“Impression” Dacheng — A Watchmaking Art Dedicated To Sustainable Development Glashütte’s Original First Brand Biography, Shanda Premiere

On September 29, 2015, Glashütte Original launched the company’s latest work: not a new timepiece, but a special time record — the brand’s first biography. As usual, Glashütte Original also tried a new direction this time.
   The book ‘Impressions’ (IMPRESSIONS) does not introduce the company’s history in the traditional way in chronological order. Instead, it brings together a variety of personal memories, professional articles and some moments of historical significance. At the same time, attention is also paid to the 170-year history of traditional watchmaking in the small town of Glashütte.
   On September 29, 2015, many VIPs gathered in the center of the watch factory to attend the grand launching ceremony of the book, including journalists and business partners of Glashütte Original, current and retired employees, and many brand friends. The crowd not only appreciated the excerpts of the original author reading his articles in person, but also watched the exhibition specially organized for the conference and enjoyed an extraordinary personal experience.
   This evening proves in the most wonderful way: the love between watch connoisseurs and Glashütte Original around the world is growing day by day.

   The legendary biography ‘Impression’ will enter Glashütte Original stores worldwide from December 2015.