A 660,000 Dive Watch Will You Pay For It?

This watch with a price of RMB 660,000 is a diving watch made by Richard Mille. Under its traditional round case, the complex technology contained in it is extremely powerful.
660,000? I’m sure you heard it right, just don’t know if it was a surprise or a shock to you! Of course, in the watch industry from the hands of big-name watches, since the price is only high. Maybe too many people think that their prices are simply too outrageous, but there will always be people willing to pay for it. Maybe this is the crazy love of watch lovers!
Richard Mille RM025 Tourbillon Chronometer
This watch with a price of RMB 660,000 comes from a diving watch made by Richard Mille. What is so amazing about it and whether it is worth the price, let’s take a look. Richard Mille has always been known for its technology-rich design. This watch uses carbon nanofibers dedicated to fighters to create an ultra-lightweight tourbillon. In its oversized case with a diameter of 55mm and a thickness of more than 7mm, amazing new technologies are hidden.
RM025 Tourbillon Chronometer
外形 From the appearance, it looks like a traditional round watch, but under this traditional round case, the complex technology contained in it is extremely powerful. This RM025 uses a carbon nanofiber tourbillon chronograph based on the famous RM008 movement, which happens to be a mainstream and unique new chronograph style in the 21st century.
This watch took five years to develop
RM025 movement combines two extremes into one: the complexity of a tourbillon and the complexity of a chronograph movement. Don’t underestimate this project, it took five years to develop, because the designer must start with a blank piece of paper. The diving depth of this watch is 300 meters. Its superior waterproof performance and complicated craftsmanship are really not easy!

Bvlgari Octoitalian Noble Style

Octo has an intractable charm because it is complex and unfathomable. In design, it avoids the simple thinking and discards the idea of ​​following; it has its symbolic meaning, represents an outstanding, extraordinary, rigorous personality, and has the beauty of the inner and outer circle. In this age of exploration of understanding, value and meaning, it prides itself on being extremely thorough and complete. It draws on the strengths of all parties, provides a well-structured movement, clear time display, easy for users to appreciate and love, and even easy to envy. Octo’s true colors come from bloodlines. Italian creativity combines Swiss precision, which is the crystallization of this love, taking the best factors of both sides, and choosing between sensibility and precision. BVLGARI is world-renowned for its distinctive personality and beautiful and luxurious jewelry specialty. Octo already has a cornerstone status in the BVLGARI watch series; it is not only precise but also careful about its structure, which is the most vivid response to Italian design minds.

Octo Velocissimo aristocratic lineage
 Octo Velocissimo has actually transcended traditional functions and built a wider, full of aesthetic and sensual pattern. It is obviously a metropolitan style, created for those who are strong and strong; pure blood style, commanding with technical orientation, style is not out of the ordinary, but the appearance emphasizes purely chronograph style created by the classic watchmaking tradition. The three chronograph faceplates are arranged in a “V” shape to balance the faceplate surface. The minute dial is at 3 o’clock, the hour dial is at 6 o’clock, and the second dial is at 9 o’clock. In addition to the hour and minute hands, the center is a sweeping second hand, and a date window is provided from 4 to 5 o’clock. The layout of the display at all times is harmonious and pleasing to the eye, with a hand-polished painted black face plate.
 Whether it’s rose gold or stainless steel, underneath the appearance of the measuring instrument, there is an inscrutable device hidden in elegance and strength. A wonderful architectural masterpiece with a phase contrast engine: the new Velocissimo movement, a high frequency chronograph movement (36,000 vibrations per hour), equipped with column wheels, silicon escapement and automatic winding With 50-hour power reserve.

Octo Velocissimo Chronograph is available in three models: 18K rose gold case with crocodile leather strap; stainless steel case with crocodile leather strap; or stainless steel case with stainless steel bracelet.

Octo Velocissimo has actually transcended traditional functions and built a wider, full of aesthetic and sensual pattern.

Introduction Of Radar Hyperchrome Series Watch

What truly unites the 27 powerful family members of the RADO HyperChrome series watch is the elegant and smooth bright design on the two sides of the watch, like braces. Fully reflecting the innovative materials created by RADO’s pioneering heat-intensive process, this series of watches harmoniously combines high-tech ceramics, Ceramos titanium carbide cermets and diamonds into one. From the hardened gold metal style to the silver stainless steel style, the same groundbreaking structure is used to create a brand new alternative in the field of watches. From automatic chronograph models to junior models or quartz models, everyone offers the best answer to different tastes of time. A variety of watch sizes, regardless of gender, can meet their favorite styles.
 The design of the perfect circular frame around the dial of the HyperChrome series watch is inspired by the mysterious ring pattern surrounding Saturn. Each new model in this collection showcases RADO’s outstanding technology in blending classic watch shapes with modern innovative materials, bringing ultimate comfort, durability and Swiss-made precision for the future. The HyperChrome series is the expected result, and it is inspired by its famous predecessor, the Swiss Rado Horse series.

