Lily Aldridge, Muse, Is The New Brand Ambassador For Bvlgari Bulgari

Bulgari has recently announced that the international supermodel Lily Aldridge (Lily Aldridge) has newly become the new brand ambassador for Bulgari 2016-2017 and the famous fashion photographer Mario Testino ( Mario Testino) personally manipulates the camera and shoots a brand-new fashion jewellery for Lily. As the new muse of Bulgari, Lily perfectly combines elegant temperament with passion and sexy, with honey-colored skin that is cared for by the sun, and turns into Bulgari’s eternal muse. Her hands and feet show the beauty of the Mediterranean Renaissance. The historical style of Gerry, a family of jewels that originated in Rome. Photographer Mario Testino has used lenses to create countless supermodels. This time he worked with Bulgari to capture Lily’s extraordinary charm with superb photography techniques and unique aesthetic perspectives. Mario and Lily collided to interpret the distinctive characteristics of the bold and fearless Roman jewellery master, which perfectly matched the Bulgari’s hallowed aesthetics.

 As a visionary brand, Bulgari is the perfect representative of Italian style. Bulgari launched a new concept in 2016-2017, which continues to interpret the bold and fearless Roman spirit, bright and rich color matching, and boundless creativity. From the grand and magnificent Roman culture, Bulgari draws inspiration continuously and uses modern elements to reproduce the Roman charm. Elegant and noble, free-spirited, exquisite and elegant-Lily perfectly matches the characteristics of the Bulgari brand, recreating the unique views of the Mediterranean Renaissance on beauty. Her exoticism represents the Bulgari’s charm from the Mediterranean; her honey-colored skin and graceful figure reflect the elegant style of Bulgari deeply influenced by the Renaissance. Under Mario’s sensual lens, Lily’s eyes are firm and charming, vividly interpreting the long-term charm of Bulgari, a Roman jeweler.

 As far back as ancient Rome, the Italians were fascinated by the pursuit of ultimate aesthetics: Italian architecture emphasizes symmetry, paintings are delicate, and sculpture seeks to show the ultimate beauty of women. If Rome is likened to an aesthetic museum, then Bulgari is a banner of modern aesthetics. This culture of pursuing extreme aesthetics is not declining in modern times, and the beauty of Bulgari represented by Lily Aldridge is one of them. Lily uses her unforgettable temperament and the unique beauty full of Renaissance to interpret the bold, unique, distinguished and elegant brand identity of Bulgari. She is so dazzling that no one can better interpret the charm of the Roman goddess than she is: she is colorful, confident, elegant, noble, and extremely feminine; at the same time, she is wild, sexy and free-spirited, which is deeply fascinating .

 New Bulgari brand ambassador and international supermodel Lily Aldridge said: ‘From the jewelry giant to the muse, Bulgari’s status is constantly changing. Become a brand spokesperson and be one of the shining stars I am very honored. The Bulgari brand is very good, and I feel very kind to it, because this free spirit and extraordinary style have some kind of wonderful resonance in my heart. Bulgari’s Italian essence Bringing joy and vitality to the world, I sincerely hope that this passion and charm can be passed on. For me, Bulgari is not only a visionary brand, but also represents the calm and elegant Romans, Indulge in the uninhibited lifestyle of life. ‘

 Bulgari CEO Jean-Christophe Babin praises the new Bulgari goddess. He said: ‘Bulgari loves all good people and things, and we are very honored to cooperate with Lily. Lily’s strong confidence and elegance and charming, fearless attitude is very consistent with the Bulgari brand temperament. She seems to be from The styles of the Mediterranean Renaissance came, they were subtle but strong, and they were not square. This coincides with our jewelry works! ‘

About Lily Aldridge
 Lily Maud Aldridge was born in California in 1985. She was once an angel of Victoria’s Secret and a hot feature in the swimsuit special of Sports Illustrated magazine. Now she is a hot supermodel. Lily was born into a family with a strong art and fashion. His father Alan Aldridge is a famous British artist, and his mother Laura Lyons is also a well-known model. Her half-sister, Saffron Aldridge, is also a model, and her half-brother, Miles Aldridge, is a well-known fashion photographer, and her sister Ruby Aldridge is also a popular supermodel. The family seems to be inheriting the tradition of ‘making beauty’.
 Began modeling career at the age of 16, Lily appeared on the cover of the Spanish version of ‘Vogue’ just a year later. Since then, she has made appearances in major global fashion magazines, including Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, GQ, and Marie Claire. In 2010, Lily married Caleb Followill, the lead singer of the famous American retro rock band Kings of Leon, and gave birth to her daughter Dixie Pearl Followill in 2012. Rowell). She currently resides with her family in Nashville, Tennessee, and runs her highly successful modeling career outside the city.
 Bvlgari’s brand new advertisement for 2016-2017, with Lily Aldridge as brand ambassador, will be officially released in October this year.
About Mario Testino
 Mario Testino is one of the world’s most sought-after fashion photographers, and his photography is regarded as the vane of the fashion industry. From royal aristocrats to supermodel Kate Moss, his series of outstanding portraits for celebrities has made him famous worldwide. In addition to portrait photography, he also shoots commercials for major luxury brands and fashion magazines. Mario was born in Peru in 1954 and is now a world citizen. He travels around the world and uses his unique shooting style to present the image of a celebrity in his eyes to the public. His shooting angle is flexible, individual and expressive. He once described his photography philosophy: what you see is what you see, what you think is what you take.
 In 1976, Mario traveled to London to live in an abandoned hospital in Trafalgar Square. At the time, he was making photos of models who had just debuted, earning only £ 25 each. The humble beginning of his career has sharpened Mario’s unique personal style: his commercial blockbusters are exquisite and exotic; the show blockbusters are unique and exquisite. Since 1997, Mario has been selected by many members of the Royal Family of Windsor in the UK to become a royal photographer, and his photography career is in full swing. The late British princess Diana was the first royal member to be photographed by Mario, and he shot the cover of Vanity Fair magazine a few months before Princess Diana’s death. These photos eventually became Mario’s most prestigious work.
 Mario’s unique photography style is vividly shown in the Bulgari brand jewelry blockbuster. His artistic expression broke the boundaries of gender, and perfectly combined the beauty of masculinity with the charm of women, giving people a lingering sense of enjoyment. Vogue Magazine’s global editor Suzy Menkes commented: ‘The most important trait of Mario Testino is his ability to capture the moments of his subjects and present their personality.’ Mario is intimate with his subjects, This also makes it easier for him to capture the mood of the subject during the shooting process. Because of this, the characters in his lens always look confident and energetic. His portrait photography works naturally, not only expressing the stars with a new perspective, but also establishing the latest fashion aesthetics.
 In her 35-year photography career, Mario has created multiple masterpieces as a photographer, creative director, guest editor, gallery founder, art collector, and entrepreneur. He is also a determined philanthropist and art advocate. In 2012, Mario founded the MATE Art Foundation in Lima, Peru. As a non-profit art center, MATE actively promotes and promotes Peru’s cultural and historical heritage, and contributes to the local dissemination and development of international contemporary art and photography. In April 2014, Mario was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Peruvian Division of the World Heritage Fund. The organization combines training and advocacy projects to protect local historical heritage for centuries. In the same year, Mario also won the ‘Ocean of the British Empire’ for his outstanding contributions to numerous charities and charities. These include the Naked Heart Foundation, Elton John Aids Foundation, Aid for Aids, Sargent Children’s Cancer and Leukemia Care ( CLIC Sargent), AmfAR, Fashion Fights Aids, and Save The Children, Peru.