New Upgrade Of Belem Celli Series Recommended Mido New Watch

The Belem Celli series has always been a classic product series of Mido Watches. It is simple, elegant and somewhat artist-like. Since its birth in 1976, the Belem Celli series has a history of more than 40 years. , Glowed a stronger vitality. This year, the brand has been crowned again for this series, introducing new watch products, both in design and performance, there have been some new changes, and it feels more advanced to me.

Mido Belem Celli Series M027.408.16.031.00 / M027.408.16.061.00

Product model: M027.408.16.031.00 (silver) /M027.408.16.061.00 (bituminous gray)
Domestic public price: ¥ 8700
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Case thickness: 9.43 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Caliber 80
Case material: Mercerized polished 316L stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details:
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Caliber 80
Case material: Mercerized polished 316L stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details:
The 80 Si Observatory-certified movement, this is the first time that the Mido Silicon Gossamer-certified 80 movement is used in the Belem Celli series of regular models (different from the Jubilee commemorative model). This movement integrates Mido’s cutting-edge machines Technical achievements of the core, the silicon hairspring has the characteristics of anti-magnetic and anti-seismic, the observatory certification ensures the movement of the movement is stable and accurate, and Caliber 80 itself has 80 hours of kinetic energy storage, which is very practical. These characteristics are concentrated, so that the new watch has a qualitative improvement in use.

Summary: Mido’s new Belem Celi series silicon gossamer-certified watch continues the classic style of the series, echoing its source of inspiration, the Emmanuel II arcade, while applying the new movement to it, allowing the series The comprehensive upgrade is a sincere work worthy of attention this year. The four watches are more styled, simple and therefore versatile, without losing the sense of quality. Friends who like it, quickly add to your wish list.

Hamilton Legend Of Route 66

US Route 66, which crosses the continental United States, not only plays an important role in prospering economic traffic in the Midwest, but has also become a symbol of American history, culture and adventurous spirit for many years. Hamilton, also from the United States, has more than 100 years of watchmaking history. In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the completion of Route 66, it has specifically released two road watches under the name of US 66-the US 66 power reserve automatic watch and the US 66 perpetual motion. Small seconds automatic watch, the whole series is limited to 2008, Taiwan is limited to 50.
American origin, Swiss made
Blended with centuries-old American heritage and Swiss-made quality assurance, HamiltonUS 66 perfectly presents the American fearless design spirit with the most accurate watchmaking technology. The US 66 power reserve automatic watch with a diameter of 50mm and the US 66 permanent small seconds watch with a 44mm diameter form a unique shape with straight lines and arc lines. The date window magnifier at 12 o’clock echoes the design theme, such as transparent Oil droplets drip from the crown, matching the clever connection between the crown and the date window below. The power reserve and small seconds performance display area of ​​these two watches are based on car dashboard design inspiration, combining creativity and performance, allowing the imagination to extend infinitely.

US 66 Power Reserve watch with power storage indicator, stainless steel case, 50-meter diameter, hour, minute, center seconds, date, power reserve indicator, sapphire crystal, 2897 self-winding movement, stainless steel bracelet, Black central carbon fiber leather strap or dark brown crocodile pattern central inset leather strap, anti-50 meters, chain recommended price of 47,500, belt model recommended price of 45,200, the entire series limited to 2008.
US 66 automatic power reserve meter with a large diameter of 50mm wide and 42 hours of full power reserve display window breaks the traditional limit. For example, the center of the dial of the sports car’s cooling vents is decorated with a hollow mesh design, which can directly see the engine heart of the US 66 power reserve automatic watch-the Swiss 2897 automatic movement. The scale on the left of the dial is changed to 35 to 55, and the scale on the right is marked with lines. The 12 to 3 o’clock position is alternated with red and black lines to strengthen its speed design concept. The US 66 power reserve automatic watch is equipped with a stainless steel chain strap, a black central carbon fiber leather strap, and a dark brown crocodile pattern central inset leather strap, which guarantees speed and joy.