RADO Swiss Radar HyperChrome Automatic Chronograph (Black High-tech Ceramic Material, Oversized)
Movement: 12 ½ ETA 2894-2, chronograph movement, 25 gems, 6 hands, date at 4:30; 42-hour power reserve, decorative movement
Dial: Black dial with 12 rhodium-plated indexes, black lines, white luminous, white RADO Logo and Automatic logo, rotatable anchor type
Case: black polished high-tech ceramic case; black polished high-tech ceramic see-through back cover; steel and black rubber-shaped crown; stainless steel buttons with black high-tech ceramic; stainless steel case with embedded sides; waterproof to 10 bar (100 m)
Table mirror: curved sapphire crystal
Hands: Hour and minute hands: rhodium-plated, black coating, white luminous; second hand: rhodium-plated; chronograph small hands: rhodium-plated and black coating
Strap: 3 rows of black polished high-tech ceramics; titanium tri-fold safety buckle and black ceramic buttons
Dimensions: 45 x 51 x 13 (width x length x height unit: mm)

RADO Swiss Rado HyperChrome Automatic Mechanical Watch (White High-tech Ceramic Material, Medium)
Movement: 8 ¾ ETA 2681, automatic, 25 gems, 3 hands, date at 3 o’clock; 38-hour power reserve, decorative movement
Dial: white dial, 12 gold scales, white lines, white luminous; gray RADO logo and Automatic logos, rotatable anchor logo
Case: white polished high-tech ceramic case; white polished high-tech ceramic see-through back cover; steel and white rubber molded crown; stainless steel yellow PVD embedded side; waterproof to 10 bar (100 m)
Table mirror: curved sapphire crystal
Hands: hour and minute hands: gold and white coating, white luminous; second hand: gold
Strap: 3 rows of white polished high-tech ceramics; titanium tri-fold safety buckle and white ceramic buttons
Dimensions: 36 x 42.4 x 10.4 (width x length x height Unit: mm)

The 50th Anniversary Tournament Of Radar Watches Is Not Easy To Wear, Chongqing Station Unveiled

The 50th Anniversary Touring Exhibition of RADO Swiss Radar Hard-wearing Watch Chongqing Jiefangbei Station was recently unveiled. The design of RADO Swiss radar watch shows continuous breakthrough and innovation in high-tech materials and technology. In 1962, Radar launched the world’s first hard-wearing watch made of tungsten and titanium, the DiaStar diamond star series. Since then, Swiss Radar has pioneered the high-tech materials and innovative design of watches.

   In the 50 years from 2012, Swiss radars created countless firsts, including the world’s first high-tech ceramic watch, and established its leading position in the watch market. In 2012, the Swiss radar came to the Jiefangbei Square in Chongqing. Through lively exhibitions at the event and a number of precious historical models transported by air from the Swiss headquarters, the Swiss radar continued its 50-year dream, creation and breakthrough. , Active in front of you.

2019 Patek Philippe New Watch Ranking

Baselworld 2019 has already opened, and Patek Philippe has also announced new models for 2019. Before the opening of the watch, at around the 19th, Patek Philippe’s new watch spy photos and information had already appeared on the Internet. Players who are concerned about watches should already know the new situation of Patek Philippe. Therefore, while introducing the new Patek Philippe watch in 2019, I will take a look at our new situation to see who is the ‘ace’ of this year’s Patek Philippe.
‘Green Grenade’ should be Patek Philippe’s biggest hit this year.
   In the new watch lineup announced by Patek Philippe this year, it includes the pilot’s two-time alarm clock 5520P, manual chronograph 5172G, weekly calendar 5212A, etc. Among them, 5168G is a ‘simple’ watch without additional functions. But it is this new green color 5168G that is likely to be Patek Philippe’s hottest watch this year.

Patek Philippe New 5168G

   Patek Philippe introduced the steel shell grenade 5167A (official name Aquanaut) in 1997 as another sports watch other than the Patek Philippe Nautilus (lower price than the steel shell Nautilus 5711A). With the take-off of Patek Philippe sports watches in recent years, the price of Patek Philippe Grenade has also soared. In 2017, Patek Philippe launched a new 5168G white gold shell grenade with an enlarged size of 42.2 mm. The blue color is larger and more luxurious. This year’s ‘Green Grenade’ is the green color version of 5168G.

Patek Philippe New 5168G

   First of all, please note that the ‘Green Grenade’ is a gold watch and there is no steel case version. The biggest feature of this watch is the use of khaki green surface and tape. Green has been a popular color on watches in these two years. The khaki green of Patek Philippe’s ‘Green Grenade’ 5168G adds a lot of ‘military’ style to this watch. In the watch appearance and movement, the ‘green grenade’ is consistent with the previous blue 5168G. It also uses the Patek Philippe 324 movement.

