Nomos Tangomat Series 602 Watch Experience Sharing

It hasn’t been long since I started NOMOS, but I’m completely fascinated by it. Tangomat booked by good buddies in Germany, small three stitches, with date. Air parcel sent.

I like NOMOS because of a very chance.
One day I read a magazine and talked about a group of people playing Harley. One of them likes Lange, Glashütte and SINN military watches (all German brands). At that time, there was no concept of the watch, but I felt that SINN was very individual, and I really liked Dongdong in Germany, and then I checked the information of SINN.

In checking the information of SINN, I haven’t liked SINN yet, but let NOMOS enter into the field of view. Not to mention anything else, the name of the brand NOMOS alone is very personal, which makes people feel good.

So began to check NOMOS information. . . Take a look at Tangomat’s picture, bingo! Such a simple and design watch is not exactly what the watch you want! The dial is tidy and unobtrusive. The slender digital font, tangent outer ring and surface, and the two steel lines on the side show the watch level. It is too perfect.

After really generating interest, great google. . . It also gave me a deeper understanding of NOMOS watches, and made me more and more like German watches. Coupled with the Watch House, Love Watch Forum, and Famous Watch Forum, I found that NOMOS is a watch brand that I will like regardless of its appearance, brand connotation, and even price. After carefully checking the NOMOS website, I feel that Tangomat’s automatic calendar is more suitable for you. And it uses a movement that has been fully developed by itself. The dial also fits the current trend, increasing from 35 to 38mm.

Get started. . . There must be no agency in China. However, the online letter only had the old one, so I had to hope in Hong Kong. I found that Jebsen International was its agent. I asked a friend in Hong Kong to call. No. Later, I was anxious, and I called directly. It turned out that I hadn’t really become an agent yet. It is said that it will be available in a few months. (Friends who want to buy, Hong Kong should be better in a few months.) No choice but to find a friend in Germany.

The place where my friend is is not large, there are NOMOS, but the model is not complete. Among them, the Tangomat automatic calendar model is new. It is said that there are not many goods, and the agent also has to order. Then book it. Last December, wait, wait, wait, more than two months later, my friend got it. It’s been more than March in DHL air parcels. Fortunately, the tax was not withheld at the customs. Otherwise it will cost a lot of money. But he was also mentally prepared. I’ve waited so long, even if I pay another 30% tax, I still recognize it. Special thanks to my good buddies, huh, huh.

When I got it, I saw the real watch, that one. . .

Compared with looking at photos, there are several special feelings:

1. The metal feeling is particularly strong, the surface is processed by sandblasting silver plating (Is it unclear whether silver plating), the outer frame is mirror smooth and hand-polished, tangential surface treatment, the small three-hand dial is sunken, and the circle pattern is used for details to decorate the arrangement. So the whole watch feels very solid and has a strong metallic feel.

2. The dial is not pure white, but slightly beige! The side view is particularly obvious (same as the pictures on the website, but different from the white photos posted on the Internet), which is very surprising, surprising, and I like it very much. Because it has a special taste, it has a very good texture and elegant feel.

The ratio of the 3.38MM dial to the crown and thickness is very coordinated, and the style is also very uniform. I feel that the original 35mm diameter of the old model is significantly smaller. In the simple style orientation, the smaller diameter will appear too simple, not so atmospheric and not so eye-catching.

4. The movement, the Glashütte pattern and the sun pattern are polished, very delicate and beautiful, read a lot of information and said that the efficiency of automatic winding is very high. Based on the test opinions of Tangomat before mass production, the manufacturer has increased the rudder? size of. I’m a fanatic recruit, I do n’t know much about the movement, I have n’t seen too many other watch movements, I just think that the NOMOS movement is very beautiful. One of the characteristics that is different from other watch movements is that 7 blue steel screws With 3 visible ruby ​​bearings, the hue of the movement is whiter and colder. Still people feel the texture of metal and steel. I personally like this feeling. The winding of the movement is very good, and there is no problem of stopping.

5. The back of the case is fixed with 6 screws, which is waterproof to 30m daily. The edge of the outer ring of the back of the case is treated with a guide angle. The back is flat. After you get started, the force of the hand is greater. It is not easy to slide the band to zoom in. It feels very good.

6. The material of horse skin looks average, but after getting started, it feels softer, very handy and good. NOMOS does not provide metal straps. The official statement on the website is that they believe that black belts are the most suitable for NOMOS style straps-they like this watch factory with a strong self-style and its own aesthetic principles!

Let me talk about the advantages:

7. Daily strapping, the daytime difference is about +1 second, and no +1 to 2 seconds at night, more than 1 minute in January, very stable.

8. The table is well aligned and very accurate. It is indeed a German product.

9. Blue steel watch hands, in some angles, brilliant blue and blue, front view, deep blue and black. It’s hard to take photos of the master, it’s very beautiful.

Besides the shortcomings, I am not satisfied:

10.316L steel is not wear-resistant, and the hand-polished case already has some small fine lines. However, I think that a watch with a little fine lines is a watch with a feeling, after all, it is a daily product, but I guess there are still table friends who do not like it.

11. The color of the calendar and the dial are not exactly the same, it is cyan. Slightly upset.

12. Not heavy. I think the quality of a watch is important.

13. The date jumps. But time is uncertain. I once observed a jump at 12:30:30, but sometimes it jumped at 15 minutes.

Overall evaluation:

1. Good table, accurate (the essence of the table), very personal, very texture, full of design, good style (value added of the table), people can’t put it down.

In the future, maybe I will continue to buy other watches, miserable, and began to fall in love with watches. However, I believe that NOMOS will also become my favorite. I’ve been watching Lange 1 recently. . . However, even if it is better than Lange, PP watch, NOMOS is still a good watch, so to speak, not because of its technology, material, price, but because of its ‘style’, and this point, consciously other brands, can not Give it to me.

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