US 66 Perpetual Small Second Automatic
US 66 Small Second small hour watch, hours, minutes, small seconds, date, sapphire crystal, 2895 self-winding movement, 44 mm diameter, stainless steel case, stainless steel bracelet, black central carbon fiber leather strap, A brown skin tone leather strap is embedded in the center. The recommended price is 32,500 for chain models and 31,000 for belt models. The whole series is limited to 2008.
66US 66 constant motion small seconds automatic watch with black or white dial, simple and generous design conveys the spirit of elegance, uninhibited and compatible. The eye-catching half-moon second hand ring is designed with a double-deck scale—the silver long second hand is responsible for reading the 0 to 30 seconds of the outer ring, and the 31 to 60 seconds of the inner ring are read by the red arrow second hand relay. The dial’s outer ring is inlaid with digital scales such as 3, 6, 9 and three-dimensional scales. The full range of US 66 Perpetual Small Second Automatic and Power Reserve Automatic watches is limited to 2008, with the limited number engraved on the side of the polished case. The eye-catching strap is paired with a brown leather center-stitched light skin leather strap, a black center-studded carbon fiber leather strap, and a three-chain stainless steel bracelet.
Hamilton watch made entirely in Switzerland. Since its origin in Pennsylvania in 1892, it has been known for its precise practical performance and American style design. In 1974, Hamilton joined the Swatch Group, the world’s largest Swiss watch group, and became one of its many well-known brand members. The historically significant HAMILTON model has appeared in more than 300 Hollywood movies and has been the best synonym for Hollywood’s golden years. In recent years, HAMILTON has extended its design tentacles to different design fields such as adventure sports and excellent gentry, showing the diverse face of HAMILTON. With innovative design and extraordinary watchmaking technology, HAMILTON has created the most personalized and unique mechanical watch preferred brand.

Movado Se® Extreme Sport

This distinguished new SE® Extreme has a rough and sharp chamfer, a black carbon fiber crown protector, a black carbon fiber hemispherical crown, and a customized back cover engraving, with a precision Swiss automatic Movement and display case back.

    The sturdy 44mm case alternates between stainless steel and black carbon fiber. Four flat polished dots add the iconic SE feature to the minimalist brushed steel bezel, in contrast to the rich black carbon fiber Horwitt Museum® dial. The dial is decorated with flat rhodium-plated dots and bar-shaped hands. The new Z-fold stainless steel adjustable buckle secures a sturdy black rubber strap to your wrist.

Technical Crystal Tasting Breguet Classic Series 3797 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar Watch

The tourbillon invented by Mr. Louis Breguet has not only greatly improved the accuracy of pocket watches, it is also one of the most outstanding inventions in the history of watchmaking in the world. The perpetual calendar is also hailed as one of the three most complicated functions on the clock. It is difficult to imagine how easy it is to combine the perpetual calendar and the tourbillon on the same watch. Today, the Watch House brings you a Breguet classic and complex series platinum watch, the official model: 3797PT / 1E / 9WU.

Breguet’s classic series of watches are often reminiscent of its thin case, which is very suitable for men’s formal wear. This new watch from Baselworld 2014 features hand-engraved dials, blued-steel Breguet hands, welded lugs, coin-shaped case, individual numbering, and concealed signatures, including Breguet classic marks, plus sophisticated features With delicate wetting, it is the crystallization of superb technology. Available in rose gold and platinum.

Case diameter 41 mm

   The case of this watch is made of platinum, with a diameter of 41 mm and a thickness of 11.6 mm. Continuing the classic simplicity of Breguet, the dial is engraved with 4 different machine-engraved patterns. Equipped with the Breguet Cal. 558QP2 manual winding movement, it perfectly interprets the two complex functions of the tourbillon and perpetual calendar.

Gear-shaped crown in platinum

   The gear-shaped crown made of platinum has a simple and exquisite shape, which makes the slim case more elegant. The top of the polished crown is embossed with the Breguet brand logo, which shows the distinguished brand identity. There is a perpetual calendar adjustment button under the crown, which is adjusted by special tools.

Black alligator strap

   Black alligator leather strap with neat and beautiful texture and black stitching for fine workmanship.

Coin pattern decoration

   The slender side of the case is decorated with Breguet’s consistent and classic coin pattern, which fully shows the brand’s style and grasp of watch details. And there are two buttons to adjust the perpetual calendar.

Platinum folding clasp

   With a platinum folding clasp, the hollow Breguet logo is even more elegant.