Caliber 324 used in Patek Philippe’s new 5168G.

   According to the previous situation of blue 5168G, the public price is 280,000, and the actual price is more than 300,000, which is more than the public price. Although this year’s green grenade is still a gold watch, in the case of Patek Philippe’s extremely scarce sports watch, this ‘green grenade’ will become a popular target in the market.
   Patek Philippe 5168G public price 290,500 yuan
5212A weekly calendar is likely to be the second most popular Patek Philippe this year.
   Although Patek Philippe also launched the Enamel World Timepiece this year, I decided to put the new 5212A in the second one, because there are two ‘burst points’ on this watch. The first is the weekly calendar, and the second is the steel shell A.

Patek Philippe’s new 5212A weekly calendar

   The weekly calendar function is not only rare in Patek Philippe, but also rare in all watches. This time Patek Philippe took out the weekly calendar function separately and made 5212A which is very unique. The inner circle of the 5212A is a week ring, the outer circle is a week calendar ring, and the outermost edge is a month ring. The calendar and the month are very familiar to you. The weekly calendar actually means that there are 4 weeks in a month and 53 weeks in a year. They are all marked on the dial. When the 5212A indicates the month, it can also indicate that it is now in the year. The first few weeks. The layout of the 5212A week, week calendar, and month is very retro, and the overall appearance can not help but think of Patek Philippe 5975. There is also a detail on the 5212A disk, that is, the calendar, month, week, and week calendar of this watch are handwritten. Very chic.

Caliber 330 used in Patek Philippe’s new 5212A

   In addition to the unique weekly calendar, another key point of the 5212A is the steel case A. The 5212A is a steel watch (size 40 mm). Except for Nautilus and Grenade, Patek Philippe has few steel watches, such as 5960A, 5522A and so on. This weekly calendar is made of steel, which directly reduces the public price to 200,000. It should be the Patek Philippe complex watch with the lowest public price now. Therefore, the public price of less than 250,000 will definitely cause people’s attention, so this steel case 5212A will be the second most popular watch this year.
   Patek Philippe 5212A public price 244,900 yuan
Patek Philippe Enamel World Time 5231J, manual timing 5172G will be the third most popular.
   The reason why I put the new enamel world together with 5172G is because the public price of these two watches is similar, both are 500,000 levels. These two watches are also always popular in high-end Patek Philippe watches, mainly for top players.

Patek Philippe New 5231J World Time

   Let me start with 5231J. 5231J is the timepiece of filigree enamel world. There is a map of filigree enamel on the surface (with different patterns of continents). It is obvious that the new 5231 is an alternative model of Patek Philippe 5131. The new 5231J has some improvements on the silk enamel map than the 5131. The map pattern is more fine and the colors are more detailed and diverse. The crown and lug shape of the 5231 has also changed. The dimensions of the new 5231J are 38.5 mm. In addition, the city in the East Eight District is Beijing, no longer Hong Kong.

Patek Philippe’s new 5231J enamel plate has richer and more detailed colors. At the same time, the city of East Eight District is Beijing.

   According to the previous situation of Patek Philippe Silk Enamel World 5131, although the public price is in the 500,000 level, in the secondary market, even the price of a single watch 5131 is properly over the public price. So from this point of view, the 5131J 5131J replacement model will be the watch of Patek Philippe’s top players in the future.
   Patek Philippe 5231J public price 539500 yuan
   Let’s look at 5172G. 5172G is an alternative to Patek Philippe 5170. 5170 is Patek Philippe’s first chronograph using a completely self-made manual chronograph movement CH29. This year’s 5172 will replace 5170.

Patek Philippe’s new 5172G chronograph and the CH29 chronograph movement used.

   From the point of view of the movement, the new 5172 and 5170 use the same manual winding chronograph movement CH29. The CH29 movement uses a cylindrical wheel, a horizontal clutch, a swing frequency of 28800 times / hour, and a power of 65 hours. The main difference between the two watches is the case and the dial. First of all, the new 5172 currently only has a white gold case G, the case size is 41 mm, and the previous 5170 is 39 mm. The new 5172 uses round buttons for the timing buttons, while 5170 uses square buttons. At the same time, the lugs of 5172 and 5170 are also different. The dial of the watch, the new 5172G is currently a blue disk, the biggest feature of the 5172 is the use of needle-shaped hands, the dial has digital time scales, the hands and time scales have a large area of ​​luminous light. The edge of the dial of the 5172 is a speedometer, and the entire watch has vintage colors. The above characteristics make the 5172 and 5170 a clear difference.

Patek Philippe’s new 5172 chronograph

   According to the previous market situation of 5170, 5170J and 5170G are stable in normal market. Therefore, the new 5172G is expected to remain in the normal market in the future.
   Patek Philippe 5172G public price 539500 yuan
The last thing to say is 5520P and other changes.

