Baobao Tourbillon Big Calendar Oscillating Power Display Watch

This latest member of the L-EVOLUTION family is not only equipped with a tourbillon and a large calendar display, but also a power reserve indicator that Blancpain pioneered and which is directly linked to the automatic tourbillon.
    Power reserve indicators are usually located on the dial or on the face of the movement. This time, Blancpain offers a third possibility that has not been seen before, placing the power reserve indicator independently on the sub-dial on the automatic top. As early as 2007, Blancpain invented and registered this technology, and after 2 years of intensive improvements in the research and development team, it was used in this watch.
L-Evolution Tourbillon Large Calendar
    How to successfully move the power reserve indicator to the oscillating weight through the innovative complex structure is described in another article. Through this pioneering work, the pendulum not only plays the role of power transmission, but also becomes a medium for power information, and saves limited dial space, making it useful for other indications, or left blank for aesthetic purposes only.

Calibre 4225G Caliber with 7 Days Power Reserve
    This innovative device specially tailored for the Caliber 4225G movement with Blancpain 7-day power reserve can be seen at a glance through the sapphire back cover. Together with Blancpain’s floating tourbillon and dual-disc large calendar system, the color of the classic dial The case complements each other and is available in white and red gold with a brushed finish. All lined with rubber-lined alligator strap guarantees comfortable wearing.

The World’s First ‘world Nobel Prize In History’ Jaeger-lecoultre History Awards Announced

The French historian Serge Gruzinski won the ‘International History’ with the reputation of ‘Nobel Prize in World History’ at the 22nd International Historical Science Conference held in Jinan on the 26th. Institute-Jaeger-LeCoultre History Award, ‘became the first historian to receive this award. In recognition of his outstanding contribution to the history field, Mr. Zhang Zheng, CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre China, awarded him a Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso watch and a medal of honor.

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s China Chief Executive, Mr. Zhang Huan, awarded the prize winner French historian Serge Gruzinski with the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso watch and medal of honor
  The International Conference on History and Science was founded in 1900 and is held every five years. It has been held for 21 sessions (it could not be held during the World War). Each historian of each country is between 1500-2000 people, and it is a grand event for world historians. The ‘International Historical Society-Jaeger-LeCoultre History Award’ is the first academic award issued 115 years after the establishment of the International Congress of Historical Sciences. In a comparable way, glorify one or several historians. The winner, Grudinsky, is a pioneer in the study of global history and transnational history. His research represents the main trend in the development of historical science.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Taille
  The second hand is beating constantly, and the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop, which was born in Ru Valley, Switzerland, has gone through more than 180 years, and has not stopped production even during the World War. Every Jaeger-LeCoultre timepiece is not only a wristwatch, but also a recorder of history. And the owner of each Jaeger-LeCoultre watch, not only owns a product, but also the owner of the period of surging stories behind the footnotes of time. Each Jaeger-LeCoultre watch will open a brand-new story, depicting an unexpected world, which is exactly the connotation of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s brand-new time and space ‘opening a new world’. Jaeger-LeCoultre invites those who uphold the same values ​​to pursue the taste of life and love the beautiful things together to explore the mysteries of watches and open a new world of life.
  ‘We hope to recognize and reward these historians with outstanding achievements in the field of history through the’ Jackson History Award ‘. Mr. Zhang Huan, CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre China, said,’ Watches record history. Owners can continuously share their worldview and write their own history. ‘

Love Valentine’s Day Girard Perregaux Gp 1966 Series Vintage 1945 Series Couple Pair Table

Have a happy New Year’s Eve with friends and relatives, and frantically greet the arrival of 2015, the first festival this year that most lovers look forward to is the Western Valentine’s Day on February 14 . Valentine’s Day this year is Saturday, and you are considerate. In addition to pre-arranged surprise candlelight dinners, accompanied by a charming bouquet of flowers, your other half must look forward to this year’s Valentine’s Day gift. You are ready ?
   Here, Girard-Perregaux, a watchmaking brand with a long history of more than 200 years, carefully recommends two exquisite pairings of different styles for gentlemen and ladies, the 1966 series with classic round cases, And Vintage 1945 with a rich vintage square case, on the beautiful Valentine’s Day, the other half personally presented the Girard Perregaux watch that records every minute and every second of movement. With the beauty of timepieces of the top watchmaking process, you will convey your heart to her Loving, write the most complete commentary for Western Valentine’s Day 2015.
1966 series 41 mm watch
1966 series: classic style rose gold watch conveys warmth and affection
   Girard Perregaux’s classic 1966 series watches can always explore the inner elegance of the wearer. The 1966 series 41 mm watch embodies the brand’s elegant style and persistent philosophy, which reflects the essence of traditional watchmaking technology in seconds. The rose gold case fits the wrist extraordinarily, and the simple lines and exquisite decoration are perfectly integrated and meticulous, which fully reflects the essence of Girard-Perregaux’s traditional watchmaking technology. The micro-curved dial features four trimmed inlaid hour markers, a date window at 3 o’clock, and a creamy white dial with willow-shaped hour and minute hands and blue steel seconds hand, conveying the beauty of classic timepieces. This model is equipped with Girard-Perregaux GP4500 self-winding self-winding movement, consisting of 188 parts, with a 54-hour power reserve; the rose gold automatic plate is carved with exquisite Geneva straight lines, and engraved with the GP Girard-Perregaux logo. With the beauty of Youyong, this 1966 series 41 mm watch calmly displays the technical and aesthetic essence of Girard Perregaux for more than 200 years, which will impress you.
1966 Lady Women’s Watch