Welded rounded lugs

   Breguet’s classic-style welded rounded lugs are small and cute. The fine polishing reveals the luster of platinum. It is comfortable to wear and fastens the strap with screws.

Dial with 4 different beautiful floor patterns

   The Breguet classic series has a consistent gold-plated silver dial. The dial uses 4 different beautiful floor patterns. Perpetual calendar models require more information on the dial. If they are not handled properly, the visual sense will be messy. Breguet deliberately added a three-dimensional design to improve the scale display of the hour and minute hands, making it easier for time and other things on the dial. Reading of information.

12 o’clock time display

At 12 o’clock in Paris, the dial with Roman numerals is decorated with a dial with Roman numerals, combined with Breguet blue-steel hands with hollowed-out ‘moon-shaped’ needle points, and a semi-circular retrograde calendar display, which can clearly and quickly show the time .

3 o’clock month display

The month display is indicated by a blue steel hand, which is located at 3 o’clock on the dial and decorated with solar radiation patterns. The ‘blue sun’ in the center of the dial is used for leap year display.

Tourbillon at 6 o’clock

   The one-minute tourbillon at 6 o’clock is cleverly combined with the hour sign circle. The bridge is also exquisitely chamfered, and a small three-pin second hand is set on the shaft.

Day at 9 o’clock

   The day of the week display at 9 o’clock, decorated with wavy patterns, the movement’s built-in scroll cam helps the week jump instantly.

Breguet Cal. 558QP2 manual winding movement

   The bottom case is made of a whole piece of sapphire crystal, and the exquisite movement can be seen at a glance. Equipped with Breguet Cal. 558QP2 manual winding movement, engraved with independent number and BREGUET CAL.558QP2, 14½ legal minutes, 21 rubies. Provides a 50-hour power reserve. Side lever escapement, Breguet hairspring, balance weight. The vibration frequency is 2.5 Hz and adjusted in 6 directions. The hand-engraving of the entire movement is ingenious and amazing.

   Summary: This collection of hand-carved dials, blue steel Breguet hands, welded lugs, coin shell, independent numbering and hidden signatures, and other Breguet classic marks are all in one. Crafts. And the tourbillon and perpetual calendar complication function on it, with the absolute strength of Breguet in the watch industry.

Happy Messenger Fiyta Clover La8262.Gwss Watch

Life is becoming more and more colorful today, and the ladies are playing an increasingly important role in society. They not only contribute to the society with their own efforts, but also The beautiful shape makes up our vision.
 The story of the rise of Fiyta watches starts from the end of the 1980s. After the impact of imported watches on old domestic watches, the new force represented by Fiyta rose in Shenzhen, from watchmaking technology to design, All are based on the international market with a new attitude. Although it has not yet achieved the glorious achievements of old-fashioned watches, it has enjoyed a pivotal position in domestic watches and has been awarded the title of ‘king of Chinese watches’.

 The Fiyta Clover series is a brand new series launched in 2013. The dial is decorated with a “clover” pattern that represents luck, which better conveys luck and auspiciousness to people.
 Today we are going to introduce this FIYTA Clover series LA8262.GWSS watch. This is a mechanical female watch with a beautiful appearance. The white fritillary dial is presented in a four-leaf clover pattern, which is simple and generous. The avant-garde design of the hollowed-out window, unique ingenuity, adds a lot of attention to this watch. The stainless steel case is plated in rose gold to match the red strap, so it doesn’t look overly obtrusive. Together with the 34.6 mm size, it looks very atmospheric. The bezel is inlaid with red and white gems, adding a touch of beauty to this watch. The mirror is made of sapphire crystal, which is strong and translucent.

 This watch also has a name, called Fiyta Photographer’s Women’s Watch, I guess, it is estimated that the meaning of the camera lens is communicated to people with hollow windows. This can not help but imagine a woman with a free and easy temperament. Moreover, the design of this watch is already atmospheric, and it is even more lively and cheerful for ladies to wear it. The official price of this watch is 5280 yuan, which is not very expensive. At this price, a beautiful mechanical watch is already worth it. Coupled with the well-known actress Gao Yuanyuan once worn, the global limited edition makes this watch even more popular, the favorite girl must not miss it!
 Watch details: fiyta / 31478 /

When Rolex Rubs Sparks With Rubber

I always prefer rubber straps, like Hublot’s BigBang series, various omega seamasters, Blancpain’s scuba, etc. Considering the comfort and functionality of watch straps, I wonder if Rolex’s rubber straps are fragile? Until I tried the rubber strap of the Rolex Explorer II watch, I must say that the result surprised me. The material and toughness of the strap are super good.