Patek Philippe’s new 5520P pilot alarm clock and the AL30-660 movement used.

   5520P is an alarm clock for Patek Philippe’s new pilot this year. The appearance of this watch is very similar to the Patek Philippe Flight Watch 5524. It can be said that the alarm function is added on the basis of the 5524. The 5520P has two small windows below the 12 o’clock position. You can use the crown of the case at 2 o’clock to set the alarm time and display it in the small window. There is an alarm mark on the small window to show whether the alarm function is on or off. The alarm of the 5520P alarm clock is timed by hammering the reed with a hammer, which is similar to that of the minute repeater. The usual alarm clock is the bottom cover of the watch. There is no advanced form of hammer hammer reed of Patek Philippe 5520P. The reason why we put 5520P at the end is because this is a platinum watch. The 42.2 mm platinum case with the two-time, alarm function is destined to be a very high public price of more than one million. It is difficult for ordinary people to reach.
   The price of Patek Philippe 5520P is 1.66 million yuan.

Patek Philippe new blue plate 5726A

   In addition to these new watches mentioned above, this year Patek Philippe Nautilus Steel Case 5726A launched a blue-disk version. With the current market price of steel shell nautilus, the blue plate 5726A will definitely be fried, the public price is 336,200 yuan, and the actual price will definitely exceed the previous black plate and white plate 5726A levels. Then there is the 5235R 5235R in rose gold. Since these watches are the previous models with new color and new case versions, I will not repeat them. (Picture / text watch home Yan Danping)

Watch Sihh 2014’s Five Hot Spots Interview With The Editor Of ‘fashion Time’ Pan Jian

This year’s Geneva watch exhibition has come to an end. At the watch exhibition, the editor in front of the watch house specially interviewed Mr. Pan Jian, the editor-in-chief of ‘Fashion Time’, on the new changes of this year’s Geneva watch exhibition. And the impressive brand did its own answer.

Watch House: Are there any new changes in your impression of this exhibition?
A: There was a relatively simple idea originally. This idea is the intensity of domestic anti-corruption. This intensity has gradually deepened, and the Hong Kong Watch Fair has to be opened after September, so it is not possible to come up with a lot of things, because the investment in a product requires Research and development costs. For example, this product has fewer orders this year, and it will be difficult to promote it later. The investment in research and development may be futile, so based on this idea, I think there will not be many exciting this year. But after visiting various brands on the first day, I found that each brand’s new products exceeded my expectations, and I could sum up in one sentence: a grand feast combining technology and art.
  This year’s exhibition has two main lines, one is the theme of this year’s SIHH is gears and movements, which sets the development of movement technology as a main line, and the other is an astronomical exhibition organized by SIHH. The biggest difference between SIHH this year and previous years is that this year there are two main lines, one is the progress and development of the movement, and the other is astronomy. Each brand is also making products around these two main lines. There is a coordination meeting in Switzerland, and brands will participate. Before the two exhibitions, each brand will report new products at this coordination meeting. There are five hot spots in summary this year: 1. Astronomy 2. Diving 3. Hollow-out 4. Ultra-thin 5. Women’s watches, women’s watches are more important than any previous session. Specifically, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s ultra-thin tourbillon three questions are more representative and have the highest technical content in the whole field. It revolutionizes two things. Why is it that this is not progress but revolution? At 12:03, the three questions had a pause period at the time of writing. Now this version shortens this cycle. This has not been updated in this respect since the three questions. The second is the escapement. Its escapement looks a bit like a bicycle chain. It makes two of the strongest technologies one by one and asks a tourbillon, and it is made so thin, and there is also innovation. This process from realization to thinking must be costly. I saw a lot of people on the Internet have doubts about Jaeger-LeCoultre’s voice. Actually, there is no need to question it. Jaeger-Plaude’s question has been done for so many years, and the sound quality of it is not just a comment. First of all, the sound struck by the gong is a crystal structure, which is square. The square is much better than the round when transmitting sounds, so sometimes we wear colored glasses to see a thing. As a table friend, It is necessary to accept something new, and not to hold back to conflicting ideas, because there are only a few words in the watch industry, one is how to maintain tradition, and the other is how to do product innovation. Innovation often encounters strong resistance. We say that adhering to tradition is a simple matter, and when making new things, there will be two attitudes and two voices. As a better one, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and the other is Lange, a brand that is relatively low-key and relatively low-profile. This year, I also said something in the Weibo and WeChat circle of friends. The tourbillon that can be reset to zero in seconds is the 1815 tourbillon. If you want to spend money in the whole field, this is the best choice, because the final issue of our exhibition is to implement the topic of buying, not to see Look at it. Every home has a lot of watches, if you want to buy one, I think this stop-second 1815 tourbillon is the first choice.
  Others, such as the adjustment of the product structure of some brands, make it more affordable for consumers to understand its products, such as Montblanc, Baume & Mercier, Parmigiani, have done some product line and price Adjustment. In terms of creativity, in terms of conceptual innovation, Van Cleef & Arpels, this watch of the Earth and the five planets not only made a very wonderful interpretation according to the main body, but also presented and realized the conceptual progress. IWC is the same. Their six series are cycled once a year. This year, they are cycling to diving watches. The prices of new watches this year are very close to the people. Some limited edition prices are around 70,000 yuan. This is what most watch lovers can spend. In a price range, the internal movement is set in-house. The other line is that IWC will use some of the experience of making large pilot watches, such as color labels are referenced to this diving watch. IWC’s new watch and color labels this year are impressive.
Watch House: Which brand are you impressed with this time, and what new technology or characteristics does their watch have?
A: Cartier has done something unexpected this year, because in the past few years, he has continuously introduced super complicated new concept watches, such as celestial tourbillon, etc., some new concepts unheard of in this industry. This year, Cartier’s heaviest model is a simple three-pin diving watch. We were surprised when we first saw this watch in Taiwan. After doing a little understanding, we found that this diving watch is in accordance with ISO Diving watches made according to international standards are tested strictly according to international standards for their anti-acid-base, anti-magnetic, and tightness. In the field of fine watchmaking, Cartier has launched a total of six watches. Among them, the perpetual calendar watch is presented in a brand-new manner, presented in a ring-shaped stepped style. Most of the previous models were pointer or window. Cartier chose a dial this time. formula. In other aspects, such as the art field, the use of rose petals to make feathers in a vacuum anti-corrosion environment, and enamel watches, the tiger watch making process that was sculpted and drawn before has not been tried by others. There is also a toucan watch that is also impressive. It is brightly colored and three-dimensional. Thanks to their enamel studio, I have visited their enamel studio. They are within the controllable range. Constantly doing industry innovation.