   As for the women’s watch dedicated to her, elegant and exquisite, exquisite and beautiful, is the best portrayal of Girard Perregaux 1966 Lady Lady watch. The self-made movement and the top decoration perfectly prove that the high-end mechanical women’s watch can also win the applause of women with its magnificent brilliance. The 30 mm rose gold case has a fineness, the case is polished and matte, and the bezel and lugs are inlaid with diamonds. The dial is machine-engraved with VI (6) and XII (12) two Roman numerals and inlaid diamond hour markers, coupled with the magical movement of willow-shaped hands, not only advances accurately every second, but also successfully creates a timeless female watch style. Through the transparent sapphire crystal case back, you can see the flawless workmanship of the GP03200 movement. The rose gold automatic plate is delicately carved with the GP brand logo. The edges of the plywood are chamfered and meticulously polished by Geneva. . The beauty of this 1966 Lady ladies watch is never out of date. It is suitable for daily wear or for grand occasions. It is perfect for her who is smart, wise and elegant.
Vintage 1945 series large calendar moon phase watch

Vintage 1945 series: Tell the story with retro style
   When he gives you love without reservation, the hollow face design presented by Vintage 1945 calendar moon phase watch perfectly tells such a romantic mood. For the first time, this model puts an extraordinary complex movement under a transparent sapphire crystal dial, revealing the mechanical style of precision gear structure, movement support, polished lines and other features, perfectly interpreting the extraordinary watchmaking technology of Girard Perregaux. Pure Art Deco style, coupled with the famous square case of Vintage 1945 series, and slightly curved lines, interweave into a harmonious and gentle arc, will provide his beloved him with an excellent comfortable wearing experience. The most amazing thing about the Vintage 1945 large calendar moon phase watch is the large instant jump date display window at 12 o’clock, which can instantly complete the date conversion in 0.005 seconds. The moon phase display at 6 o’clock provides a sense of visual balance and adds a touch of romance to the entire watch. Under the transparent crystal dial, the edges of the serrated moon phase wheel and the dual moon phase display dial form an elegant aesthetic. With the small second function, it presents a unique and noble temperament.
Vintage 1945 Lady

   As for the mysterious surprise for Western Valentine’s Day, the first GP Girard Perregaux women’s timepieces: the Vintage 1945 Lady women’s watch has won the beauty of Art Deco style. The dial of this new work is set with a circle of diamonds and a stainless steel case. It is also embellished with bright diamonds, which cleverly outlines the clean and clear outlines; the curved sapphire crystal mirror and the case structure are perfectly natural, and the 42 diamonds inlaid in the center of the dial are like the original train track minute scale. The 3, 9 and 12 o’clock positions are more embellished with beautiful Arabic numerals, and the date window is implicitly set at 6 o’clock; the delicate Prince-of-Pearl hands are polished with diamonds to reflect the pleasing visual sense, and each hand is tabulated The artisan’s hand bending is fine-tuned to make the arc of the hands perfectly match the arc of the dial. The vintage 1945 Lady has round bezels on both sides of the case, which makes the watch fit more smoothly. The left and right bezels are set with a row of 15 sparkling diamonds, which is more subtle and luxurious. From the back of the sapphire crystal, you can admire the structure and dynamics of the GP02700 movement and the exquisitely carved texture of the automatic disk. In particular, the diameter of the GP02700 movement is only 19.4 millimeters, which is one of the smallest automatic movements in the watch industry at present. The sub-indication and date display functions are definitely the best compliments for the tender and gentle half.

“Impression” Dacheng — A Watchmaking Art Dedicated To Sustainable Development Glashütte’s Original First Brand Biography, Shanda Premiere

On September 29, 2015, Glashütte Original launched the company’s latest work: not a new timepiece, but a special time record — the brand’s first biography. As usual, Glashütte Original also tried a new direction this time.
   The book ‘Impressions’ (IMPRESSIONS) does not introduce the company’s history in the traditional way in chronological order. Instead, it brings together a variety of personal memories, professional articles and some moments of historical significance. At the same time, attention is also paid to the 170-year history of traditional watchmaking in the small town of Glashütte.
   On September 29, 2015, many VIPs gathered in the center of the watch factory to attend the grand launching ceremony of the book, including journalists and business partners of Glashütte Original, current and retired employees, and many brand friends. The crowd not only appreciated the excerpts of the original author reading his articles in person, but also watched the exhibition specially organized for the conference and enjoyed an extraordinary personal experience.
   This evening proves in the most wonderful way: the love between watch connoisseurs and Glashütte Original around the world is growing day by day.

   The legendary biography ‘Impression’ will enter Glashütte Original stores worldwide from December 2015.

Longines Watch In Autumn Travel Season Recommended Wrist Wrist Elegant Timepiece

A hint of clearness and coolness in the air reveals that the pleasant autumn is coming; the slight autumn wind brings a beautiful scenery that is fleeting, and invites people to embark on the journey and experience in the scenery Time changes. Longines, a well-known Swiss watchmaker, recommends two elegant watches during this autumn travel season-the classic replica series 1938 24-hour military watch and the Somia rose gold diamond female watch, both A traveler full of adventure spirit, or a traveler who is devoted to historical and cultural travel, Longines watches are accompanied by minutes and seconds on the road with high-performance timepieces to appreciate the changing scenery on the road.
Men’s Watch Recommendation: The Spirit of Adventure in Military Watches

