Introduction Of Two Mido Belem Celli Watches

Belem Celli 18K yellow gold manual winding mechanical watch (left), Belem Celli rose gold-plated automatic mechanical watch (right)

The elegant design of the Belem Celi watch is inspired by the winding and elegant side panel curve of the violin, elegant and soft curved lines lined with smooth lugs, which lasts for a long time like an emotion, and prides itself on rushing fashion Trend. In this cold winter, Mido played a ‘grateful heart’ with Belem Sairee: the design mixes the sounds in a clever and harmonious way: the movement also becomes more precise, the movement of the machine is more rhythmic and powerful, and the straight line and The combination of curves gives people a lasting beauty. In the world of music, the melody played by classic stringed instruments is eternal and harmonious. This characteristic will not be destroyed by time, just as the true feelings will not be changed by time, and it will not fade away with time.
With an understanding of the unique shape and aesthetics, the simple design and the pursuit of detail, the Mido Berencelli series PVD rose gold watch has created a unique work, like the emotions in the world, although there are always similarities, But each love is the only one that can’t be added: the chic chocolate-colored dial is decorated with three-dimensional three-dimensional scales, full and straight pointing to the center, and the hour and minute hands show perfect cohesion and the scales complement each other, as if it proves that the rich Maternal love is the most comprehensive care for children in the passage of time. Even in winter, it is surrounded by rich emotions, and it is as warm as the sun shining. Through the transparent back case, we can see the carefully-crafted movement and the pendulum of Mido, which are precisely polished by the years. The PVD rose gold watch is also unique in that the famous cork-sealed crown system guarantees a water resistance of up to 50 meters and is permanently sealed like a wine bottle. Thanksgiving is like a long-lasting protection system that protects the immortal Emotional light.
At Mido, Belem Celli represents the pure classic connotation of watches. Mido 18K manual winding gold watch, each gold scale is like a grateful story, glittering on the dial. The unique feature of this watch is the use of a manual winding mechanical movement. When you manually wound the watch, was it the first time in childhood that you played with the watch under the guidance of your father? The beautiful curved lines on the side of the case, and the large double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror dial are decorated with triangular flat scales, which resonates elegance and sensitivity. When the complexity and stylization are popular, these are brought to consumers The feeling of returning to true is just as true emotion is simple and pure. Slowing down the gallop, the beauty of life, should be meditation. A grateful heart, like an 18K gold watch, will not lose its luster if time flies.