   The above is the latest cutting-edge information of SIHH 2014 brought to you by the special editor of Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports, so please pay attention.
More 2014 SIHH news reports:

Rolex And Salzburg Music Festival Present The World’s Highest Level Of Music Feast

The annual Salzburg Festival in Austria is the oldest, highest level and largest music feast in the world. Its birth was glorious for its mission to convey the conviction of peace in Europe. As a leading watch manufacturer, Rolex is very proud to be a sponsor of the Salzburg Music Festival, bringing strong support to this highly anticipated art festival every year. The Salzburg Festival is about to enter 93 years, but its charm is increasing day by day. Commenting on his long-lasting know-how, the festival’s chairman, Dr. Helga Rabl-Stadler, said: ‘The success of the Salzburg Festival lies in its nearness. The unremitting pursuit of top art for a century. Bringing high-quality performances to our audience is our life-long direction, and these can not be achieved without our most outstanding sponsors and the same goals we hold. Rolex has a long history It is a model of persistence in perfection, which coincides with the mission of our festival. ‘

   The 92nd Salzburg Festival in 2012 is undoubtedly a splendid event, with new artistic director Alexander Pereira and theatre director Sven Eric Bettoff (Sven -Eric Bechtolf), a unique and outstanding performance brought about great innovation and expansion. A total of 280,000 people watched the performance, a record high since the festival was held. The newly added children’s opera performances and Pentecost also received great enthusiastic support. The next Holy Spirit Advent Festival will be held from May 17th to May 20th, 2013. Cecilia Bartoli, a well-known Italian mezzo-soprano singer and Rolex’s proud spokesperson ) Has confirmed that he will be the artistic director of Salvador Pentecost for the second time, and will star in 5 operas in summer.
   At the end of 2012, the Salzburg Music Festival joined hands with the Shanghai Grand Theatre to kick off the Shanghai International Music Festival with Puccini’s famous opera ‘Bohemians’. The Hongju system brought shocking effects to domestic audiences. This popular opera was produced jointly by the Salzburg Music Festival and the Shanghai Grand Theatre, and in August 2012 it became the opening opera of the festival in Austria. I believe that in the near future, as one of the music leaders, the Salzburg Music Festival will cooperate more with domestic top theaters and institutions to lead domestic audiences into a wonderful music journey.
   It is worth mentioning that Rolex is also the sponsor of classic music online live broadcast platform medici.tv, where domestic audiences can enjoy a lot of wonderful programs including the Salzburg Music Festival in the first time.
Rolex and the arts
   At the beginning of the 20th century, in the era of the popularity of pocket watches, the visionary Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf created a watch that perfectly blended precision and elegance, realizing himself for many years dream. Since then, Rolex, the Swiss watchmaker’s leading brand, has encouraged personal excellence and the pursuit of perfection. In keeping with this long tradition, Rolex is dedicated to contributing to the development of the art world by sponsoring a number of events.
   In the 1970s, New Zealand soprano singer Dame Kiri Te Kanawa became the first endorsement of the Rolex brand in the arts. The internationally acclaimed singer was invited to sing at a wedding ceremony held by Prince Charles of the United Kingdom and Princess Diana Spencer at St. Paul’s Cathedral.
   Over the years, Rolex’s support for the arts has expanded to many celebrities in various fields. In the field of singing art, Rolex’s spokespersons include well-known performing artists who have collaborated with the brand for more than 30 years, Spanish tenor singer Plácido Domingo, and American soprano singer Renee Fleming. (Renée Fleming), Italian baritone singer Cecilia Bartoli, German tenor singer Jonas Kaufmann, and Mexican tenor singer Rolando Vei Rolando Villazón.
Famous classical musicians working with Rolex include talented young pianists Yuja Wang and Yundi Li, Grammy Award winner, and cellist Yo-Yo Ma. In addition, Rolex has established close cooperative relationships with U.S. conductor Lorin Maazel and Venezuelan conductor Gustavo Dudamel. Among them, as the world’s first-class orchestra, the Los Angeles Philharmonic with Dudamel as the music conductor has also been sponsored by Rolex. In the field of classical music, in addition to supporting the Verbier Festival in Switzerland, Rolex also sponsors the Salzburg and Whitsun Festivals.