For men full of adventurer spirit, the exploration of the unknown world drives them on the road again and again. The Longines Classic Reproduction Series 1938 24-hour military watch is specially selected for these adventurers on the road, accompanying them over mountains and rivers, galloping in extreme environments. Its 24-hour and two-time functions are even more useful for travelers who fly over the time zone, providing key functions most needed by them, so that the wearer enjoys the thrill of mastering time. Inheriting the simple aesthetics of Longines military watches produced in the 1930s, the 1938 24-hour military watch has large white Arabic numerals and a minute dial, which forms a sharp contrast with the matt black surface to ensure clear readings. Super-LumiNova® coated hands and hour numerals ensure that the wearer can easily read even in low light conditions. The most striking second time zone bright red hand contrasts with the black surface, making it memorable, and each adjustment of the red hand symbolizes an unforgettable journey.
Ladies’ Watch Recommendation: Historical and Human Journey of the Town of Soymia

Compared with the adventures full of unknown and challenging, the exotic historical and cultural journey is full of surprises, whether it is to travel through the vicissitudes of the ancient castle, to visit the hometown of celebrities of art and culture, or to be in a museum carrying historical classics, let us Slowly, quietly walk into the destination of the journey, to carefully taste the glory of the ancient cities precipitated by time. The Longines Saint-Imier rose gold diamond women’s watch takes the traveler into a beautiful ancient city and the historical legend behind it.
In the seventh century AD, a monk named Imier accidentally found spring water and lush meadows in a valley in the Jurassic Mountains, so he decided to stay and cultivate the wasteland. After the death of Imia, He added the title of a saint, and in the ninth century AD he called the area Saint Imier (Somia). About a thousand years later, in 1832, Longines was founded in Somia. The inspiration for Longines’ Somia series originated from the birthplace of the brand’s long tradition of pure watchmaking.
The somia rose gold diamond women’s watch’s smooth lines and lugs independent of the case present a wonderful balance between classic and modern design. The 71 diamonds on the bezel and dial highlight the watch. The bright cultural light behind it also sets off the charming elegance of women.
[Watch description]

Longines Classic Reproduction Series 1938 Twenty-Four-Hour Military Watch Watch Number: L2.789.4.53.0 Price: RMB 15,500
   The Longines Classic replica 1938 military watch inherits the design of the Longines military watches produced in the 1930s and follows its typical simple aesthetic concept. This timepiece is 42 mm in diameter and is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement L704, which displays the hours, minutes and seconds, the date at 3 o’clock, and a bright red pointer to indicate the second time zone. The striking white Arabic numerals are coated with Super-LumiNova®, and the white minute dial contrasts sharply with the matte black surface. The black synthetic strap is stitched with white silk, adding a touch of color to this new timepiece.

Technical Parameters
Watch number L2.789.4.53.0
Movement Automatic mechanical movement
Model L704.2 (ETA A07 171)
161/2 minutes, 24 jewel bearings, vibration frequency 28,800 times / hour
Power reserve: 48 hours
Functions Hour, minute, second, date at 3 o’clock, second time zone
Case Round, 42 mm, stainless steel
Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with multi-layer reflective coating
Water resistance up to 30 meters (3 atmospheric pressures)
Surface Matt black, 11 Arabic numerals, coated with Super-LumiNova®
Hands are rhodium-plated and matte-finished, and the hour, minute and 24-hour hands are coated with Super-LumiNova®
Red luminous 24-hour hand
Strap black synthetic
Longines Soymia Rose Gold Diamond Women’s Watch Watch Number: L2. Price: RMB 45,100

   The Longines Soumeia collection is inspired by the birthplace of the brand’s long tradition of pure watchmaking. The fluent lines and lugs independent of the case give these new products a wonderful balance between classic and modern design. The case diameter is 26 mm and is in rose gold. The white mother-of-pearl dial is engraved with 11 diamonds and the bezel is adorned with 60 diamonds.

Technical Parameters
Watch number L2.
Movement Automatic mechanical movement
Model L 595 (ETA 2000/1)
8¾ law minutes, 20 jewel bearings, vibration frequency 28,800 times / hour
Power reserve: 40 hours
Function Hours, minutes, seconds, date at 3 o’clock
Case Round, 26 mm in diameter, rose gold, bezel set with 60 top Wesselton VVS diamonds (0.174 ct)
Water resistance up to 30 meters (3 atmospheric pressures)
Surface White mother-of-pearl dial, 11 diamonds, date display at 3 o’clock
Hands Rose gold hands, hour and minute hands with long-lasting luminous treatment
Strap Black alligator strap with triple folding safety clasp

