Montblanc Launches New Villeret 1858 Tourbillon Watch

Montblanc has made every effort to produce the latest model of the Montblanc Collection Villeret 1958 (Grand Tourbillon Heures Mystérieuses) in memory of the town of Villeret The 150th anniversary of the establishment of Minerva and the re-opening of the ‘Minerva Institute for Advanced Watchmaking Technology’. Just looking at the name of the new watch is enough to keep the world’s watch collectors holding their breath, expecting to see this mysterious watch as soon as possible.
    The limited edition of the Tourbillon Mystic Time watch only releases one platinum model, eight platinum models and eight rose gold models each, which is more scarce and more precious than the previous ‘Viller 1858 Series’.

    The large-size tourbillon of the Tourbillon Mystic Time watch occupies a considerable amount of space, and its appearance has a preemptive effect. The Villeret 1858 series is an example of Montblanc’s fine watchmaking craftsmanship, and today it is logical to add a tourbillon watch. The tourbillon can offset the errors caused by the gravity when the balance spring is in the vertical position. It is the most sophisticated watchmaking technology. Looking around today’s altar, only the best watchmakers can master it. However, the new tourbillon of the Villeret 1858 series is even better: the tourbillon frame at 12 o’clock is separated from the movement, and its space is not inferior to the hour and minute dial below the dial. Just look at the layout structure and exquisite design Has been aloof.

    The tourbillon frame rotates once every minute along the axis, and consists of 95 parts including the balance wheel. The entire structure weighs only 0.96 grams. The diameter of the tourbillon frame is 14.6 mm, and the swing frequency of the high inertia balance wheel is 59 mgcm2 per hour. 18,000 times (2.5 Hz); it is worth noting that by adjusting the three Minerva scissor activity compensation screws on the tourbillon arc frame, the tourbillon can be raised to the optimal operating state. The steel-made tourbillon bridge is shaped like two horizontally overlapping 8-characters, symbolizing infinite time and fine handwork. It is a rare work of art. All parts of the bridge and frame are cut from solid steel. After the master watchmaker performs the fine processes of forming, chamfering and grinding by hand, it takes 3 weeks to make a tourbillon!

Mysterious time display

    There is no shortage of dazzling mysterious pendulum clocks in the history of clocks and watches: the hour and minute hands are set on crystal glass, hidden above or below or on the side of the crystal glass at the movement position behind the dial, connected to the teeth of the glass, The movement of the glass is driven by the movement of the movement. At first glance, the minute hand seems to float in the air.
    The time display mode of the Tourbillon Mysterious Time Watch is also based on this principle. The only difference is the use of opaque mirror dials. Two thin paper-like transparent sapphire crystals are embossed with the hour and minute hands. Parallax is caused by the reflection of the mirror dial The two pointers are like dancing in the air. This watch is equipped with a Minerva 65.60 manual winding movement consisting of 286 parts. Most of them are developed by hand and have a 50-hour power reserve. The movement has a strange structure and the tourbillon is separated from the transmission wheel system. It also has a ‘floating’ The mysterious time display system is really the most fascinating new work this year.
Precious metal case, beautifully crafted
    The Tourbillon Mystic Time watch is available in three designs of platinum, 18K white gold and 18K rose gold. The workmanship is exquisite: the rounded lines narrow slightly to the 6 o’clock position in a drop shape, making it more comfortable to wear on the wrist. So far, of all Villeret 1858 series models, only this watch does not have a transparent back and a slingshot back, but it is attractive: first, the dial has clearly shown the beauty of the tourbillon, and in order to implement the watch The mysterious name, the sealed caseback engraved with the signature of watchmaker Demetrio Cabiddu completely shields the movement, in order to retain a sense of mystery. The bezel design also embodies Montblanc’s design thinking: the part from 8 o’clock to 12 o’clock is concave, and the part from 4 to 8 o’clock is convex. The uneven surface is smoothly connected and flawless. The production process is extremely complicated. The craftsmanship of the shell craftsman is evident. The beautiful case lines are perfectly combined with the micro-arched sapphire crystal glass, which is not bad, and it is clear and beautiful.