   In the field of contemporary music, Rolex has a stable relationship with many well-known pop artists, including two Grammy Award winners, Canadian jazz singers Diana Krall and Michael Bublé, Indian sitar player and composer Anoushka Shankar, and the famous French ballerina Sylvie Guillem.
   At the same time, Rolex is also committed to helping emerging artists to realize their artistic potential through projects such as Operalia, an international annual vocal competition founded by Mr. Placido Domingo; The “Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative” aims to discover talented young artists and provide them with a development platform to establish a one-on-one creative collaboration and mentoring relationship with renowned art masters.
In addition to giving artists great support, Rolex also understands the importance of working with prestigious art groups, including the fascinating Teatro alla Scala in Milan, and the historic Royal Opera House in London (Royal Opera House), the world-renowned Metropolitan Opera, and the famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Rolex has now extended its reach to Asia. In Beijing, China, the National Center for Performing Arts awarded Rolex the title of ‘National Grand Theatre’s Watch and Clock’. Since then, the two sides have cooperated extensively with many well-known artists in various art categories.

   Recently, Rolex reached an agreement with Medici.tv, the leader in classical music online video. With this unique platform, music lovers can experience the lively charm of well-known concerts at any time. Similarly, Rolex has partnered with Eurovision to launch a music show called Musica, which brings audiences to the world of music and dance. Rolex partners also include Operaonline, a comprehensive online opera library open to all opera fans. These are complementary projects to the Rolex Art Support List, designed to promote and popularize music worldwide by providing a powerful platform for the general audience to engage with high-quality classical concerts, festivals, operas, and musicians.
   Adhering to the ideals of Mr. Wilsdorf’s brand at the beginning, Rolex has always been active in the art field, and spared no effort to support outstanding talents and institutions that share common values ​​with the brand and relentlessly pursue perfection and excellence. This support will benefit the inheritance of the artistic heritage and make a unique and lasting contribution to cultural undertakings around the world.

Only Find It In The Store Breitling Navitimer 1 Chronograph

BREITLING has their own set of chronograph movements. For example, in 1915, they first developed independent timing buttons. It can be said that the prototype of the current chronograph is the foundation laid by Breitling. In the chronograph function, the chase hands can be regarded as an advanced advanced version. In simple terms, the chase hands chronograph will have two overlapping chronograph hands. When one chronograph hand runs, the other chase hands will first Do not move, after it starts to perform timing in sections, it can also catch up and overlap under the first timing hand in an instant to complete more delicate timing actions gorgeously. Breitling also has its own chronograph chronograph movement. Recently, the brand launched a limited edition of the Navitimer 1 B03 Rattrapante 45 store, which once again promoted the art of timekeeping to enthusiasts of watchmaking.

After its first appearance in 2017, the Navitimer 1 watch equipped with the B03 tracing movement is launched in a limited edition of the store. In addition to the limited edition, the watch face has also been changed to a gray plain and a black leather strap.

The B03 tracing movement was first introduced in 2017. Basically, a tracing module was added to the B01 movement. However, Breitling has a special feature in making this movement. It only uses 28 parts to make the tracing. The needle module, which also contains two patented designs, is more streamlined and more conducive to mass production than other needle-tracing movements. In 2018, the limited edition case of this store is still made of stainless steel, and the size is also maintained at 45mm. Compared to the brown face plate of last year, this day uses a dark gray monochrome face plate with a black leather watch. At first glance, although it is not so eye-catching, but it is more resistant and collocation, it will not lose at all.

