Multifunctional Watch Men’s Favorite Plaything

Watch, as a high-quality fashion representative, is regarded by many men as a classic in high-end playthings. Compared to women, men have fewer choices of high-end accessories. Watches not only symbolize a self-style and taste, but also become men’s favorite objects because of their unique mechanical properties. Compared with some simple and basic styles, multifunctional models are actually more popular. In addition to watching time, some extra properties can satisfy men’s curiosity and can often be used to pass time.
Mido Bruner M024.427.36.031.00

Model: M024.427.36.031.00
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 316L stainless steel with gold plating
Strap Material: Leather
Case diameter: 42 mm
Watch price: ¥ 14900
Watch details: 13900
Watch details: 18100
Watch details: certina / 20811 /
Watch reviews: The first two watches are relatively pure in terms of timing, and this Certina watch has a full calendar (month, date, week) display, as well as 24-hour indication, month Phase display and timing function. There is no doubt that this is a complex watch in a multi-function watch. It is richer in playability, and of course, the price is relatively higher. This watch is very similar to the timing module of the previous two watches, so it has similar operating feel. If you like a more complex multifunctional watch, this one will be within your 20,000 budget. The most complicated watch to play.
Summary: How can a man who pays attention to quality and taste lack a complementary watch, but it is too simple and traditional, and often lacks a kind of fun at hand. Therefore, with a leather strap, The elegant multifunctional watch with chronograph function has become their first choice. This type of watch does not lose the humility of men, while retaining the fun of watch enjoyment, it is worth choosing a casual men’s watch.