Crafted, craftsmanship: gold model with machine-engraved gold dial, platinum model with optional dial

    The guilloche gold dial of the Tourbillon Mystic Time watch is carefully carved and hand-carved, continuing another watchmaking art tradition: the dials of white and rose gold models are decorated with Parisian spikes (Clous de Paris), the unique platinum dial material, decoration and design are chosen by the owner.
    The manual engraving machine engraved the repeated pit pattern on the dial surface is the essence of the traditional guilloché pattern. It is difficult to master the trick without years of training. Therefore, the dials of white and rose gold models are printed with GUILLOCHE MAIN SUISSE ( Guilloche pattern Swiss-made) highlights its craft value; together with the words GRAND TOURBILLON HEURES MYSTERIEUSES and VILLERET 1858 on the dial, it means that its rigorous production level and value are far higher than ordinary Swiss Made watches. The 6 o’clock position of the mirror dial is roman numerals and long oblique hour markers, and the hour and minute hands dance on it; this position is also decorated with the Montblanc six-pointed star logo and the mother-of-pearl star logo set in the large crown.

Follow the strictest watchmaking principles
    The Montblanc Villeret 1858 series first interviewed in 2007 fully complies with the traditional Swiss watchmaking process. Each finished product is the result of intricate and complicated manual and grooming procedures, so the annual output is only hundreds. At the same time, each movement is limited to 288 pieces (288 is 2 箩: 1 箩 is 12 dozens, which is a total of 24 dozens; 箩 is a unit of calculation commonly used in watchmaking). Montblanc develops new movements in order to inherit the traditional philosophy of timepiece production and meticulous attention to detail. The advanced chronograph movements produced by Minerva Watch Factory in the past can be regarded as a model. The structure of the new generation of movement, the beautiful shape of the splint and lever are in the same line with the technological aesthetic standards passed down from previous generations of Menaihua. Only a few master figures can master this level of polishing and modification skills. Montblanc Viller’s 1858 series of movement parts and all components have been repeatedly adjusted and tested by the master’s hands. It can be described as a masterpiece, and it is more precious and rare. The output of each model subtly represents the year of establishment of Minerva (1858): 1 platinum model, 8 platinum models and 58 rose gold models.

Tailor-made design, distinguished and unique

    If the limited edition is still too late, the movement design and modification can also be based on the personal preferences of the watch owner. The watch owner can contact the wrist of the Institute of Advanced Watchmaking Technology (Institut Minerva de Recherche en Haute Horlogerie). Experts and designers communicate with each other and finalize the final selection based on the suggestions provided by the experts.

    Although the choice of watch owner is basically unlimited, in the end it must be in line with the spirit of Montblanc Villeret 1858 series. Whether the watchmaker loves platinum or Nepali slate dials, paved with pure white or fancy yellow diamonds, or pinch enamel dials, Montblanc will make every effort to show the master’s wishes as long as the technology is feasible and does not hinder the functioning of the watch. Montblanc also assured the watch owners that its tailor-made Villeret 1858 series watches are unique and unique, which are rare and enhance the value of collection.

    Villeret 1858 series is limited to 288 pieces per movement, making each distinguished watch a collector’s dream, the essence of fine watchmaking. Montblanc has launched a number of Villeret 1858 models since 2007, which has been greatly appreciated by watchmakers and sold out within a few weeks.
Concentrated essence of watchmaking art

    Montblanc Villeret 1858 series not only contains historical and cultural values, but also a timepiece art treasure. In order to highlight its noble value, this series of watches is not only produced in limited quantities, but also in a leather-encrusted box with a beautifully crafted lithograph set, which showcases the historical buildings of the Minerva Watch Factory, the views of the Jurassic Mountains, the movement drawing and Designated watch images, including the watch image, so lithographs are as rare as the same watch, with the watch’s limited number and the autograph of the master watchmaker Demetrio Cabiddu . Each set of lithographs is individually packaged with different contents, which can further show the uniqueness and rare value of each Villeret 1858 series watch.