The emergence of B03 movement just makes up for the long-lost Breitling-made movements, including B02’s 24-hour bracelet and B04, which have been launched for many years. This time, it is rare to inject new features and expand Product richness

In addition to the design features of the Navitimer 1 B03 chase chronograph, in addition to this series of famous flying sliders, it is also interesting to look at its two chase hands, usually the end balancer of the chronograph second hand There is a combination of ‘B’ and anchor-shaped pattern representing Breitling, but on this chase chronograph, Breitling arranges the B and anchor totems on the end balancers of the two chase hands, So once the chasing stitches work, the two patterns will separate, until the pointer returns to zero, the classic logo will be combined again. Those who are interested in this new type should note that in addition to its limited edition, it is also limited to sale at Breitling stores. It is relatively difficult to get started.

Navitimer 1 B03 Rattrapante 45

Stainless steel material / B03 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / stalling chronograph function / COSC Observatory certification / sapphire crystal mirror / water-resistant 30 meters / diameter 45mm / Limited to shops

Why Do Watch Fans Favor Japanese Watchmaking?

As the only country in Asia that can compete with the West in the field of watchmaking, although Japan has a relatively short history in the watchmaking industry, it can compete with Swiss and German traditional watchmaking brands in the market. contend. The reason is that the background of the times and the transformation of consumption habits have a great relationship. The ‘Quartz Crisis’ created the Japanese watchmaking industry and brought more choices to modern people. Some time ago, Watch House was invited by Japan’s Seiko brand to start a week-long tour of watch factories in Japan.

Shizuku Advanced Timepiece Studio in Iwate Prefecture, Japan

 To be honest, I have been to Japan a few times myself. We all know that Japan is divided into two parts, Kanto and Kansai. In winter, I go to Japan to watch snow, and in summer I go to Japan to see the sea. In addition, there is another reason that everyone likes to travel to Japan. Shopping is convenient enough. Appliances, watches, and cosmetics that women love are simply shopping paradise.

Tokyo Ginza shopping district street

 It was also in the 1970s and 1980s that Japan’s economy developed rapidly. Various clubs have also begun to stand. Seiko (SEIKO), founded in 1881, officially launched its first watch in 1924. In 1969, Seiko and Berliget introduced the world’s first analog quartz watch-SEIKO ASTRON35SQ.

Antique Grand Seiko

 We know that since the ‘quartz crisis’ of the last century, Japan has occupied a place in the watch industry. Quartz watches and mechanical performance have now shaken off the relationship of mutual confrontation, and consumers choose according to their own preferences and needs. Unlike Swiss and German watchmaking, the Japanese are more inclined to practical performance. Of course, with the overall improvement of consumption levels, on the basis of practicality, they must also launch products more suitable for high-end consumers. This is also the launch of Grand Blue Lion

The world’s top watch manufactured by the Shizuku Advanced Timepiece Workshop is equipped with a high-precision movement and has a beautiful design.

Shinshu’s Artisan Workshop provides innovative ideas and cutting-edge technical support for Seiko’s exclusive Spring Drive watches.

 Both craftsmanship workshops have a pivotal position. They combine cutting-edge technology with master craftsmanship to create a watch product that highlights Grand Seiko’s top quality.

Workers perform assembly of parts, etc.

 As one of the very few brands in the world that can fully integrate all watchmaking processes, Grand Seiko has comprehensively mastered the process of all aspects of watchmaking, including research and development of parts and materials to production, assembly, adjustment, testing and transportation.

The hour markers on each dial are manually inlaid by workers

 Grand Seiko is a measure of precision, beauty, readability, durability and ease of use. As the world’s leading watchmaking brand, Grand Seiko has demonstrated unparalleled quality in every brand of watch.

Production of various parts of Grand Seiko

Factory bulletin board

 I have visited a watch factory in Switzerland before, and the biggest difference to Japanese watch factories is that they have ‘passage’ on watchmaking technology. The factory still retains the “master and apprentice” relationship, and more young watchmakers are trained by senior watchmakers, and this relationship is life-long. This can’t help but remind me of the old China, which was also taught by Master. There is also an old saying in China, ‘One day for the teacher and lifelong father’, which is also very suitable here.

 Watchmaker at Shizuku Advanced Timepiece Workshop

 A small detail is inserted here because the watchmaking process is manually adjusted by the watchmaker. Each watchmaker has different efficiency and level, some do more and some do less. How does the Japanese manage situations like this? They have strict management regulations on this. Each person’s efficiency table will be set up in each watchmaking workshop. There are strict statistics on how much each stage has been completed, how many are planned to be completed, and how much has been completed, and rewards will be based on this. Or punish. This is the secret of how they can do their jobs efficiently with limited labor.

