National Treasure Tour Of The Queen Of Naples Series Of Breguet Reproduces The First Watch Legend In History

On August 10, 2018, Breguet held a national tour of the Queen of Naples series with the theme of ‘INEVERYWOMANISAQUEEN’ in Vientiane City, Chongqing. Through this exhibition, guests can appreciate the exquisiteness and elegance of Reinede Naples Queen Naples timepieces. Not only that, the exhibition also perfectly reproduces the life scene of Caroline Murat, the loyal supporter of Breguet timepieces, and tells watch lovers and collectors the legendary story of the world’s first watch.

Breguet Queen of Naples Series National Tour in Chongqing Station
   Queen Caroline Mullah of Naples ordered no less than 34 timepieces from Abraham-Louis Breguet in her lifetime. These include on June 8, 1810, she ordered two unusual timepieces from Mr. Baodi, and recorded in the historical archives as follows: ‘A travel clock with super complicated functions, the price is 100 gold Louis, Plus a watch with an interrogation function, we will charge 5,000 francs. ‘This is the first watch in history. After two and a half years, Mr. Baodi officially delivered the finished product on December 21, 1812. This masterpiece of art has created inestimable value and achievements in the history of watchmaking. The Reinede Naples Queen of Naples series exhibited in this exhibition is inspired by this legendary masterpiece.

Breguet Queen of Naples Series National Tour in Chongqing Station
   This year, Breguet reinterpreted the masterpieces in the history of watchmaking, adding new products to its women’s watch series. This new Reinede Naples Queen of Naples series 8908 watch is one of the important exhibits in this exhibition. It features a rose gold case set with 128 brilliant-cut diamonds and a dial with Tahiti mother-of-pearl, equipped with moon phases. Profit and loss display and power reserve function, the crown is inlaid with a 0.27 carat natural ruby, showing the elegant quality of women.

Reine de Naples Queen Naples 8908

   The newly launched ReinedeNaples Queen of Naples series 8908 watch is also available in rose gold bracelet, which is elegant and poetic.

Reine de Naples Queen Naples 8908

   The ReinedeNaples Queen of Naples 8918 watch uses a redesigned Breguet digital time scale to complement the warm luster of white Tahiti mother-of-pearl. At 6 o’clock, a pear-shaped diamond of about 0.09 carats is set to shine. The delicate goose egg-shaped case is set with 117 brilliant-cut diamonds, and the white gold bracelet is inadvertently exuded on the wrist.

Reine de Naples 8918

   ReinedeNaples Queen of Naples series 8928 mini watch is exquisite and delicate, following the design essence of the Queen of Naples series, using the classic mother-of-pearl dial, its large Roman numerals and chic case shape. The goose-shaped case and spherical lugs are set with 139 brilliant-cut diamonds, paired with a delicate gold chain strap, which is smart and chic.

Reine de Naples Queen of Naples 8928 mini watch

   ReinedeNaples Queen of Naples Series 8939 high-end jewelry watch is equipped with a guilloché dial, following the golden section of the timepiece, ingeniously adopting mother-of-pearl lengths as the time scale. The bracelet is made of Tahitian pink Akoya pearls, which echoes the mother-of-pearl hour-markers. At 6 o’clock, the pear-shaped diamond is intricately and intricately invisible, making the dial attractive.

Reine de Naples Queen Naples 8939 Fine Jewellery Watch

   The ReinedeNaples Queen of Naples 8958 watch uses a superb gold carving process to depict a life-like sunflower. 54 diamonds are set in the center of the dial, making the flowers glow. The bezel and crown are set with 40 brilliant-cut diamonds and 1 drop-cut diamond, respectively. This watch is equipped with a self-winding movement and a hand-engraved engraved pendulum pendulum. Through the sapphire glass bottom cover, the movement structure can be seen at a glance.

Reine de Naples 8958

   ReinedeNaples Queen of Naples Series 8999 Day and Night Display High Jewellery Watches eulogize the sun, moon, stars and day and night with a sophisticated mechanism. The bezel and case outer edge are set with 131 square diamonds, while the dial and ball lugs are decorated with pavé diamonds. The crown is also decorated with a single drop-shaped diamond. Equipped with a movement designed for the Queen of Naples collection. On the dial, in addition to indicating the hours and minutes, there is an auxiliary dial showing the day and night. The two dials are interlaced in the shape of an ‘8’, which symbolizes endlessness when it is full of good meaning …

Reine de Naples Queen of Naples 8999 day and night display high jewelry watch