Don’t Wear A 6 Million Rm, I Really Dare Not Award Oscar

The Oscar award is a movie event and a luxury event for jewelry and watches. Jewellery can be displayed on the shoulders and necks as a ‘body booth’, which is easier to recognize. Lady Gaga’s Tiffany rhinestones, Charlize Theron’s Bulgari Serpenti snake, and Laura Dunn’s Harry Winston River necklace all earned eyeballs. Watch exposure is relatively difficult, it is only the size of a square inch, and will be covered by the sleeves. But from the red carpet to the awards ceremony to the After Party, from the shortlisted stars to the awarding guests to the Party, everyone tried to show their wrists. Fei Dong wore nearly 6 million Richard Mille (RM) and won a lot of attention with Michelle Yeoh’s diamond-studded RM, which really did not lose the big jewelry. Cartier watches have the highest gold content; IWC wins; and Vacheron Constantin and Chopard are responsible for showing affection … Let’s take a look at how the 12 watch brands performed at the 91st Academy Awards. 01. Richard Mille Let’s take a look at Richard Mille, that is, Richard Mille, referred to as RM, known as Rich Man’s essential jewelry. At this Oscars, we found 3 pieces. The most eye-catching is the RM70-01 Alain Prost tourbillon watch by Fei Dong, red rubber band, black carbon fiber asymmetric shape case, high visibility. Fei Dong did not introduce more, music fans and hipsters are no strangers to him. His watch is launched by RM in cooperation with F1 Renault team co-founder Alain Prost, but it has nothing to do with F1, and it is related to cycling road racing. Alain Prost’s hobby is to ride a bicycle to race. This watch has a ‘cumulative mileage’ display function added at 12 o’clock. It is displayed in a mechanical structure and can display a 5-digit total mileage. The special case shape and rubber strap design are for wearing comfort when holding the bicycle faucet with your right hand; limited to 30 pieces, the official RMB price is more than 5.6 million. The second one was worn on the wrist of a Chinese actress Michelle Yeoh. The R07-01 rose gold bracelet was fully diamond-studded. There were no complicated functions. The public RMB price was nearly 2 million. Michelle Yeoh’s relationship with RM is unusual. The brand has previously launched a Michelle Yeoh special edition watch: RM 51-01 Tiger and Dragon Michelle Yeoh, “Dragon Fighting Tiger Fight”, Michelle Yeoh is the English name of Michelle Yeoh. Working with RM, in addition to Michelle Yeoh’s first-line international star status, she also has a relationship with her fiance, Jean Todd. Jean Todd was once the owner of the Ferrari team in the Schumacher era, and together with Schumacher and Ferrari made a glorious history of F1. He later became the chairman of the FIA ​​and has a good relationship with RM founder Richard Mille. Coincidentally, it was also an arrangement. Fei Dong partnered with Michelle Yeoh as the guest of honor. The two RM watches were in the same frame. The third piece appeared on Natalie Portman’s husband’s wrist. Natalie became famous, and ‘This Killer Is Not Too Cold’ and ‘Star Wars’ series are well known; although her husband is not famous, she is an important promoter for her to win the Oscars-‘Black Swan’ choreographer Benjamin M. Paide is also considered a talented woman. This Benjamin is a big RM-029 calendar model, the price of RMB is 550,000, in the world of RM, it can be regarded as an entry. 02. Vacheron Constantin Jennifer Lopez walked the red carpet with her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez. The boyfriend is no longer an entertainment person, but the legendary star of the Major League Baseball MLB, nicknamed A-Rod, who once held the league’s top salary record holder. A-Rod has been selected by the Seattle Mariners to enter the MLB since 1993. He has played for the Texas Rangers and the New York Yankees. He entered the playoffs 14 times in his career and won 3 MVPs, 10 silver stick awards and 2 golds. Glove award. On the red carpet, A-Rod wears a Vacheron Constantin Patrimony heritage watch, which is elegantly matched with a white dress; this 40mm 18K white gold watch with a manual winding movement, the domestic public price of 150,000 yuan. At the After Party, the two changed their evening dresses, and A-Rod also replaced a Fiftysix Wu Lu series Dai Dai blue dial full calendar watch, new in 2019, the price is 175,000 yuan. I don’t know if A-Rod will be Jennifer’s real son? 03. Panerai’s ‘Freehand Climbing’ won the Oscar for the best documentary feature film. Records the story of rock climber Alex Hornold climbing freehand in El Capitan, a famous climbing destination in Yosemite National Park. This is a sport challenge that is either perfect or dead: more than 900 meters of cliffs, without protection, can only be climbed with both hands and climbing shoes, and lose their bones when they fail. Chinese film director Jimmy Chin, who is also a mountaineer, explorer, and National Geographic photographer, has worked with Alex to shoot expeditions for National Geographic. When Jimmy Chin came to the stage to receive the award, he wore a Panerai Luminor GMT watch on his wrist. Both the film content and the director fit well with Panerai’s adventurous spirit. At the Geneva Watch Fair in 2019, Panerai launched several special limited edition watches, inviting watch owners to explore free-deep diving, arctic ice and snow exploration and other experiential activities that challenge human limits. It now seems that the experience in 2020 should be to go rock climbing freehand. Jimmy Chin’s watch model is Pam01320, 44mm steel case, RMB 64,000. 04. The After Party after the Patek Philippe Awards is the time for celebrities. Actress Michelle Rodriguez of the ‘Fast and Furious’ series helped producer Mohammed Al Turki eat a burger. Michelle looked like Princess Megan at this angle. The producer Muhammad wears a Patek Philippe calendar model 5146 watch, 18K white gold model, the domestic public price is 480,000 yuan. Patek Philippe’s annual calendar function was born in 1996. This 5146 plus the 5396 model with the month of the week displayed on the window is the second major seller of the brand. The leather strap style is more than 300,000. Instead of buying a Nautilus steel watch at a super-common price, it is better to choose one of these two calendars, which is classic and practical. 05. Cartier Cartier is the biggest winner of this Oscar-it has selected both the best actor and the best supporting actor. Rami Marek was awarded the film emperor with the film ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. He wears a Tank watch on his wrist, the case of which is an ‘American tank’ in a curved view, a stainless steel version, and a public price of 43,000 yuan. Watch fans are no stranger to the Tank series: In 1917, Cartier was inspired by the tanks born during the First World War. It was one of Cartier’s earliest watch series, and later derived classic tanks, French tanks, British tanks and other sub-series. Many celebrities have worn Tank watches, such as Princess. The best supporting actor is Mahesh Ali, who became popular because of ‘House of Cards’. He won the award for ‘The Green Book’; Ali is also a supporting actor in the new film ‘Alita’ produced by Cameron. Big villain. Ali wore a Cartier Santos hollow-out watch to receive the award. The steel case was priced at RMB 200,000. The Santos series was born in 1904 and is Cartier’s oldest watch series. It originated from the demand of Brazilian flying artist Albert Santos-Dumont. 06. IWC IWC watches may be the watch brand most worn by Oscar stars this time. The first is brand ambassador Bradley Cooper, who nominated the best actor of the Oscar for ‘The Birth of a Star’. He wears an IWC large pilot watch orphan with a unique pattern engraved on the case back, which is derived from a line in Anthony Saint Exupéry’s masterpiece ‘The Little Prince’: ‘Only with the soul can you see the essence of things’ . The watch will be auctioned online at Sotheby’s, starting at $ 16,000, and the auction proceeds will be donated to the Anthony Saint Exupery Youth Foundation. Next up are the guest speakers from Marvel movie heroes, ‘ant-man’ Paul Luther and ‘Captain America’ ​​Chris Evans. Ant-Man wears a blue steel shell ‘Portuguese Seven’ with a public price of 93,600; Captain America wears a brown-faced red gold ‘Portuguese meter’ with a public price of 117,000. In 2018, the Asian actor Henry Gore of the Asian Asian topical movie ‘Exodus’ was wearing a black disc steel version ‘Portuguese Seven’, and the public price was 93,600. In addition, the director and star of the classic American drama ‘Office’ B.J. Novak wore a white-faced steel version of ‘Portuguese meter’ at the After Party event, with a public price of 53,600 yuan. 07. One of Breitling’s spokespersons, the American actor Adam Driver was also shortlisted for the Oscars. He competed for the best supporting actor in the ‘Black Gang’. Compared with two other Breitling endorsers, Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron, Adam’s popularity in China is not high. He is not a beauty but acting. On the Oscar red carpet, Adam wore Breitling’s new Xiya series automatic watch steel model launched in 2018 at a public price of over 30,000 yuan. 08. Spike Lee, the director and screenwriter of Jaeger-LeCoultre, received the Best Screenplay Award. When he took the stage to receive the award, he jumped up and hugged Samuel Jackson. Spike Lee has a close relationship with Jaeger-LeCoultre. He wore a Jaeger-LeCoultre watch from the Golden Globe. This time for the Oscar awards, he wore a Jaeger-LeCoultre flip series and a small seconds large steel model with a public price of 49,000 yuan. Nicholas Holt, who starred in ‘The Beloved’, also wore a Jaeger-LeCoultre when attending the red carpet. This is a rose gold double-sided watch, which can be used in two places. 09. Chopard in 2018, Pujaka Chopra and Nick Jonas, who had just held luxury weddings in Bollywood, India, apparently have not yet passed the honeymoon period, and continued to get tired of the Oscars. On Nick’s wrist is a Chopard L.U.C series watch, a large date moon phase model, a rose gold case, a domestic price of over 200,000 yuan. 10, Rolex showed a lot of loving couples at the Oscars, Kelly Lepa and Marc Consus are also a pair. Although not a big star, the watch on Mark’s hand is a ‘big name’-Rolex Antique Daytona. Over the years, antique Daytona has taken off with the auction record of ‘Paul Newman Face’, which has exceeded 100 million yuan. From the 1960s to the 1970s, the antique di, which was similar in style, was auctioned for more than $ 100,000. Rolex is actually an official Oscar partner and has been an honorary sponsor of the Academy Awards since 2017. 11. At Audemars Piguet After Party, there will be many sports stars come to entertain together, either popular or retired. The tennis star Serena Williams, Serena Williams, once ruled tennis with her family sister for several years. In recent years, it is still active in tennis, but its reputation is not as good as that year. Watch fans must be no stranger to the wrist watch, from the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series, frosted gold, 37 mm size version, the domestic public price is 368,000. 12, Apple Watch Kobe and his wife attended the After Party event, holding Kobe’s swollen belly, their fourth daughter is coming. The basketball superstar did not wear Audemars Piguet, Rolex, Nautilus, or Vacheron Constantin. It was an apple watch, which was greatly unexpected. There are many watch brands appearing at this feast, some of which are celebrity personal items, and some are just like big jewelry from the brand. Jewellery and watch brands are trying their best to use this kind of global event to spread the brand image to more people. Maybe it doesn’t make much sense at the moment, but when they need to buy, of course they think of the brand that once impressed him. At the 91st Oscar, which watch brand impressed you? / end / Lu Xi’s interview notes Join readers, please send name + occupation + WeChat to [email protected]