Manually assembled movement
 From the mechanical principle, the movement of the watch is the energy provided by the mainspring, which is transmitted to the three-level synchronous modulation speed controller and hands through the gear system. The reason why it is called level three (not related to a certain type of film) is that it mainly has three kinds of energy: controlling the mechanical power generated by the mainspring; converting a small part of the power into electricity to drive the quartz crystal oscillator; Controls the speed of the sliding wheel.

Grand Seiko movement
 Shinshu Shijo Workshop, one of the Seiko watchmaking factories, is proud of its world-leading technology, such as the super mirror polishing process that can create sharp edges and seamless mirror effects, etc. These have also become Grand Seiko Logo features.

 As a professional watch factory, Seiko’s watchmakers are responsible for the design, production, assembly, adjustment, testing and transportation of all important parts of mechanical watches, including hairsprings. The workshop is made up of professional craftsmen, many of whom have obtained the title of contemporary master craftsman, and have been awarded the yellow seal. Their comprehensive use of their expertise has led to the birth of the world’s top mechanical watch.

Detail of Grand Seiko under the microscope

 As far as I know, Seiko ranks third in the market share in Japan. This ranking also includes Swiss brands. In Japan, Seiko not only represents watchmaking, but also represents a culture. Founder Hattori Kintaro’s ‘Always go ‘Before the times’ deeply affects future generations. Therefore, when we take down the Grand Seiko wrist watch and play with it carefully, you will find that this is not just a watch, every detail is worth tasting. This is also one of the many pleasures of ‘Crown Blue Lion Pink’ in our Watch House Forum.

 Grand Seiko movement

 In the history of Seiko watchmaking, SpringDrive is the highest achievement of Seiko watchmaking mechatronics technology. The design inspiration comes from the ‘circle’. The unidirectional rotation of the entire group of machines also reflects the operating characteristics of the SpringDrive system. Because there is no escapement speed adjustment mechanism, the operation mechanism of the Spring Drive watch is different from that of the traditional mechanical watch. The second hand of the Spring Drive watch does not jump as fast as the traditional mechanical watch, but sweeps the dial smoothly and smoothly, as if it has been realized. The ‘flow’ of time.

 In terms of travel time accuracy, it can reach a day difference of plus or minus one second. In terms of movement, at least in the range visible to the naked eye, it is exactly the same as a mechanical movement. There should be a lot of polishing and aesthetics.

These tiny parts also need to be sanded by hand

 During more than 20 years of research and development, Seiko’s exclusive Spring Drive movement mechanism has become a revolutionary concept in the indicator industry, and only a true professional watch factory with extraordinary craftsmanship can have the opportunity to turn the concept into reality.

 Until today, Spring Drive has been continuously updated. Brand new products can always push the limits of the complexity and precision of watches, such as the Spring Drive chronograph with stopwatch function and the Spring Drive 8-day power reserve watch.

I wore this Grand Seiko quartz watch for the week I visited

 We have been talking about the craftsman spirit. What kind of spirit is the craftsman spirit? At the factory, I asked a master watchmaker how many dials he could draw in a day. He thought about it and told me that he could only draw one in a day. Am I not boring? He said, ‘Sink into it and forget about it.’ Someone asked me what is the significance of fine watchmaking? In layman’s terms, this is our interest after satisfying food and clothing, and it is a surprise brought by time.

 For China, Japan is a difficult country to define. Historical relations, geographical connections, and up to now, Chinese people’s feelings for Japan are complicated. But from the data of annual trips to Japan, it can be seen that the Chinese are the country with the largest number of people and the largest number of purchases in the Japanese tourism market. The reason why Japan attracts us is like Seiko, in this impetuous era, it still retains a rigorous and dedicated craftsmanship.

German Style Simple And Elegant Lang Kun New Classic Series Watch

Lang Kun is a famous German watchmaking brand. It has an inseparable relationship with the army in history. During World War II, he participated in the B-uhr (observation table) program and became famous. 2015 is the 90th anniversary of the brand. To celebrate this event, Lang Kun launched a new classic series watch at Baselworld.

Watch real shot show:

   When it comes to German simplicity, many people think of NOMOS first, but Lang Kun from Pforzheim, Germany is also good at this. At this year’s Baselworld, Langkun’s new classic series watches show the perfect fusion of simple design and rigorous quality.
Watch details real shot display:

Stainless steel round case diameter 40 mm, medium size

Mineral glass watch mirror is clear, silver dial layout is simple

Crown at 3 o’clock, decorated with triangular pits and brand logo

Fired blue steel hands indicate time

Date display window is set at 6 o’clock, black characters on white background are easy to recognize

Designed with a transparent back cover and internal LACO 15 (miyota 9015) automatic movement
   In addition, both watches are paired with a black / brown leather strap.
   The above is the 2015 Basel watch related information carefully prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports for everyone, so please pay attention.
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