Mother Of Pearls Feminine Beauty Parmigiani Kalpa Piccola And Kalpa Donna 20th Anniversary Watch

At the 20th anniversary of Parmigiani Fleurier, the brand launched the Kalpa Piccola and Kalpa Donna Anniversary Edition women’s watches. The case of both watches has an iconic tonneau shape. Parmigiani took the opportunity to release a new quartz movement entirely in rose gold. This movement is hidden under a stainless steel case, like a noble and elegant jewel hidden in a treasure chest.

Mother-of-pearl dial
 The Kalpa Piccola and Kalpa Donna Anniversary Edition watches feature a mother-of-pearl dial, a precious material that is feminine. The natural pattern of mother-of-pearl presents an enamel-like transparent texture, which is carefully carved by the craftsmen to divide the 12-hour scale. Such a delicate dial decoration is like a layer of tulle, which makes people forget about the complexity of the watchmaking world and turn into the feminine world of femininity.

 A tiny diamond is embedded in the dial surface in a sealed setting and becomes the focal point of sight. It allows the leap of light to spread on the mother-of-pearl dial, highlighting its three-dimensional impression. It is also the earliest model launched by Parmigiani, with the brand logo embossed under the dial, which is the finishing touch of the anniversary edition.

 This model has a mother-of-pearl dial in four different colors. Orange-red dial with red leather strap; bright white dial with off-white leather strap; light purple dial with white enamel leather strap to complement each other; finally, taupe leather strap with Tahiti mother-of-pearl dial. A stainless steel bracelet perfectly complements the dials in these four tones, adding a touch of modernity to the watch. The number 96 represents the year of establishment of the Parmigiani brand. As a result, each model is limited to 96 pieces.
Gold movement
 Through the back of the watch, you can see the delicate and beautiful structure of the rose gold movement; the bottom plate, the splint and the gear are made in the watchmaking factory of Parmigiani, and are decorated with the exquisite characteristics unique to high-end watches.

 The central splint is shaped like a drop-shaped lug unique to the Parmigiani watch; this pattern is also engraved on the back of the movement, like countless iconic symbols lingering around three rubies. Every process is very complicated due to the material, and in order to maintain the slim shape of the watch, the movement must be built in a very narrow plate, which fully demonstrates Parmigiani’s excellent watchmaking technology.

 Kalpa Piccola and Kalpa Donna Anniversary models are different in size, but both show the same spirit of watchmaking: high-end timepieces exuding charming femininity, and carrying the 20 years of Parmigiani watchmaking craftsmanship.