Appreciation Of Panerai 396 Luminor 1950 Tourbillon Gmt Ceramica

In 2007, Panerai launched the first self-made tourbillon watch, that is, the PAM 276 Luminor 1950 Tourbillon GMT watch with P.2005 movement. This watch is equipped with a stainless steel case with a diameter of 47 mm, and a transparent bottom case that can show the rotation of the tourbillon frame. Even more impressive is that that year Panerai produced a total of 100 watches.

 In 2008, Panerai continued to introduce the tourbillon series, releasing the PAM 306 Luminor 1950 Tourbillon GMT watch. This watch has a brown sandwich dial and a matte polished titanium case. At the same time, Panerai also launched the PAM 315 watch, introducing the tourbillon into the Radiomir series. The PAM 315 Radiomir Tourbillon GMT is also equipped with a 48mm titanium case and brown sandwich dial.

 In 2009, Panerai launched the PAM 330 and PAM 331 watches. Except for the materials, they are exactly the same as those introduced in 2008. The PAM 330 Radiomir uses rose gold.

 Panerai made radical changes to the tourbillon watch in 2010, introducing the PAM 348 Radiomir Tourbillon GMT Ceramica with a skeleton dial and movement. The second most complicated watch launched in 2010 was the Luminor 1950 Equation of Time Tourbillon. This PAM 365 watch uses linear indicators to display the time difference, while the date and month, sunrise and sunset indicators are located on the lower left and right corners of the 50 mm diameter dial, with a starry sky on the back. Both watches were produced in limited quantities of 30.