  After replacing the rubber strap, this watch looks more sporty. The buckle of this watch is very good with its strap. This black strap slowly shrinks from 21 mm to 16 mm. So much so that it fits the clasp it wears, and I had to get used to the shape of its tapered strap.

The stainless steel of this watch makes it stronger than previous models, and it also meets its own definition-dedicated to adventure. The mirror is made of sapphire crystal, which is more wear-resistant. I personally like the blister-shaped calendar display window on the dial. With the luminous hands on the dial and the orange 12-hour independent hands, it is perfect for me!

To sum up: This watch has been worn for about 3 days. It gives me the same feeling as ever. There is no diminution or dissatisfaction with it. The flexibility of its rubber strap is also unexpectedly fit the wrist. The watch is more comfortable to wear. Another advantage of it is that it can display in the radar coverage area without interference from the magnetic field. Based on the new characteristics of this watch, I estimate that it will be slower for some time. Slowly adapt to it, and the process in between is exactly what I enjoy! (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

Lv Fifty Five Watches Add New Members

The LV Fifty Five watch is a new addition, three new designs show femininity and dignity: stainless steel diamond case, rose gold case and rose gold diamond case.
   The LV Fifty Five watch series draws inspiration from the brand’s classic hard case, bearing the logos and elements rooted in the brand’s history and advancing with the times. The most notable is the decorative riveted metal lock with the LOUIS VUITTON brand engraved on the top and bottom of the bezel-like a tribute to the brand’s historical safety lock-since 1890, the patented The lock has always ensured the safety of the brand luggage. And these three new products are decorated with riveted metal locks or polished or diamonds.
   The design of the carved crown and the studs of the suitcase rivets are similar, which also implies that this watch is deeply rooted in the creative world of Louis Vuitton. The dial design is full of modernity, and exquisite handcrafted by experienced watchmakers. The diamond-set version features mother-of-pearl on the dial. The hour markers with diamonds are all rose gold V logos at three, six and nine o’clock, echoing the famous three V logos on the brand luggage, and the rose gold LV classic logo is embedded at the twelve o’clock.
   The classic Monogram logo, dating from 1854, is well known in the world for the design of Louis Vuitton hard cases and travel accessories. The brand’s initial ‘LV’ logo has also been applied to the exclusive folding buckle design of the LV Fifty Five watch series. The LV initials intertwined in the ring look classic and pure, and the leather strap reveals exquisite light and shadow through the hollow clasp.
   As a model of exquisite leather goods manufacturing process, the Louis Vuitton brand is also unique in the production of LV Fifty Five watch straps, using the brand’s exclusive Veau Cachemire soft leather strap and Taurillon grain calf leather strap, and provide a variety of Color matching options, including white, gray, pink, cobalt blue, ballet pink, grass green and so on.

LV Fifty Five stainless steel and diamond ladies watch
-Stainless steel case, riveted nameplate, 18 diamonds
-Silver dial with mother-of-pearl in the center and ring-shaped satin edges
-8 diamond hour markers, LV and V rose gold markers
-Rose gold hands
-Double-fold stainless steel LV buckle
-Equipped with automatic mechanical movement
-Dial diameter 36 mm
-50 meters waterproof
-Sapphire case back, LV balance
-26 diamonds totaling 0.62 carats

LV Fifty Five Rose Gold Ladies Watch
-18K Rose Gold Case
-Silver lacquered dial with matte sunburst, circular satin edges
-Rose gold hands and hour markers
-Veau Cachemire soft leather strap
-Double-fold 18K rose gold LV buckle
-Equipped with automatic mechanical movement
-Dial diameter 36 mm
-50 meters waterproof
-Sapphire case back, LV balance

