that Qi Tianda Sheng took out the wishful gold hoop in his ear. With a 42 mm diameter case, the bezel is decorated with Hublot’s signature 6 ‘H’ titanium screws. Rose pink, Chinese red, faint blue, and the bold collision of colors are subtly merged into three classic fusion monkey king watches-colorful and interesting. The case and bezel of the three watches are also made of different materials: black ceramic with rose pink, titanium with smoky blue, and noble king gold for Chinese red watches. At the same time, each watch is equipped with the same color alligator leather strap lined with natural rubber, providing skin-friendly comfort and flexibility. The transparent surface and mirror surface are painted with Yue Minjun’s personal signature.

The limited edition of 72 pieces of rose pink and blue color each symbolizes the seventy-two variations unique to Sun Wukong; the limited edition of 12 pieces of red Chinese style pays tribute to the traditional reincarnation of the 12th anniversary of the Chinese Lunar Calendar.