 In 2011, the Panerai PAM 350 Radiomir Tourbillon GMT Ceramica ceramic watch was born. This watch is basically a PAM 348 watch with a skeleton dial and movement into a ceramic case. The color of the hands is slightly different.

 In 2012, Panerai launched the PAM 396 Luminor 1950 Tourbillon GMT Ceramica two-time tourbillon ceramic watch. This watch is also equipped with a homemade manual winding P.2005 movement.

 At 9 o’clock on the dial of the PAM 396 watch, there is a small seconds dial. Inside this dial is a black circular dial with five dots. This dial is connected to the tourbillon and operates at twice the speed of the second hand, which means one revolution every 30 seconds. At 3 o’clock on the dial, there is a day and night indicator. The hands of the indicator rotate once every 24 hours.

 This watch is equipped with a 47mm black ceramic dial strap that feels light on the wrist. Looking at the P.2005 Tourbillon movement through the transparent caseback of the case, you can see the blackened movement disk and the 6-day power reserve indicator. Three barrels provide a power reserve of up to 6 days.

 The tourbillon frame rotates right to the oscillation axis of the balance wheel around a rotation axis parallel to the movement base. This tourbillon system consists of 239 parts, and each minute hand rotates two revolutions.

 The PAM 396 is equipped with a blackened adjustable folding clasp. I don’t know if this folding buckle can be obtained from a boutique, I think it should work well with the PAM 441 ceramic watch.

Different Loves In Different Ages Five Different Style Watch Recommendations

Post-60s, post-70s, post-80s, post-90s, post-00s, people of different ages have different lives, different growth environments, and different values ​​of affection. You can’t make people of different ages agree with the same thing. Say a generation gap in three years. If ten years is a span, you can run a boat in this ditch, but you have to let them communicate with each other. Just like everyone has their own favorite or obsessed watch, arguing over which watch is best is a futile task. Everyone’s experience is special, good or bad, it will be unique. Everyone’s experience is limited, so we like to read other people’s stories and speculate on the past, so let’s look back on those times as time goes by and see which wrists are suitable for different experiences table.

Titoni 83588S-DRAGON-W watch

Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 40mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 18,800
Watch details: titoni / 26383 /
Brief comment on watches: Most people after the 1960s have been reluctant to recall those days. Poverty, famine, and political turmoil have become synonymous with their years of growth. They came from an era of denial, and their culture, literacy, and beliefs were questioned and criticized by later people. But many of them were the first generation of those who were educated after the resumption of the college entrance examination. They fought bravely in the tide of reform and achieved great success, becoming the mainstay of the country. This generation is fortunate and unfortunate. The gains and losses are only clear to you. Just like the plum blossom brand, it has been passed down three generations in the hundreds of years of ups and downs, and several people have been able to tell what happened during the period. As the earliest Swiss watch brand settled in China, it has sold countless timepieces in decades and is known and loved for its precision and durability. The price is also very close to the people, which is more suitable for the frugal older generation. The dragon-shaped relief of the same color as the dial in this watch is exquisite and low-key, which means auspicious. The automatic mechanical movement eliminates the need for daily winding, with a date display, it is sufficient for daily wear.

Rolex Date II 116333 Ivory Watch

Watch Series: Date
Movement Type: Automatic
Case material: 18k yellow gold-steel
Strap material: 18k yellow gold-steel
Case diameter: 41mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 89,200
Watch details: rolex / 898 /
Brief Comment on Watches: Post-70s are happy, they are bathed in the spring breeze of China’s reform; post-70s are lonely, they are the first generation planned; post-70s are contradictory, they face a constantly changing era. The post-70s generation is a generation that is constantly growing in change and renewal. On the one hand, it is still imprisoned by many traditional ideas, and on the other hand, it is constantly affected by external ideology and culture. The 70s, which grew up under the entanglement of old and new cultures and societies, have now become the most stable and successful generation in society. They have countless topics and timescales. This generation has seen more of the Rolex brand, both true and false. Seeing more does not mean understanding, and understanding why you do n’t love. ‘Jinlao’ is ostentatious to wear on a twenty-year-old man, and wise to wear on a forty-year-old man.

Beijing bracelet mechanical watch series B016200801S watch

Movement type: manual mechanical
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: 18k yellow gold-steel
Case diameter: 38 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 3,500
Watch details: bjwaf / 27258 /
A brief review of the watch: The generation after 80s was a misunderstood generation for a long time, and was called the ‘broken generation’ by the older people. Of course, this title has been successfully passed on to the next generation. In fact, this interpretation is completely a misunderstanding and there is prejudice. The post-80s growth environment is indeed better than previous generations, but this is the reason for the revival and prosperity of a country, and this generation should not be criticized for this. Today’s post-80s generation has gradually grown up, taking on more and more responsibilities of society and families. But this generation of people who grew up in honeypots always has a kind of childishness in their bones. They miss their beautiful childhood and peaceful student time, face many difficulties and pressures in front of them, and like to find some relaxation in their free time. opportunity. ‘Retro’ is also a fashionable term loved by this generation. Old bicycles, green frogs that need to be wound, and military green schoolbags have become their favorite. Therefore, this simple retro Beijing watch has His eyes have a different charm. The post-80s mortgage on the back may not really be able to afford a luxurious watch. The price of Beijing watches is very suitable. The classic Beijing Tiananmen LOGO may remind them of wearing a red scarf and taking pictures in front of Tiananmen.