LV Fifty Five Rose Gold Diamond Women’s Watch
-18K rose gold case, riveted nameplate and seat, set with 58 diamonds
-Silver dial with mother-of-pearl center, ring-shaped satin edge, set with 48 diamonds
-Rose gold hands and hour markers
-Veau Cachemire soft leather strap
-Double-fold 18K rose gold LV buckle
-Equipped with automatic mechanical movement
-Dial diameter 36 mm
-50 meters waterproof
-Sapphire case back, LV balance
-Set with 106 diamonds totaling 2.46 carats

Montblanc’s Selection Of Commemorative Watches Dedicated To The Selfless Dedication Of Mother’s Love

Mother’s love and selfless devotion, magnanimity; mother seems to be the steadfast, the most unswerving, the most regretful lover in everyone’s life. But mothers are not as lucky as lovers. They can celebrate twice a year, even anniversaries; seizing the opportunity to express gratitude and love to their mothers once a year, Montblanc has selected a variety of meaningful A commemorative gift, let Montblanc turn your love for your mother into an eternal memorial!

The soft romance of the round diamond watch
Montblanc Ministar diamond watch, elegant round surface with top diamond design, is a watch with elegant temperament, it is the best portrayal full of maternal love. The bezel is set with 60 top Wesselton diamonds (~ 0.44ct) and the surface is set with 10 diamonds (~ 0.09ct). There are two different styles of black alligator leather strap and stainless steel strap.

Square diamond watch shows individual taste
The rectangle is the inspiration for Montblanc’s Profile ladies series, while the Profile ladies’ elegant watch series is a high-end watch specially tailored for the gentle and elegant image of mothers. The preciousness of this watch is a great gift to show your love for your mother. Set with a total diamond weight of 0.31 carats: the stainless steel case is set with a total of 29 top Wesselton diamonds (0.14 ct), the mother of pearl surface is set with a total of 25 top Wesselton diamonds (~ 0.074 ct), and 12 At 1 o’clock, a 0.1ct Montblanc hexagonal star diamond is indispensable.

Strong And Strong Together, Create Extraordinary Extraordinary Tasting Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Pirelli Self-winding Skeleton Watch-white

In 2018, Roger Dubuis once again joined hands with Pirelli and Lamborghini Squadra Corse to launch four outstanding new works at the Geneva Watch Fair. These include blue and rose gold “Lamborghini” special models, as well as blue and white Excalibur Spider Pirelli automatic skeleton watches. With the brand’s exclusive hollow dial aesthetic design, create new products with outstanding features. Among them, the white Excalibur Spider Pirelli self-winding skeleton watch is unique with its unique color scheme and classic style. Below, let’s take a look. (Watch model: RDDBEX0705)

New Pirelli Tire Cooperation Watch

   In 2017, Roger Dubuis and Pirelli jointly launched several classic skeleton watches. This new product continues the classic design of the hollow case and movement, black DLC-coated titanium alloy material, and embellishes the perfect alliance with pure white color elements full of impact. The color scheme is reminiscent of the asphalt paved track, which is also the stage where Pirelli, the legendary tire brand, is exposed.

   Excalibur Spider skeleton case, 45 mm in diameter, made of black DLC-coated titanium. The black DLC-coated titanium alloy bezel is decorated with white numbers and lines, which is eye-catching and intuitive.

   The black DLC-coated titanium alloy crown and the outer ring are covered with a white rubber-coated part, which has an excellent debugging feel. The logo of Roger Dubuis is engraved on the crown, showing the style of the brand. The combination of black and white is also in line with the theme of the watch, presenting a new look and magnificent overall look.

   The brand’s unique hollow dial design, with black rhodium-plated graduations covered with white SLN luminous paint on the edges of the black dial, and black PVD-coated 18K gold hands make the time indication clear and intuitive. The hour and minute hands are equipped with a white transfer frame and a tip filled with white SLN luminous paint, which emits light in a darker environment, which is convenient for reading.

   Highly recognizable star-shaped shape (‘Astral Skeleton’), the five end points point to five time mark positions, which can help the wearer to read, improve the time viewing efficiency, and is the brand’s structural aesthetics and practical Functional integration.

   The watch is equipped with a self-winding skeleton movement RD820SQ, with a miniature rotor, which is not only beautiful, but also provides sufficient kinetic energy. NAC coating, round granular main plywood and bridges, fully glorified in accordance with the Geneva mark standard. The movement is certified by the Poinçon de Genève, guaranteeing the exceptional quality of the watch.

