Imaginary Dreams Needle Athens Watch 2018 Sihh Subversion Extraordinary

It is unbelievable that the Swiss Athens watch broke the boundaries, challenged the tradition, and dared to explore the treasures in the ocean. Athenaeum firmly believes that if you are not a bird in a cage, you can fly freely. This is the so-called freedom, and freedom comes from a bold attitude to subvert the extraordinary. Come with us, look at the world, walk the time corridor and explore the new Freak Tourbillon watch. Are you ready?

   The Whimsical series introduced the self-winding watch for the first time, FreakVision: This high-end watch contains the revolutionary innovations of the ‘InnoVision2’ concept watch released by Athens Watch in 2017 SIHH. These include an ultra-lightweight silicon balance with a combination of nickel parts and micro-lamella, and an ultra-thin case made of a curved dome crystal glass.

  The display of time follows the way of the Whimsical Series, which makes it different from the ordinary series, that is, the time is displayed through a bar movement, and the watch’s ‘flying caruso’ will rotate around its axis. However, the parts are a completely new design. The new upper gear plate bridge is inspired by the 3D hull. The new curved dome crystal glass can make the middle part and bezel of the watch thin. Finally, the entire case is refreshing—the rubber on the lugs, bezel, and sides of the case makes the Whimsical Watch more transparent.

   The Athens watch is a pioneer of innovation in the field of watchmaking, not only because of the brand’s skilled application of silicon. When the first ‘Fantastic Tourbillon’ was launched in 2001, silicon had been used in high-end watches. Now, Athens Watch has made a bold advancement in silicon technology, added another patented invention, made an ultra-light balance wheel with hard nickel elements, and added silicon micro-flakes to stabilize the balance swing, thereby effectively increasing the swing of the swing. Accuracy.


Other first inventions in the watch industry are:

‘Grinder’ automatic winding system: radically change the way of energy transmission, its efficiency is twice that of existing devices. The ‘grinding machine’ system makes full use of any slight movement of the wrist. The oscillating weight is connected to a frame with four claws. This device provides double driving force for the automatic winding system. It can more flexibly guide the mechanical transmission and completely reduce friction.

The Athens anchor type constant swing escapement is based on the principle of elasticity and utilizes the flexibility of the spring leaf. This escapement, which maintains constant power swing, is entirely made of silicon. A round silicon frame, the pallet fork is fixed in the middle by two fine springs, which will not cause friction when swinging. The spring leaf is fixed at a right angle, and the two will bend when pressed, but at the same time, they can maintain a stable swinging state at constant isochronism. In this way, the positive energy value can maintain the balance wheel swinging at a constant speed without being affected by the change of the mainspring torque.

Technical Information

Model 2505-250
Movement UN-250
Function Display hours and minutes through movement
    ‘Grinder’ automatic winding device with detents and guides
     Athens anchored constant swing escapement; 2.5 Hz oscillator
     Large-diameter silicon oscillating weight with nickel weight
     Silicon self-adjusting micro flakes
     Silicon gear transmission gear
    Flying Carussell (strip movement): 1 hour and 1 lap
Power reserve 50 hours, constant swing
Case Platinum case with lateral “frame” sidebars in blue rubber
Bezel Titanium material covered with blue rubber, with 3 titanium indicators for easy operation
Can be wound manually by turning the case back
Turn the bezel to adjust the time, with a locking device
45 mm diameter
Dial Sapphire crystal with hour and minute markers
Water resistant to 30 meters
Surface Double-sided curved anti-glare anti-wear sapphire crystal glass
Case back Titanium, 6 screws, admiring the ‘grinding machine’ winding system through the dome crystal glass
Strap Faux rubber leather strap with titanium folding clasp
Reference price 95,000CHF.-
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