MONTBLANC automatic 107076 watch

Watch Series: Star
Movement Type: Automatic
Case material: 18k rose gold
Strap material: crocodile leather
Case diameter: 39 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 75,880
Watch details: montblanc / 21464 /
Brief comment on watches: People usually think that the post-90s generation is a happy generation. In fact, they are not. They are facing a new era of openness and informationization. This generation is deeply aware of education full of contradictions, family full of conflicts, and society full of conflicts. The contradictory growth environment created their very different personalities. They do not care about politics, culture or history. They have their own values ​​and pursuits, and they are a more self-centered generation. Although Montblanc watches are not well-known in the watch brand, they have a unique historical background and a special design style, exquisite and simple. Many people after the 90s have entered the workplace, it is better to establish a short-term goal for themselves, save money to buy a low-key luxury watch that runs counter to the current impetuous wind.

IWC (International) Portuguese Series IW544205 watch

Watch Series: Portugal
Movement type: manual mechanical
Case material: 950 platinum
Strap material: crocodile leather
Case diameter: 43mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 445,000
Watch details: iwc / 10449 /
Brief review of watches: In fact, dividing people by time is more based on the social environment. In the past ten years, it was a decade of rapid economic development in China and a decade of the Internet era and the outbreak of social networks. Children born and raised in this decade of rapid development and change have a better environment for growth, but on the other hand they are expected to have more hope. This generation has not yet grown up, but they will face an economic structure that needs to be transformed and a social structure that needs to be reformed. The so-called long way to go. They may have enough apples now, but one day they will find that they need a watch of their own. This IWC Portuguese watch with hollow diamonds, a combination of gorgeous watch design and exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship, will not be out of date in ten years. Hopefully, the price of this watch will no longer be astonishing in the next decade.

In summary: a half-century time span from the 60s to the 00s, if you look at the universe, this is just a drop in the ocean, not to mention, but for a natural person, 50 years has been a long time. Different years have created different preferences, just like each watch brand, created at different times, has a variety of different experiences, and emits different breaths. Everyone has their own watch, the story between themselves and the watch.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Quatuor Dlc Coated Titanium Watch Appreciation

The ultimate challenge to gravity

 Excalibur Quatuor, as the name suggests, is the world’s first wristwatch equipped with four balance springs, which has extraordinary significance in the history of fine watchmaking. The whole mechanism is like four musicians, and a movement performed in conjunction with five differentiators at the same time, can be called the highest challenge to gravity. As one of Roger Dubuis’s finest examples of precision machinery in the 21st century, Excalibur Quatuor has once again surpassed the limit of precision and is a breakthrough in modern watchmaking.
After launching rose gold and silicon watches for the first time in the spring of 2013, the Excalibur Quatuor watch series introduced the new black DLC-coated titanium alloy watch for the first time at the 2013 WATCHES & WONDERS Watches and Miracles). This material is known for its strong modernity, elegance and durability, while combining lightness and solidity, giving this pioneering outfit with four balance springs, five differentials and two crescent-shaped power reserve display mechanisms. Sex watch is a brand new look with a sense of technology.

重大 A major innovation to improve timing accuracy

 The limited production of 188 Excalibur Quatuor DLC-coated titanium watches showcases Roger Dubuis’s boldness and creativity more than any other timepiece style. Adhering to the tradition of watchmaking, this unparalleled watch condenses many technological innovations. Not only is it equipped with four balance springs, the power reserve display mechanism is also refreshing. These two outstanding technologies
(In patent application) R & D is not for research and development, but a testament to the relentless pursuit of watchmaking accuracy.

 Due to the effect of gravity, as the wrist swings, the position of the watch changes continuously, which results in running errors. Although the tourbillon can partially solve this problem, Excalibur Quatuor offers a new solution. Excalibur Quatuor’s four balance springs work in pairs and are carefully laid out to immediately offset running errors caused by position changes. In other words, with the tourbillon canceling the gravity of the center for one minute, the Excalibur Quatuor can instantly cancel it.

 As the core component of mechanical watches, the balance spring has attracted much attention. This part controls the timing operation and thus determines the precise performance. At present, there are only a few watch factories capable of making other parts of the movement themselves, and homemade balance springs are even more valuable in the field of fine watchmaking. Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis is one of the very few integrated watch factories capable of producing this key component completely autonomously. With this outstanding technology, the Geneva watchmaker ingeniously integrated four balance springs into the same movement to create the RD101 movement, which overcomes the technical difficulties that have so far been considered insurmountable.

Stunning 16 Hz frequency

 A traditional watch with a balance wheel with a frequency of 4 Hz can be regarded as a high-precision timepiece. Excalibur Quatuor further breaks the limit of high-frequency vibration of this watch. This watch with four balance springs has a vibration frequency of 16 hertz. 16 Hz is related to the basic movement, not just a function of the movement, which can be described as an extraordinary technical achievement. The four sets of balance springs oscillate 4 times per second, correspondingly doubling the vibration frequency of the Excalibur Quatuor watch, because all balances will not oscillate at the same time. This design provides a new guarantee for accurate timekeeping, replacing the ‘tick’ sound of traditional watches with a harmonious and gentle high-precision timing sound.

Novel and chic power reserve display

 Excalibur Quatuor watches not only challenge the laws of gravity and high vibration frequencies, but also read the power reserve in a unique way. The crescent-shaped dual display runs synchronously with the barrel, that is, 4.5 revolutions per day, and the hands rotate at a relatively slower speed. As the power reserve is depleted, the hands move with the barrel, so that the power reserve is accurately displayed on the two crescent arcs. This innovative mechanism is creative, precise, reliable, beautiful and intuitive. It is patent pending and is the perfect symbol of Roger Dubuis brand values.