   Inheriting the brand’s classic design of the three-pointer lugs, it can make the watch more fit to the wrist, which adds dynamism to the watch while adding dynamic.

    The watch uses a dual-material strap with black rubber bezels and a genuine Pirelli-winning racing tire skin inside for a more comfortable feel, with white stitching on the edges of the strap. The inner side of the strap is decorated with a unique Pirelli tire pattern, which reproduces the strong cooperation spirit. It is equipped with a quick release device that makes it easy to change the strap, making replacement easier and faster.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Pirelli Automatic Skeleton Watch-White
Summary: The complete transparency from the surface to the movement, showing the outstanding charm of mechanical timepieces, is also an extraordinary feature of the design of the brand ‘Astral Skeleton Interstitial Hollow’, with a man’s exclusive rough and atmospheric. Like the blue model, this white Roger Dubuis Pirelli special watch is limited to 28 pieces, and watchers who like it may wish to look forward to its arrival.

George Clooney And Buzz Aldrin At The Omega Speedmaster 60th Anniversary Dinner

In the light and music of Hao Miao, we offer guests a feast from the distant starry sky. At the event, the stars were glittering. Omega celebrity ambassador George Clooney and Buzz Aldrin attended the Omega ‘Roaming Space’ commemorative dinner to pay tribute to the extraordinary legend of the Omega Speedmaster series of exploring space.

The dinner was held at the Tate Modern in London and hosted by Professor Brian Cox. The sci-fi and creative on-site setting provided guests with a strong sensory experience. In the center of the venue, 60 classic Speedmaster watches from the birth of Omega in 1957 to 2017 will be displayed, leading guests to review the 60-year legendary history of Speedmaster watches.

At the beginning of the dinner, Raynald Aeschlimann, President and CEO of Omega, first came to the stage to give a welcome speech, and introduced the most famous chronograph of Omega-Speedmaster watches to the guests:

‘The Speedmaster is a world-renowned classic chronograph. Its importance is self-evident to Omega. And for everyone who wears and trusts the Speedmaster, the Speedmaster is the same It is an indispensable existence. Today, 60 years later, we are still deeply attracted by the superior performance and extraordinary charm of Speedmaster watches. We can celebrate such a classic timepiece here and cooperate with many Speedmaster watches. Omega’s loyal fans share its legendary story, and Omega is deeply glorified. ‘

The legend of the Omega Speedmaster has a long and wonderful history. Speedmaster is the first watch in the world to move the tachymeter scale to the bezel. This forward-looking classic design has stood the test of time and has not only become an astronaut, an air force pilot, an explorer, or an athlete. And the actor’s choice of wrist, also gathered more and more Super Speed ​​fans in the world. Among the many legendary history witnessed by Speedmaster watches, the feat of the moon most shocked the world. In 1969, the moment the Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin stepped on the surface of the moon, the Omega Speedmaster became the first watch to land on the moon.

Forty-eight years later, Buzz Aldrin wore a space suit and made a surprise appearance on the stage. The applause was thunderous. Later, Aldrin and his guests counted the precious memories of themselves and Speedmaster watches, and told the unforgettable moon landing experience.

‘The moment we landed on the moon, we were not afraid. We felt more proud and glorified of being able to land on the moon. We have the technology and knowledge to perform such a great mission. This is an astronaut and a lot of Everyone has meaning. ‘

Standing next to Aldrin is the famous movie star George Clooney. Not only is he a big fan of Speedmaster watches, but he also has an infinite love for space exploration. Clooney’s most precious childhood memories are related to the Apollo Project and the Omega Speedmaster.

‘The Speedmaster watch has witnessed my growth. Both my uncle and father own Speedmaster watches and it is an important part of the moon landing plan and an integral part of our lives. My father gave it to me when I graduated. I have a Speedmaster watch as a gift. The elegant design of this watch makes me appreciate it, and the history it carries makes me love it. ‘

When asked about his memory of the moon landing, Clooney expressed his admiration to Aldrin: ‘The move to the moon is very important to everyone in the world. Astronauts, what you do Everything is also vital. I am grateful for the courage, leadership and contribution you have shown in your mission. ‘