3 + 2 = 5 groups of differentials = 7 years of research and development = double innovation

 In 2005, Roger Dubuis shocked the industry with a floating tourbillon watch equipped with a differential. Roger Dubuis has developed this Excalibur Quatuor with seven years of research and development.
This masterpiece of timepieces brings together many extraordinary craftsmanship, not only integrating four balance wheels and novel power reserve display, but also equipped with five differentials.
Three of them are connected to the balance wheel in the watch gear train, one on the central gear and the other two on the triple wheel, ensuring balance and achieving impeccable accuracy. The fourth differential guarantees a power reserve display, and the fifth connects the winding rod and two parallel barrels.

Extraordinary mechanical mechanism combined with strong design sense

 The Excalibur Quatuor is the creative work of Roger Dubuis, transcending the classic qualities that have established the brand’s legend. From the first draft of the design to the DLC-coated titanium model that debuted at the WATCHES & WONDERS in 2013, this watch masterpiece combines all the expertise of Roger Dubuis.
Beyond the limits of technology and accepting incredible challenges is the eternal pursuit of the brand.

 Watchmakers, engineers, and designers work hard at each design stage to achieve the perfect fusion of technology and design. Even trivial improvements are the result of careful consideration. The production of 590 parts of the RD101 movement also adheres to this criterion. The rigorous grasp of the design, production, adjustment and manual decoration of each component reflects the perfect combination of machinery and aesthetics.

 The beautifully laid-out dial elegantly presents four balances with hairsprings, which make people fascinated by cutting-edge watchmaking technology. The bridges and splints are extremely streamlined, giving a modern interpretation of the ancient hollow-out process. Excalibur Quatuor watches are exquisitely crafted to exude unique beauty and charm. With a chic layout, bold design and powerful features, this modern fine watchmaking jewellery perfectly conveys the spirit of freedom and avant-garde of Roger Dubuis. To highlight the stunning mechanical construction of the watch, the case design incorporates the classic elements of the Excalibur series: circular arcs, grooved bezels, crown protection and a three-pointer lug-fixed strap.

 Extreme quality is Roger Dubuis’s unswerving pursuit. The Excalibur Quatuor’s movement and the entire watch are engraved with the Geneva Seal, just like all timepieces by Roger Dubuis, which is unique in the fine watchmaking world.

From Roger Dubuis to Gregory Bruttin: two generations of watchmakers fighting for the same dream

 Wisdom does not depend on age, so does talent, as long as there is sufficient will to constantly push the limits of watchmaking. This is exactly the case with Gregory Bruttin, the current head of movement development at Roger Dubuis. Fascinated by the beauty of machinery, the young watchmaker and his team created the Excalibur Quatuor. This is a dazzling bright sword move, but also heralds a wonderful chapter in the future of the watch factory.

 Gregory Bruttin has worked with several other well-known Swiss watch brands and achieved good results. He joined Roger Dubuis in 2002. Incorporating one of the most innovative watch factories in the 21st century from this point, it is even more significant that he was able to meet the founder of the watch factory, Mr. Roger Dubuis.

 Mr. Roger Dubuis is admired not only for his superb watchmaking skills, but also for his foresight and innovative spirit. The inspirational founder, when he founded the brand in 1995, positioned it as the only watchmaker to have all its movements certified for the Geneva Seal.

 Gregory Bruttin and Roger Dubuy have worked closely for many years, drawing on technology and creative inspiration from each other.
In 2006, a young watchmaker became the head of the brand’s technical department. He actively invested in the development of movements and participated in the establishment of the original watchmaking factory. In 2009, he led the movement research and development department and was officially appointed as the director of the movement research and development department in 2011.
Gregory Bruttin and Roger Dubuis are both endowed with the same genes: avant-garde spirit, excellent craftsmanship and talent, and jointly create a land of innovation. The common concept of the two naturally inherits the traditional value of the brand. With the launch of the Excalibur Quatuor, the watch factory launched a veritable star into the starry sky.

Hermes Arceau Pocket Millefiori Pocket Watch

The Arceau Pocket Millefiori pocket watch shows dazzling charm. Its crystal dial reproduces the scale pattern of crocodile skin in a breathtaking atmosphere. Echoing the case back that is adorned with this precious leather, it seems tempting to play a face-changing game. Is it true or false? Swim between illusion and reality.

   This production technique is derived from the Qianhua paperweight craft of the nineteenth century and is produced by Saint-Louis crystal workshop. The minerals, which have always been kept secret, are mixed to form a unique black substance due to chemical action, and then mixed into the molten crystal. Once removed from the furnace mouth, the crystal master uses blow molding technology to transform the molten material into crystal pellets.

   The craftsman pulled out the long fine crystal stems and cut them into small pieces. Finally, these long stems are used to combine the desired patterns. Is this animal scale or crystal pattern? This model is limited to two pieces, and in this dazzling time, you can experience the magic.
Designer: Henri d’ Origny (1978)
750 white gold case
Diameter: 48 mm, inner lug spacing 26 mm
Size: Oversized
Anti-glare sapphire crystal with case back
Case back with black matte alligator leather
Water-resistant to 30 meters
Millefiori Thousand Flowers Crystal by Saint Louis Crystal Workshop
Hermes homemade H1837 movement
Self-winding movement, Swiss made
Diameter: 26 mm (11 ½ francs)
Thickness: 3.7 mm
193 parts, 28 rubies
28,800 wobbles per hour (4 Hz)
Power reserve 50 hours
The floor is decorated with pearl and swirl patterns,
The splint and oscillating weight are satin-finished and made exclusively for Hermès H
Word logo texture decoration
Hour and minute display
Thin belt
Black matte alligator leather
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